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ectoBiologist + tentacleTherapist

ectoBiologist played by Jiro, tentacleTherapist played by Riley
ectoBiologist [EB] has started pestering tentacleTherapist [TT]
EB: hey rose!!
TT: Hello, John. Do you need anything this time?
EB: not really i'm just kinda bored.
EB: im glad you responded though! :B
TT: I see.
TT: How have you been the last time I spoke with you?
EB: i've been good i guess.
TT: That is pleasing to hear. What would you like to converse about.
EB: i dunno. how have you been?
TT: My mood has been satisfactory. I'm happy that we still get to speak with each other.
EB: i'm happy too! it's been what feels like forever.
TT: Yes. I feel like we all should meet up with one another soon, it would be nice to see all of you.
TT: I don't talk to Dave or Jade in person or online very often anymore, so it would be pleasurable.
EB: i don't really talk to them either. i really miss them. :(
TT: It is hard talking to anyone lately. The conversations with other people that I have end up being short and undesirable.
EB: i'm sorry about that, rose.
EB: i've been talking to my boyfriend a lot lately. he's like the only one i really talk to anymore.
TT: Yes, people that are the closest to you are always the easiest to talk to sometimes.
EB: that makes sense.
TT: You really realize this when you spend most of your time with the closest person to you.
TT: They are usually the simplest person to chat with.
EB: oh yeah. i guess you're right.
TT: I don't know. This is what I have just observed from my perspective. It may be different for other people. Am I making sense here?
EB: yeah you are. kinda.
TT: Okay, I was just making sure. Do you need me to explain anything else?
EB: uhh i don't think so.
TT: Alright. So moving on from that topic, has anything been going on where you live?
TT: You were bored in the first place and wanted to talk with me so I'm just suggesting a few things to speak about.
EB: not really. it's still kinda just. boring. :/
TT: Same here as well. The whole environment around my living space has just been rather dull lately.
EB: darn.
TT: Mm, darn indeed. That just seems like the right word to say on the matter.
EB: yeah that's why i said it. :B
TT: Say, John. Have you talked to any of our close friends other than Dave and Jade?
TT: I haven't been in touch with anyone really except Kanaya and a few other trolls. I have also talked with Dirk a few times but those conversations were minimal.
EB: i've talked to terezi a bit. not much though. :/
TT: Ah, I see. I have not talked to Terezi much of the lately.
EB: i dont really like her that much.
TT: Oh, really now. I have noticed that you two are not that thrilled when around each other.
EB: yeah. :(
EB: i mean she tried to kill me in a different timeline thing.
TT: I am quite aware of that. I don't really talk to her that much in general to be honest with you.
EB: oh i didn't know that.
TT: I would talk to her if I had to, but I don't really see much for us to talk about.
TT: I mean, we could touch bases on a few relative things but other then that it would be just awkward.
EB: yeah i guess so. you two weren't really friends. :/
TT: We could get along, if something interesting were to occur and we h could chat about it. But it never seems to happen.
TT: It was nice having a chat with you, John.
EB: yeah! it was nice talking to you too rose.
TT: I wish you a great rest of your night. Goodbye for now.
EB: bye!!
ectoBiologist [EB] has ceased pestering tentacleTherapist [TT]


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