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Jake English

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Jake English (a.k.a. golgothasTerror)

[/container] Jake is a spiffing go-getter with a love for adventure. He's brave & audacious and hardly ever backs down from a challenge, but can be rather naive and slow on the uptake when it comes to social situations. He loves his friends with all his heart, but oftentimes struggles with showing the respect that he has for them. He doesn't always understand the effects his actions have on other people, leading him to accidentally offend or mistreat those around him through his social negligence and naiveté. Despite this, he's a deeply caring person, and would do anything to help a friend in need.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jake was raised by his grandmother on a secluded island out in the middle of the ocean. In his early years, she taught him the ways of the adventurer, and ignited a curious spark that carried with him into adulthood. Tragically, however, Jake's grandmother was murdered when he was but a young boy. Left to fend for himself, the young Jake formed a rather curious outlook on life. Separated from the rest of the world, he grew up with a yearning to explore, and spent a great deal of his time campaigning around his island time and watching movies. He made three close friends online, and would talk to them for hours on end into his mid-teenage years, until the four of them played a game called SBURB that changed the world forever. His island home was transported to Amalgama in the advent of The Merge, and, while this historical event spelled the end of many a life, the adventures of Jake English had only just begun. In this new world full of intrigue and mystery, Jake set out to continue his grandmother's legacy. Nowadays, he spends a worrying amount of time illegally journeying beyond the edge of the civilised world, trekking through all sorts of alien biomes and sprawling, ancient tombs, all in the name of adventure.


Explorer, spelunker, tomb raider.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Jake is fit and spry, and is great with a pair of pistols. While he may be a little naive in social situations, he makes strong decisions under pressure, and knows how to get himself out of a pinch when things get too hot to handle.

Personality Characteristics


To uncover the secrets of Amalgama. To plunder all the most dangerous tombs of the most legendary loot.

Likes & Dislikes

Guns, movies, adventure, fisticuffs, blue ladies.
Being bored, fighting with his friends, his limitations.
➠Sexual orientation
Pansexual (female lean)
➠Signature colour
Green (#1f9400)
Green skull.
➠Typing style
Capitalises the first letter of every sentence and only uses terminal punctuation while avoiding commas and whatnot. Frequently utilises archaic gobbledegook.
Grandmother (deceased)
--➠Original Planet: Post-Scratch Earth--
Page of Hope


In Person




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