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Rose Lalonde

Played by Blix

Rose Lalonde (a.k.a. tentacleTherapist)

Aaaah wip!
Rose is a very calm person most of the time and is rarely uptight. She loves to help her friends out with things but if you haven't met her yet, it will take you a while to become good friends with her. She would be nice to you though, but not fully trust you yet. She doesn't joke around much and keeps herself from doing so. She is also a fairly intelligent person and she looks like she is even if you haven't met her yet. Sometimes her introversion may seem like she is a little aloof, but when you see how caring she really is for her friends you’ll think differently of her. She is prone to all the silliness and insecurities of anyone that is her age and seems to act like her. She usually keeps her more intense emotions inside of her, and can easily let them get the best of her occasionally.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rose was raised by her mom growing up and at some point in her life she found three people that she could talk to online and are now some of her closest friends today. She also grew up with her cat named Jaspers, which died sadly when she was at a young age of five years old. She had a seemingly tense relationship with her mother, as she seemed totally oblivious of what her interests were at that time. She hasn't really interacted with any other people other than them when she was younger also, mostly because she would spend most of her time living in the house stuck with her mother and awful wizard statues. When she was just 13 she got introduced to a game called sburb, but instead of the game that she was expecting to play with her three friends, she got transported to another planet called Amalgama. From then on she promised herself that she would be strong through all of this and adapt to what she was going to be living in.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She is skilled at playing the violin as noticed and she is also fairly good at knitting things for herself or for other people. Also good at not letting people get the best of her even when things are difficult.

Personality Characteristics


Rose wants for herself to be less worried about some unnecessary things and not letting her unnecessary thoughts get to her.

Likes & Dislikes

Wizards, Creative writing, Strange beasts, Reading, Knitting, People who get along with her, Psychoanalysis
Feigned interest in wizards, Wizard statues, Impolite people, Talking about her feelings too much


Contacts & Relations

coming soon!
coming soon!


Looking For: ???
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➠Sexual orientation
➠Signature colour
An angry looking squiddle
➠Typing style
Types with proper grammar and doesn't really joke around that often so she is mostly serious all of the time. She would talk like this, for example.
Her mother
➠Original Planet
Pre-Scratch Earth
Seer of Light
Roxy Lalonde


In Person




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