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Meulin Leijon

Played by Blix

Meulin Leijon (a.k.a. auscultateCourtier)

Meulin is a very energetic troll and will quickly become your friend if you first talk to her. She totally loves when other people talk about the things that she enjoys doing, especially the shipping. She will talk to you and help you out the best that she can, and will always want to make you happy. She enjoys doing the hobbies that she loves and keeps doing new things. It really isn't in her to be mean or rude to that many people, but if they really annoy her she gets a bit irritated. She does not hang out with that many people, she mostly just talks with her closest friends and tends to not really engage with any people unless they want her to. She mimes out her feelings most of the time when she normally gets excited, and that happens fairly often.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Meulin has grown up knowing some of her closest friends. (spoilersss for meenah quest) Her and Kurloz were in a very close matespritship with each other. Then one night when they fell asleep with each other, Kurloz had a terrible nightmare and he released the most dreadful sound imaginable. The noise that came out of his mouth was so loud that Meulin went deaf that night and her hearing never recovered. He then felt so terrible that he had sewn his mouth shut and never spoken a word from that day on. From then on out, him and Meulin slowly drifted out of their matespritship. But they figured out a way to still communicate with each other and still remained very close to each other. Then, when her and her friends decided to play a game of sgrub, they got transported to a different planet instead that were the results of amalgama. She still remains determined to work through this and remain happy in her new living space with her friends.


She works at a nearby pet store across from where she lives.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She is very skilled at shipping whoever she meets together and would rather ship people in the red quadrant than in the darker ones. She leaves those ones to Kurloz. She is also fairly skilled at drawing things because that's mostly what she does in her spare time.

Personality Characteristics


One of her dreams are to get along with everyone no matter who they are and make good friends with them.

Likes & Dislikes

Drawing, Shipping, Making friends, Mog, Animals, Being excited, Miming out things, Catmom, Playing some occasional games
Black romance, People that aren't easy to talk to, Being sad, People being sad, Violence


Meulin Leijon

Beforian Dancestor

Towards Nepeta Leijon{kiwi}


Nepeta Leijon{kiwi}

Alternian Dancestor

Towards Meulin Leijon


10.15 sweeps (22 years old)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
Types in all caps because she is unaware of how loud she is being due to her being deaf, and is also very enthusiastic!! Uses double 3’s when there is two E’s in the sentence and makes occasional cat puns. Often mimes out things to express her thoughts. Also uses little cat emoticons before most sentences. (=^•ω•^=) < LIKE THIS, FUR EXAMPLE!!
➠Original Planet
Mage of Heart


In Person




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