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Dave Strider

Played by feliday

Dave Strider (a.k.a. turntechGodhead)

Aaaah wip!
"This is my crib numbnuts. My fuckin' home - it's not a baby crib. And babes are NOT a good investment if you actually want profit, they sap you goddamn dry."
Dave Strider is nothing if not cool.
At least, he likes to think so. Or, he holds himself to that standard - because hell, he built that persona when he was like 12 because he thought it would make him get all the ladies. But now it's some damn curse where he's always gotta be his own hero all the time. And he's no hero. He doesn't want to be.
But he isn't going to back down now. He's in too deep, and Dave Strider is nothing if not committed to his jokes. The ironies, one might call it. He's grown out of the whole "everything I do is ironic" thing a little. In other news, Dave has a bad habit of running his mouth. He's been told he might have ADHD, but he isn't keen on being diagnosed and doubts that he has.
All he notices is that he has no mental filter to stop himself from saying the wild shit that runs circles in his brain. And trust me, it can get wild. Any content he consumes comes back to him in a fit. Admitting that doesn't bode well for how many vague (and sometimes not vague) homoerotic sentences that just spill from his mouth at times. He's just a tad socially awkward, and tends to run himself in circles if you let him. He also just says shit and forgets often, or spaces out and starts mumbling to himself, or says what he was thinking out loud, straight-up, without noticing.
He fronts as emotionless and unfeeling but he really isn't, anyone that knows him on a deeper-than-surface level could understand that. He cares a lot. About a lot of things. But specifically about his friends. He might be mildly-to-moderately socially inept but he knows how to have a feelings jam if his friends want one of those important and serious talks.
And unfortunately he's more susceptible to friends when it comes to being flustered. He tends to crush on people in his friend circle. The use of gender-neutral word “people” was intentional - but he isn't even out. He's barely even “out” to himself. That's just.. really complicated. And Dave Strider is nothing if not frustratingly avoidant of personal problems. And good at hiding those problems, too.
His last line of defense that preserves his stoic reputation is his shades, and don't even try to tell him to take them off. He's got a doctor's note in his wallet that states that he needs them and he will flaunt it like a fucking straight A student does with their grades. Uh, ok. This is the sorta shit you talk to a therapist about but if we're laying Dave bare on the examining table and picking apart all the parts that make him cool, then he'll be walking in and laying down on one of those fucking reclining chairs you always see when people talk about therapy. Right the fuck now. Be prepared. Ever since he left the apartment to escape Bro, his paranoia levels have been through the goddamn roof. Shadows in the corner of his eye, a sudden sound - and his heart rate spikes to a rhythm that is outright dangerous. Anything that's way too similar to Bro will send him into an anxiety attack. The sound of scraping metal or seeing candy red blood tends to send him into dissociative episodes.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Cool dude with sick black aviators (that touched Ben Stiller's weird sorta gaunt face at some point) What else is there to say
Alright, well, I guess... He's blond. He claims he's taller than all his friends (Rose, John, Jade) but refuses to give an exact measurement. He has freckles on his nose/cheeks and shoulders/back, and his eyes are unnatural and red and pretty sensitive to light. He gets migraines with too much light exposure so he actually needs his shades, it's not just because they're cool. He also has scars from past strifes with Bro. They're very cool and don't at all freak him out sometimes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From as young as he could remember, Dave's been conditioned by his Bro to be strong enough to kill God. Because Bro Strider himself was that strong, so Dave must be too. That's how he imagined Bro's thought process went. But really, past the point of 13, he started to have a slow realization that all the things he'd do - it wasn't normal. Or healthy. Or right. The fridge should have food in it, not swords. He shouldn't feel like cameras were on him at all times. He shouldn't be waiting for an ambush or watching for tripwires and he definitely shouldn't be so good at stitching wounds. Not to mention the FUCKING PUPPETS. When he was 13, on his good friend John's birthday, he played a game called Sburb with their friend group, but instead of chilling with his friends in this game that Rose and John were hells of excited about, the Earth was mixed into a crackpot concoction of at least two other planets with aliens in them.
The skyscraper he and Bro lived in was sliced through halfway up the floors in the process, leaving it to be half as tall as it used to be. The rent went down, at least. Not that it mattered because bro was rich as hell from his puppet smut. After Amalgama was created, Bro let up and eventually stopped inciting any strife. As easy as that - there were never any more notes on his door telling him to get on the roof. It was like.. After all that training, this was it. He didn't need to interact with the kid he hated so much anymore. And it was a relief? Maybe? But Dave still wanted out from the moment he was old enough. He made a paypal (underage) to earn money from SBaHJ and started collecting as many funds as he could through little odd means, and when he was 18 he ditched ASAP. He told nearly no-one about it. He has an apartment now. It's small and frankly that's perfect because there's less space to keep track of. And he's still as avoidant as ever, don't even try him. He'll fucking dodge shit because that shit is a stray baseball coming for his head in the school playground. Dude doesn't need any more physical trauma.


Dog Walker/Dogsitter, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff comics (they actually rake in profit with site ads and shitty merch). Some side DJ-ing.

Accomplishments & Achievements

It's a skill to be as shitty an artist as he is. A goddamn craft. Look at your Godhead and fucking weep.
Jokes aside, he's been working on his music since he picked it up from Bro. He's a savant in the rap scene, enough so that sometimes he'll lose himself in mumbling bars in the middle of the kitchen. (From an outside perspective, he isn't good.) He's genuinely, actually good at beatboxing and mixing music.
And he draws seriously sometimes. But he doesn't really share it. No one needs to see his rad as fuck fursona that shit's personal. Forget that was mentioned. He's also a bladesman, but he doesn't want to fight. Ever. With great power comes great responsibility, yo.
He's quite good at treating injuries.

Personality Characteristics


To do something with all his interests. He could be.. A photographer, or a wildlife rehabilitator, or a professional DJ and rapper. He has all these fucking irons in the fire for a reason, right?

Likes & Dislikes

Apple juice, dead things preserved in various substances, photography, crows (any animals, really), his turntables and music in general, drawing (badly), swords (?)
The sound of metal, red blood, being surprised, discussing his issues, acknowledging he has issues, his friends being in danger or upset, puppets


Contacts & Relations



Looking For: ???
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Male, he/him
➠Sexual orientation
red, #e00707
A chill as fuck black record with a red center, but the shirt he had got a strike through it at some point after Sburb started. Don't ask how, no-one knows.
➠Typing style
very rare use of punctuation ( ! ? and … ) and all lowercase unless he REALLY needs to emphasize
and if you ask nicely he'll use tone tags
tone tags are pretty chill
Bro Strider
Dave would prefer not to talk about it, but to put it briefly: Bro was this rad as fuck dude, but Dave left the apartment he shared with him when he was 18 because.. because maybe he wasn't as rad as he always thought he was. Shocker, but maybe being trained in the ”way of the blade” like some kinda fucked up anime plot wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He has no idea if the dude is still alive or not.
➠Original Planet
Pre-Scratch Earth
Knight of Time
Dirk Strider


In Person




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