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Sigrun the Shieldmaiden

Shieldmaiden Sigrun

Sigrun the Shieldmaiden is the owner and operator of the Valkyrie's Spear.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sigrun is lithe and muscular with an archer's build. She is very agile and dexterous with quick reflexes.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears a blue tunic with an ornate white filagree and leather archer's bracers.

Specialized Equipment

She keeps a bow and a quiver of arrows in her room at the Valkyrie's Spear and her axe and shield hang on the wall behind the bartop.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to Ivar and Gunnhild Tonnesen in the town of Gildercrest, Sigrun grew up living with the dangers of The Great Unknown just beyond their border to the north. She learned to fight from a young age, wrestling with the other children before learning to become a master archer. In addition to her training with a bow she learned to wield the axe and shield, proving herself in ventures north over the Spine Mountains.   After years of training she was chosen to join the party that was helping to defend Nyrun, a town in the Spine Mountains on the eastern border of the Kingdom of Nyrenthia from frost giant raiding party. During the battle for Nyrun, Sigurn brought up her shield to defend Jarl Skavar the Strong from a an unseen arrow loosed by one of the frost giant archers. The arrow plunged through her shield and pierced her side, staggering her while also earning her the Jarl's respect. The deep rend of her wound made combat with her axe and sield more difficult so she dropped them and drew forth a bow. Knocking an arrow as she dropped to a knee with unimaginable quickness, she dew back her bowstring and sighted the archer whom had shot her. After exhaling she loossed and the arrow struck true, right through the frost giants eye and deep into its brain, killing it instantly. After firing off a series of arrows at other frost giant insurgants her adreneline faded and she collapsed from her blood loss.   When she awoke she was in a healer's tent a poltice spread over her wound beneath runed bandages. She could feel her flesh knitting itself back together, though slowly she was definitely healing. While she rested and her wound healed she was visited by Jarl Skavar the Strong. Skavar thanked her for having his back and defending against the frost giant's arrow. As she told him it was her honor, he nodded and told her she had his utmost respect. The Jarl told her that he was glad to see her recovering well with true mirth, and said that they would be soon returning to Thornhollow and that a thrall would be returning with her and would carry her share of the loot. For this she was greatful, though a bit nonplussed that he thought she couldn't carry her own spoils.


Sigrun owns and operates the Valkyrie's Spear, the primary inn and tavern in Thornhollow. Her former thrall and closest friend Ingun Nyrn is her partner in running the Spear.


Contacts & Relations

Having earned the respect of Jarl Skavar the Strong during the battle for Nyrun, they maintain a close friendship.   Her thrall Ingun Nyrn has become her closest friend in the years after being assigned to her by the Jarl. In fact they have become so close that Sigurn has granted Ingun her freedom, but she has chosen to remain in Sigurn's employ and has grown to have feelings for Sigurn, though she has not expressly told her so.
Current Location
Current Residence
Sapphire blue
Long blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
Common, Skål, Giant
Ruled Locations