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Sertas's nightmares

Sertas played by Jiro
boom. thunder. lightning. Sertas was outdoors in this horrible storm. "Mrewwwn! Mrewwwn, wwwhere aaare youuu!" He ran around in the forest, Olive coloured tears running down his face.   "Mrewwwn if this is some sick joke it isn't fuuunny!" he came to almost a full stop as a tree fell in front of him, barely missing. god, he's only 4 sweeps old. this is too much, he can't loose his lusus now. "wwwh.. wwwhere is the hive.." sertas looked around. oh no. he's lost.   Sertas ran and ran and ran. he ran until he found a small cave. he had no idea where he was or what time it was. he walked into the cave, his shirt soaked with olive, and his head pounding. when he awoke the next morning he exited the cave. the storm had passed. thank god.   he had no idea where he was. "Mrewwwn? Hello? Aaare youuu ouuut there?!" Sertas called out, not minding the uncomfortable stickyness of his blood soaked shirt. he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw it. his lusus, Mrewn, laying under a tree, impaled by a branch. "no. no no no no, this caaant be haaappening. Mrewwwn, pleaaase wwwaaake uuup." and then...   a flash of white.   a loud, high-pitched noise.   a sharp inhale.
God, sertas was having the nightmares again. nightmares from when he lost mrewn. he sighed and checked the clock. 2am. he groaned, knowing he wouldn't be able to sleep again. it had been a sweep since he'd lost Mrewn. he got up from his bed, walking out of his room. he silently slipped out the front door, heading into the back.   "Mrewwwn, i knowww youuu caaant heaaar me, buuut. i miss youuu. i'm so sorry. i couuuldnt do aaanything. i couuuldnt saaave youuu." olive tears ran down his face. "i'm so so sorry. i'll come baaack visit youuu laaater. i promise."   sertas walked back into his hive, the tears just falling faster. he walked into his room, and sat on the bed. he stayed there sobbing for god knows how long. all he knows is by the time he woke up after seemingly passing out it was already dark again. he sat in the now unwanted silence, staring at the clock. he listened to it tick. tick, tock, tick, tock, tick- and it had stopped. the overwhelming pain of his headache took over. he cried more. stuffing his head into a pillow, he took deep, choked breaths, calming himself down. he decided to pretend to be happy while annoying others on trollian another day.


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