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The Pale

The Pale is a territory that is home to a collection of free individuals who are not part of any given kingdom. It is recognized as its own hold and is led by Jarl Skavar the Strong, who rules from his great hall in Thornhollow. Various towns can be found across the Pale including the mountain town Gildercrest, and the trade town of Thornhollow among others. These towns are typically left to govern themselves, though they are under the domain of Jarl and are required to pay fealty to him and aid in the defense of the hold should a need arise.   Situated in the north eastern portion of Angimarr, along the Howling Shore. To the north lie the spine mountains and beyond that the Great Unknown. The Pale shares a southern border with the Kingdom of Sleora and the Kingdom of Witha, while it share a western border with the Kingdom of Nyrenthia and the Kingdom of Marus.   The Pale is also home to the deadly Wolf Howl Woods. A great many Gildercrest Ram can be found throughout the Pale, especially in Gildercrest. It is not uncommon for members of the Wardens of the Wilds to pass through or even take up residence within the Pale.


The northern region is treacherously cold with pine forests that stand facing the harsh winds whipping down the mountains. The southern part of the hold is more of a chilly tundra grassy plains. Snow is relatively common throughout the hold, however in the northern regions of the hold the snow tends to be deeper and the temperatures colder.


While not the official military of the Pale, the Wardens of the Wilds act in defense of the hold. They commonly defend against dangers that cross the Spine Mountains from the Great Unknown.   Alternatively, Jarl Skavar the Strong has formed up the Ice Crows, to maintain order throughout the hold and act in its defense. These warriors can be seen patrolling the roads of the hold and within its towns in the thick furs, with their steel helms and heave circular shields bearing the crow flying in front of a white mountain sigil of the hold.

Agriculture & Industry

The cold rocky soil is not great for the growing of crops. The denizens of the pale have adapted to these conditions and have taken to growing root vegetables including carrots, potatoes, turnips, and beets. Additionally, they have taken to growing cabbages, garlic, onions, and shallots. Hunting game is the primary source of protein within the hold. Fisheries have been set up along the Howling Shore and near some of the freshwater lakes.

Trade & Transport

Gildercrest Rams are the primary trade coming out of the Pale. There are many ore veins within the Spine Mountains that provide ore both for trade and the blacksmiths that call the Pale their home. Additionally, furs and tusks are a great source of trade and revenue for the hold.
Geopolitical, Lordship
The Free Folke
Head of State
Major Exports
One of the main items in demand from within the hold of the Pale are the Gildercrest Rams. Many of the creatures that can be found throughout Angimarr originate from within the Pale and the Spine Mountains.


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