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Wilderness 4} Meulin and Pequie

Meulin played by Riley, Pequie played by Deku
Meulin was just wandering around someplace in the forest. She had been really bored lately and wanted to get out and do stuff and explore. She would bring someone along with her, but she thought she would just relax today and take a stroll. She still wishes that she could make some more friends than the people in her normal friend group, that would be great, she thinks.
Pequie peeked out from behind a rock. Their appearance was a little unkempt, their hair hanging messy and loosely, and their overalls were dirty. Their eyes gleamed with curiousity as they stared at the oliveblood. Stepping on a twig and scaring themselves, they yelped in surprise and covered their mouth.
She didn't seem to hear the sudden noise, so she just kept walking along. She wondered if she would meet anyone today, but she doubted it because she rarely sees other people when she goes for a walk or to go out for an errand.
Pequie just decided to go for it. They Youth Rolled™️ out in front of Meulin and stared at her. Pequie sat down right in front of her feet.
She wasn't expecting this to happen so she got a little frightened when someone randomly came out of their hiding place. She tilted her head a bit and looked down at the small troll that just Youth Rolled ™️ right in front of her. "(=^•ω•^=) < HEY THERE!!"
They smiled up at Meulin. "Hi stranger! I'm Pequie! Let's be frends!" Pequie kicked their legs excitedly, splashing up mud onto their bare feet.
She gasped "(^•o•^) < MOG PEQUIE?? HI!! ITS ME, MEWLIN!! DO YOU REMEMBER ME FROM TROLLIAN?" She grinned widely at them.
Pequie cocked their head to the side. Then they remembered. "Mewlin!!!!" They stood up and hugged her leg tightly, smooshing their face into it. They they stepped back and clapped their hands happily. "You're so pretty!"
She giggled "(=^ω^=) < THANK YOU!!! IT IS SO NICE TO S33 YOU MOG!! HOW HAVE TO B33N SINCE I LAST SPOKE WITH YOU?" She would never think that she would meet Pequie here. It was exiting to see them in person.
They smiled so wide they got tiny dimples. "I been greyt! I'm hunting buggies! Colorful buggies!" They showed Meulin their collection of small beetles of varying hues and vibrancy. They pointed to one olive colored one. "This one looks like you!"
To be Continued...


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