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Wardens of the Wilds

The Wardens are mighty and powerful defenders of the natural world, fighting to preserve the untamed wilderness. The Wardens of the Wilds are made up of fighters, paladins, rangers, and swordmages holding the line for the citizens of the realm, protecting them from harm all the while defending the natural order. In order to fulfill their sworn duties to the spirits of the natural world, wardens train themselves in the use of simple weapons as well as light armor and shields. Additionally, like barbarians or druids, wardens call upon the primal power of the world they protect, infusing their blows with deadly power.


The Wardens have split into several factions based on Elemental Affinity.
  • Storm Keepers led by Kor Stormshroud
  • Earth Keepers led by Ragryl Terbrium
  • Water Keepers led by Meora Nautius
  • Frost Keepers led by Daro Frostfur
  • Fire Keepers led by Zerrai Pyrous

Protecting the Realm, While Upholding the Natural Order.

by Ron Lauman II
Alternative Names
Wardens, Keepers
Subsidiary Organizations

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