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The Union of the Kingdoms

"The thing about this war is that we were thrust into leading it. I guess that's where we had the upper hand - good leaders are supposed to be forged in fire and we were well in the volcano of Mount Furor with this one..."
  The Union of the Kingdoms is the name of the continental civil war that took place between the Kingdom of Carowen and the Kingdom of Cosmopolita. The civil war took place due to a mixture of different ideals, and the corruption of the leader of the Kingdom of Cosmopolita, Rudyard, by the cult known as The Darkness.   The war was fought on multiple fronts but predominantly was ended by a final battle fought between Rudyard and The Beacons of Hope in The Mire of Manter. The war was only won by the excellent leadership skills set out by The Beacons of Hope and their ability to spread that hope for a brighter future wherever they went.   A settlement was created to mark the end of the war, Hope's Beginning, both in honour of The Beacons of Hope, but also as a sign that hope is not lost but can always be begun.

The Conflict


"Never thought I'd fight in a war. Wish I'd never had to. But this war had to be fought."
  The war began out of nowhere for most of the continent of Arrasgoth. Whilst settlements had different ideals and beliefs, they had always lived in somewhat harmony as a continent as individual settlements. There had been talks of combining together, to create a united kingdom, but this had never been taken seriously by anyone.   However, a threat arose, one that hadn't been seen in over 1000 years: The Darkness. With this threat, people began to band together and looked for people to help them. This is where The Beacons of Hope came in to play. They started working on defeating The Darkness by learning more about them and finding their weakness. As this progressed, they unknowingly helped corrupt Rudyard, leader and high mage of Banshaw Edge.   With this corruption, the once sane leader turned mad and decided the only way to save everyone was to kill anyone who disagreed with him. This led to him declaring war on the continent on the 12th Prinomili 1 UOK. When this war was declared, he told everyone they either sided with him or died denying him.


“Heard it was nothing but chaos and devastation, bloodshed and heartbreak; glad I stayed away.”
— Aliward Foreswift, Dead on the Water
  Though the war raged for a good year, no active involvement took place until the last month or so. Rudyard sent forth constructs from Banshaw Edge along the border of the Eskus Region to create a physical and magical barrier. This was done as a show of force but also as a way to collect any magic users in the region, willing or otherwise.   With this situation, The Beacons of Hope organised the various allies they had formed relationships with around the continent to keep areas safe. Purgatory and the people who lived there set out to meet the constructs along the borders as the only trained army on the continent.


"I don't really see it as a Union, more someone's opportunity."
  The war technically took place all over the continent so the battlefield was Arrasgoth itself. However, the final battles took place along the border of the Eskus Region. All actual fighting and casualities lost were found here.   The majority of the heavy battles took place in a settlement known as Bellvein with Purgatory fighting on the front lines. They were often backed up by others from all over, but predominantly the old adventurers of Cedar Wilds.   The final battle took place in the middle of The Mire of the Manter with The Beacons of Hope standing alone against Rudyard and a small collection of arcane magic casters and constructs. As always, their great leadership not only with themselves but to others gave them the upper hand and already gained support of artefacts and potions.


"The war was our darkest of days, from the plagues that wiped out small towns and settlements to the political issues that caused so much uproar among communities, everyone was afraid and full of uncertainty. It's why we tried to fix everything as best as we could by travelling the land, tried to help as many people as possible but we couldn't save everyone. Though it cast a dark shadow on our country it shined a bright light on what was important for our people, Unity.

That's why it's important that we maintain our strong sense of community and uphold our newfound traditions, so that we can circumvent such dark days from ever returning, and to keep safe our brightest future."
King Alfyn Weis, The Beacons of Hope and previous ruler of Arrasgoth
  Once the war had finished, the continent began to celebrate the wins and commiserate the massive loses they had. All fighting ceased almost immediately, with a few skirmishes here and there.   Work began on rebuilding some settlements and tearing down others, depending on where the settlements had once been. The continent entered a period of peace and the magic users were kept safe from corruption on the Isle of the Tranquil, with help from a magical barrier created by Rudyard and from other powerful arcane magic casters.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
12 Prinomili 1 UOK
Ending Date
5 Prinodeb 2 UOK
Conflict Result
The Kingdom of Carowen won, Rudyard was freed from his corruption, and all arcane magic users were sent to the Isle of the Tranquil for safety.



Led by


Over 1,000,000 arcane magic users and constructs
Over 500,000 trained mercenaries, adventurers and labourers


Over 900,000 arcane magic users and constructs
Over 300,000 trained mercenaries, adventurers and labourers


To wipe out any who disagree with the ideal that magic and technology should rule all.
To defend the continent and keep it safe from the slaughtering of the people.


  • Arrasgoth - The Union of the Kingdoms

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