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Ulluns Agpula

Played by Jack

« ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Ulluns Agpula ➠Trollhandle: certexDiffient ➠Age: 13 sweeps (28 years) ➠Gender: Male ➠Sexual orientation: Pansexual   « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Bronzeblood ➠Sign: Taurrius, Sign of the Unmapped ➠Typing Quirk: His speech isn’t too varied from the average troll¹, though he at least has the courtesy to cite his sources when he says something². ➠Lusus: A large salamander with an extended midsection, almost looks like a snake with legs, because that’s what lizards are when you think about it ➠Original Planet: Beforus ➠Classpect: Heir of Hope   « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Tired. Oh you mean when he’s awake? Well when he’s awake he’s generally a very enthusiastic person, never one to raise his voice without reason or cause a scene, but always willing to step in to clear up some foggy information or settle a dispute. His mind is like an encyclopedia of knowledge, one he’s usually willing to share if someone asks, or seems to need it. He understands how people work as a series of incentives and motives, forces acting on individuals. ➠History: Being low blooded on Beforus was a fairly comfortable experience for Ulluns, who was able to experience life at his own pace in spite of his strange tail, and spend much of his leisure time learning about and exploring the world he was born into. His narcolepsy made extensive study difficult, as most hands-on experiences aren't designed around spontaneous napping, so he developed his own system to find fulfillment in life. He explored many different hobbies and disciplines for short times, sticking around long enough to gain a basic understanding of their systems before moving on to the next one. For Ulluns, learning how the thing is done was more important than learning how to do it himself. The one exception to this pattern of his was blacksmithing oddly enough. His narcolepsy is kept at bay somewhat by the regular hammering of metal on metal, and those parts of the process that don't produce much sound are simple enough. So as someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of Beforus on a physical level, the Merge was an incredible learning experience for him. Three whole new worlds of experience to explore and learn about! However, soon enough he ran up against the Alternian caste system, and found himself much lower on the totem pole than expected. This discouraged him from engaging with his fellow troll out of fear, but the humans seemed very nice! And not to mention, their new planet held many new kinds of resources for him to play with! New metals, new methods, new cultural activities altogether! So ya know, give and take. [7:23 PM] ➠Skills and Abilities: Ulluns is a sort of Jack-of-all-trades, with slightly above average proficiency in most skills, but very few specializations. He's taken some courses on combat sure, but he's no fighter. He's read books on medicine, but he's no doctor, that kind of thing. One thing he is a bit more advanced in is metalworking. While it may not be as glamorous as robotics or as crucial as electrical engineering, to Ulluns his metalwork is an artform, and he's actually gotten good enough to start making a bit of a name for himself for his work.   ➠Occupation: Creates and sells metalworking pieces, whether that be weapons, sculptures, art pieces, anything he's asked to do ➠Aspirations: To team up with some big name artists and have his work, and his mind, be admired by all.   ➠Likes: He enjoys spicy foods, loud music, and thunderstorms ➠Dislikes: Pure silence, highbloods and those that respect them, and people who refuse to listen to him   ➠Appearance: His 5’2’’ body is comparable in stature to those creatures humans call dwarves. Muscled, stout, and well, short. His horns and strange tail make him almost look like a scorpion on those occasions when he falls face-forward onto the floor.


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