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The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown is the land of ice, danger, and ancient forgotten relics of an age long lost to time. The massive frozen expanse beyond the Spine Mountains, known for its vast tundra and colossal glaciers. It is the only portion of the continent of Angimarr that is not a part of a kingdom.   It is home to a variety of nomadic tribes of hunters who are not politically unified. Those below the Spine Mountains refer to the as the Wilden, but they prefer to be referred to by their individual tribe or clan names. With the impracticality of agriculture in the Great Unknown some of the Wilden have resorted to becoming savage raiders.


The lands beyond the Spine Mountains are mostly uncharted. The area north of the Spine Mountains on the northeastern side of the continent is known as the Rimeweild, a dense taiga-forest that spreads up the easternmost coast.   Along the western coast lies the frozen lake known as Winters Eye, with a small island in its center almost appearing as the pupil of the eye. On the island is the ruins of the city Cleargrave, a frozen city destroyed by ancient wizards long before The Fall of Shards.

Fauna & Flora

Not only is the Great Unknown home to the Wilden, it is also home to tribes of Goliaths, and Frost Dwarves. Numerous dangers call the frozen expanse home, including yetis, Ice Dragons, White Dragons, frost giants, ice wraiths, mammoths, frost trolls, spirits, and wights among others.

Natural Resources

The Great Unknown is the only known source of the incredibly rare metal ore know as Deradium.


In ages past the city of Cleargrave was a arcane marvel unlike any the world had ever seen. A city of magical spires, vast libraries, great labyrinthine catacombs, and arcane wonders that was the center of a magical empire. The wizards and arcane practitioners of the exquisite magical spires, attempted to harness magics beyond their understanding. Those magics quickly got out of control and ravaged not just the city, but plunged the empire into an eternal blizzard covering everything in layers of thick ice and snow. That arcane catastophe turned the empire into the massive frozen burial know as the Great Unknown.
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