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Gorrum Zylfaren (Gore-um)

Gorrum Zylfaren

Gorrum is a half-orc Drakewarden who never knew his father and lost his mother early in his teens. Partially raised by his adoptive father Naven Human ranger of the Wardens of the Wilds, Gorrum has always been drawn to the natural world.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Cartographers tools for charting maps of the wilds as he explores. Additionally he carries a herbalism kit to harvest ingredients and craft potions from.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gorrum's mother was an elven woman whose village was raided by orcs. During the raid she was captured and tied to a nearby tree. After being forced to watch the others from her village brutally murdered she was raped and left for dead.   She was forced to look on in horror as the her home and all of the village burned to the ground. After days of being tied to the tree and left exposed both in the physical sense, but also to the elements in the higher mountain forest, she was found by a Human ranger. As he surveyed the devastation of the village he came across her collapsed and bloodied form to find that she was alive and barely breathing. Covering her as best he could he gave her some water and tended to her wounds as best he could.   Over time her strength returned enough that he could take her to get the proper healing she needed. Slowly the two made their way down the mountain, and ultimately when she was seen by the healer it was determined that she was with child. She asked the ranger to escort her up the mountain to a secluded glade within the higher reaches of the forest, where she could create a new homestead for her and her child. The ranger agreed and the headed back up the mountain. Between the trip down the mountain and back up to the hidden glade the were traveling for about three months through the coldest months of winter into early spring.   As spring dawned, he helped to build a meager homestead for her and her child to reside in. The time spent together brought the two of them close together, and as time went on they became fast friends. Knowing that his duties as a Warden of the Wilds would ultimately mean he had to leave, he promised to return to check in on her and the child. With a homestead established and decent supply of food provided he left her to see to his duties, but before leaving he left her with a scroll that when used would send a magical raven to him if she were to need anything.   As the trees began to change, turning to the warm colors of fall she gave birth to Gorrum a strong Sylvurco boy. As winter rolled around there came a knock at the door, there just as he had promised was the ranger returning to check on them. The ranger Naven spent the winter months with them caring for the child and came to act as a father figure to Gorrum. Each year he returned when he was able teaching the boy what he could of the wilds, and trained him in the ways of the ranger.   On his twelfth name day Naven gifted Gorrum the silver amulet of the Wardens of the Wilds. This amulet was not insignificant, as it meant he was in fact on his way to becoming a member of their order. The following year Gorrum's mother was attacked by a roving Owlbear while he was out on a hunt further up the mountain. When he returned he found her grievously wounded and she quickly succumbed to her injuries filling him with grief and harboring the hatred he felt for the monstrosities of the world. After burying her in the glade and building a memorial shrine he set out to become a full fledged member of the Wardens of the Wilds.    During a blinding snowstorm he fell through a patch of ice into a hidden cavern. In the darkness within he took shelter from the cold and took care to nurse his wounds. In the cold and gloom he came across a strange geode flecked with ice. The beauty of it as it sparkled in the moonlight reminded him of his mother, and he decided to keep it with him. As he rested and recovered by his meager fire he sat meditating with the geode. During this meditation he dreamed of his mother, she was told him to keep the geode close and keep it warm. That inside it when the time was right, he would find something that he needed.   Awaking with a start, he looked at the geode clutched in his hand glimmering with the rime from the frost. As he blinked at it in the failing light he could of swore he saw it move ever so slightly, almost as if it had shivered. Looking at his fire starting to gutter out he stoked it and brought it back to life. When morning came he found his way out of the cavern and continued on his journey. As time went on he kept the geode close and more and more he felt something stirring within it.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Gorrum is very slow to trust people from large towns and cities, preferring to spend his time in the wilds and among the small folke.


Contacts & Relations

Gurrum's draconic partner is a Moonstone Dragon whom had hatched from a geode about thirty-three years ago.
Neutral Good
Date of Birth
3rd of Reaporeum, 869 FOS
Year of Birth
869 FOS 47 Years old
Yellow irises that turn emerald green at their edges.
Shoulder length black, graying at the temples and pulled back into a short pony tail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Blueish-gray with whitish markings near his eyes
240 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Orcish, Elvish, Draconic

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