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Valkyrie's Spear

The Valkyrie's Spear is the primary tavern and inn located in Thornhollow. Named for the legendary winged warrior women that carry the fallen Skål warriors into the afterlife and the mythic spears they wielded. Owned and opperated by Sigrun the Shieldmaiden and her closest friend Ingun Nyrn.

Purpose / Function

The Valkyrie's Spear is the primary inn and tavern in Thornhollow. Sigrun the Shieldmaiden brings in meads, wine, and ales from all across Angimarr, including some from Telarus the City of Ales and Gildercrest Mead out of Gildercrest. It is where many of Thornhollow's denizens come to share an ale and tell tales of their valor and might. Though the Ice Hawks do have a tavern within their guildhall many of its members frequent the Valkyrie's Spear.   Ingun is a masterful cook, regularly obtaining ingredients from members of the Ice Hawks and other hunters located in town. One of her specials is a Hunter's Stew. Cuts of wild game simmered with pickled vegtables form this hearty stew. It is a perfect meal after hunting in the frosty forests and plains. A favorite of hunters and mill workers alike, it has become a comfort dish of the Skål of Thornhollow.

Sensory & Appearance

The Spear is home to a warm atmousphere, on account of the great fireplace that keeps out the harsh everpresent chill of the north.


Sigrun the Shieldmaiden and Ingun Nyrn reside within, not only operating the Spear but also calling it their home.


The Valkyrie's Spear is three story building constructed of stone and wood. The main floor is a tavern with the upper two floors housing rooms for rent.


Brawls are not an entirely uncommon occurance at the Valkyrie's Spear, given the Skål's quick tempers mixed with the strong drinks available at the Spear. That being said, when Sigrun the Shieldmaiden bangs her axe and shield those who want to keep their heads know to reign it in and get themselves under control.
Alternative Names
The Spear
Parent Location
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