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Lothias Torrieth

King Lothias Torrieth (a.k.a. Slayer of the White)

Lothias was the noble lord of a small hold, who brought men together to fight Xysyrrun the White a great white dragon that came down across the Spine Mountains from the Great Unknown. In 643 FOS after he managed to slay the Great White Wyrm he was crowned king. Deciding that if he was to be their first king his kingdom would be named the Kingdom of Nyrenthia after his wife Nyrellen.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Strong jawline with a close cropped beard of gray.

Specialized Equipment

Wyrm's Bane, the sword that slayed Xysrrun the White.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lothias was a Lord of a small hold, who in 643 FOS brought together the men of the neighboring towns and villages to fight off the Dragon Xysyrrun the White. Xysyrrun flew down from the Great Unknown bringing his icy wrath to lay waste and further increase his domain. Using his guile Lorias formulated a plan to thwart the dragon's plans. Lorthias thrust his blade through Xysyrrun's heart mortally wounding him, ultimately slaying him. Lothias and his men returned with the corpse of Xysyrun, thus earning him the name Lothias Slayer of the White.   With Xysyrrun slain and the threat eliminated, Lothias moved to organize an army to protect their lands. Its at this point that his brothers in arms rallied to crown him as king. He decided if he was to be king his kingdom would be called the Kingdom of Nyrenthia after his wife Nyrellen. Fashioning a crown from scales and bones of the slain Xysyrrun, a coronation ceremony was organized and Lothias was crowned King Lothias Slayer of the White. A throne was commissioned to be created from some of the remains of Xysyrrun, and the remainder was sold off to help his kingdom thrive.   Over time the small hold he governed grew to become the capital of Torrenth. In the years following his coronation, Lothias' manse was built into a palace fit for a king, building it up with white stone and crystal from the Spine Mountains. Those in his court took to calling it the White palace in remembrance of how their king slayed Xysyrrun the White.   In 646 FOS his third year as King, his wife Queen Nyrellen gave birth to a baby girl they named Yvlanna. Two years later in 648 FOS they had a son Halidyr, who was quite a rambunctious child.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Slaying the Great White Wyrm Xysyrrun and becoming the first King of the Kingdom of Nyrenthia.
Neutral Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
9th of Glacious, 603 FOS
Date of Death
21st of Norvein, 690 FOS
603 FOS 690 FOS 87 years old
Place of Death
The White Palace
Current Residence
Torrieth Crypts
Ice Blue
Mid-length Gray Flecked with White
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Peach
188 lbs.
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Giant


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