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Jane Crocker

Played by Fred

Jane Crocker (a.k.a. gutsyGumshoe)

[/container] She tries to be a really caring and loving friend, listening to the people around her whenever they have a problema, but not really listening when they ofer her an advice, listening mostly to her gut and intuition tan what others tell her. altough she normally has a cheerful and friendly personality her short temperament gets the best of her, lashing on to people without really meening it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jane lived a simple life, passing her youthful days in company of her father in the suburbs, her days weren’t boring thanks to a couple of friends that she made over the internet. She being the heir to the crockercorp it comes to no surpries her hability when it comes to making wonderful baked goods, when she wasn’t in the kitchen whit her father she would be Reading with him her favorite book “Problem sleuth”. Unfortunatly all of this came to an end when she desided top play the newest game with her friends SBURB, the top half of her house was transported to Amalgama in The Merge, and withit was marked the last time she ever saw her father again, but unfortunatly life goes on and she knew that, so she tried to move one Little by Little everyday until she finally started to live as she knows her father would’ve wanted her to, enjoying every second.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her ability with baking is natural, preparing the most delicious baked goods with her father since she was a child, she is also known by her enthusiasm in crime solving novels like problema sleuth.

Personality Characteristics


As it is expected, her dream is to gain her income as a Baker, having her own backery where any troll or human can taste the most delightful pastries in Amalgama.

Likes & Dislikes

baking, Reading, spending time with her friends
talking about her dad, slacking around
female she/her
➠Signature colour
vibrant blue #00d5f2
A blue frightening beast
➠Typing style
Speaks with almos perfect orthography, ocasionally using a cute emote whenever she is happy or excited! :B
She also tends to over use exclametion signs whenever she gets angry, eventually caps locking.
➠Original Planet
Post-Scratch Earth
Maid of life


In Person




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