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Ice Hawks

The Ice Hawks are a guild of mercanaries and hunters based in The Pale that hunt various monsters and rare beasts. Their guild hall is located within Thornhollow and they regularly venture north of the Spine Mountains, on hunts within The Great Unknown. Contracts have come from all across the realm including Jarl Skavar the Strong whom is considered a close friend of Huntmaster Jurlah Norred-Frostblade.    They pay homage to Nyella Goddess of the Hunt, honnoring her with a shrine within their guildhall. The Ice Hawks are led by Huntmaster Jurlah Norred-Frostblade the human ranger and her husband Tormyr Frostblade the dwarven mercanary.


The guild is led by Jurlah Norred-Frostblade the human Huntmaster, while her husband Tormyr Frostblade acts as her second in command.

Public Agenda

The Ice Hawks are a group of hunters that are hired to hunt rare and dangerous beasts. They harvest alchemical reagents from the creatures and work to eliminate the most dangerous of them to protect those who cannot defend against them. They are also a band of mercanaries that can demand exorbant prices, due to their extensive capabilites. In addition to harvesting the alchemical reagents, the Ice Hawks have been hired to collect trophies for those with the means to buy them to show off and take credit for.

Ourselves, and things sacred, we guard

Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
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