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Island 1} Terezi, Bast, and Meulin

Terezi played by Jiro, Bast played by Clover, Meulin played by Riley
So, here was Terezi. Why is she here, you ask? Well, it's because she was bored and wanted to draw on the trees with her chalk. duh. She found a couple of trees and took out some red chalk. she wrote: SW4G 1SL4ND across a few of them.
Aways from the tree, some kid in a red jacket had Fleet Foxes playing full blast. What the fuck is a Fleet Foxes? I'll tell you what, the best band to have graced our ears. Turning off her speaker, she took a look at a tree. "S.. w... 4... g... Swag Island? What kind of fuckface names an island Swag Island? That's like naming a country Ireland, it's stupid."
Meulin was leaning on one of the trees beside them both. She just thought she would come here to clear her head. Not much to clear though, because nothing has really been going on where she lived. She got up and when she saw the two she jumped up excitedly. She read the message written on the trees. "(=ω´=) < MOG 'SW4G 1SLAND'?? THATS LIKE, SUPUR COOL!!" She grinned widely at the name
Scene End?


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