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Roxy Lalonde

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Roxy Lalonde (a.k.a. tipsyGnostalgic)

[/container] Roxy is a fun-loving carouser who tries to help others despite her debilitating addiction. She's intelligent, caring, and creative, and applies her talents towards altruistic pursuits. Roxy struggles greatly with her reliance on alcohol, and, despite her best efforts, has frequently found herself unable to stop drinking. In many ways, she doesn't have as much faith in herself as she does in others, and is often overly hard on herself for her mistakes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

(early act 6 spoilers)
As one of the final two humans alive on post-scratch Earth, Roxy was effectively raised by herself, with the occasional assistance from the Prospitans and Dersites living in the colony around her. She would always look up to her mother, an influential author who lived and died hundreds of years before her time, and Roxy would do all she could to connect with her absent parental figure. She took up drinking at a young age, influenced by her mother's old habits, and this habit gradually turned into a dependence and an addiction that carried into her adulthood. When she was sixteen, she played a game called SBURB with three of her friends, which fully destroyed her planet and transported her through time and space, to Amalgama.



Accomplishments & Achievements

Roxy is a talented hacker and programmer. She's agile and dextrous, and knows how to use a rifle.

Personality Characteristics


Roxy wishes to overcome her drinking habit and to make something of herself. She wants to make a difference in the world, and believes that there are secrets hidden in Amalgama that the world deserves to know.

Likes & Dislikes

Drinking, computers, helping other people, writing, wizards
Drinking, arguing, closemindedness, herself (sometimes)


Dirk Strider


Towards Roxy Lalonde


Roxy Lalonde


Towards Dirk Strider


Yes. (all pronouns, usually she/her)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Signature colour
Pink (#ff6ff2)
Mutant Cat
➠Typing style
types all lowerface n makes a buncha drunken typops!
*towerbase *typos
omg *lowercase lol im making it sound like im typing from a wizards tower or somethring
though thats not farm from the truth u know lol ;3
➠Original Planet
Post-Scratch Earth
Rogue of Void


In Person




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