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Eridan Ampora


Eridan Ampora (a.k.a. caligulasAquarium)

all of her FRAUDULENT MAGICS cannot come close to posin threat to my mastery ovver the TRUEST SCIENCES
Young Eridan Ampora had a lot of issues growing up. Alternia practically built trolls in the image of her imperial Condescension. Naturally, highbloods are supposed to be violent and uphold the hemospectrum. Eridan, a violet blood was expected to carry himself with dignity and poison whilst showing those lower than him their place. From the very beginning of his life, he originally saw the world with wonder and a fantastical lens. Young Eridan was naive and more open-minded than Eridan in his adolescence. At a very young age, his dreams were crushed and he was almost immediately thrust into a world of political corruption and hemo supremacy. As he grew deep down he didn't know what to believe but he kept perpetrating what he knew regardless.   He was desperate for validation from almost everyone he met. He'd spew empty hemoist threats constantly to gain the crude version of respect he thought he deserved. He hated himself every day of his sad life. Nothing felt right. He felt trapped, alone, and afraid Being isolated for most of your life makes you do crazy things to feel any sort of affection and validation. Feferi Peixies was someone who he thought genuinely cared for him. though he was practically ousted into the role of her orphaner he thought maybe the affection was genuine. When their whole relationship ended he fell deeper into his delusions and despair. Imagine believing someone cared about you despite your rancid personality and then it turns out maybe they never cared about you at all. and and maybe that rather than be cared about you were tolerated so you wouldnt potentially destroy the world. None of Eridans (2) relationships very ended well. He didn't deserve them to go well but he hoped for some sort of care regardless.   After the merge instead of pandering to others or attempting to get people to like or forgive him once again Eridan took to isolating himself again and attempting to find peace. His personality has mellowed out he's more or less somewhat tolerable now. He's not the type to pick fights. Despite this, he's still quick to form attachments to people He's incredibly paranoid and uses other people's (people he's closest to) perceptions to mold himself. That isn't necessarily healthy. He's liable to cling to the first person who's nice to him but at the same time he's not liable to be close to anyone he didn't play the game with. At the same time when it comes to his romantic situation if any of his old friends were to say be super genuinely nice to him, he'd get all romantic about them. He has no standards he just wants to be cared about genuinely.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Raised by his ancestral lusus Eridan was expected to uphold His Status as a Violet blood. From a very young age he took up the task of Becoming Feferi Peixes' orphaner like his ancestor did for Her Imperial Condescension. He'd spend a good chunk of his time Killing for and Feeding Feferi's lusus for the sake of trollkind. He could barely leave his home for social things and when he did he'd usually spend time on the beach mourning what could have been.   He'd spend a lot of his time reading up on history and sharpening his skills but the life he lived wasn't one of fulfillment. Being so alone all the time damned his social skills to hell. Learning all your social skills from the internet isn't the best thing for a growing troll. His Narcissistic Hemoist behaviors pushed most everyone who knew him away. He was never able to foster any genuine relations and even with feferi who was supposed to be his moiral he ruined that too.   He continued to live his life after the merge bereft of everyone. Isolated from most and was determined to do what was best for him. It's tricky getting used to the new soceity. It's not as different as most make it seem. He's got his shit going on and he's not in the business of letting toxic fuckers back into his life- he thinks that he's the bigger person because "he" ghosted everyone in his life.


He's a "Self-employed" Author

Accomplishments & Achievements

Eridan Aspires to find people who give a fuck about him and make the life little him wishes he had.

Personality Characteristics


Eridan Aspires to find people who give a fuck about him and make the life little him wishes he had.

Likes & Dislikes

He LOVES Shrek as a matter o fact it's his special interest. The intricacies and fantastical nature of Shrek lure him in he can talk about it for hours seriously. He also of course enjoys writing specifically fantasy and sad bullshit it all comes from his sad little soul.
He dislikes most people in his life- he dislikes most things in his life actually
10 sweeps
Nonbinary He/They pronouns, all Fem Masc andro terms welcome
➠Sexual orientation
Demiromantic + Nebularomantic and Bisexual (nonwoman lean)
➠Typing Quirk
Doubles 'w', doubles 'v', no 'g' in words ending in '-ing', e.g. "somethin", no punctuation, no capitalization, refers to trolls by shortened names (Feferi = fef, Kanaya = kan, Vriska = vvris), sometimes uses "a" in place of "an or "of".
Skyhorse dad
➠Original Planet
Prince of Hope


In Person



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