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Jarl Skavar the Strong

Jarl Skavar the Strong (a.k.a. The Bear of the Pale)

Jarl Skavar the Strong is a strong capable warrior and a well respected leader. Long has he fought for his people the Free Folke.   Many years have passed since his fight with the dire grizzly that left his left cheek scarred earning his the nickname of the Bear of the Pale. Out of respect for the great beast and the affliction it left upon him, Skaven had the runic bear tattooed on his face. After the death of his father Jarl Revar Ironside, he was crowned the new Jarl where he has ruled over the Pale for the last fourteen years with his second wife Aslaug.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Skavar the Strong is a very physically fit muscular man. His large solid frame makes him rather imposing with the towering size of a great grizzly bear.

Facial Features

Skavar has very distinct runic bear tattoo along the right side of his face, and a series of three long jagged scars starting at his nose and dragging across his cheek. He has a long braided gray and auburn beard set with several beard beads.

Special abilities

Unbeknownst to many within the hold, and even less to those outside his hold know that he is in fact afflicted with a form of Lycanthropy. This affliction has turned him into a were-bear, and grants him the ability to turn into a great humanoid bear.

Mental characteristics


Skavar is heterosexual and has had two wives. Isolde the shield maiden his first wife fell in battle and his second wife Aslaug rules at his side.
Bright Icy Blue
shoulder length auburn streaked with gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, blemished
240 lbs
Known Languages
Common, Dwarvish, Giant, Skål
Ruled Locations


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