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Pequie Risret

Played by Deku

Pequie Pecky Risret (a.k.a. aventuresAhoy)

Pequie is a loving child, dedicated to making his chosen brother smile every day. He expresses a keen interest in learning and growing, and will challenge Kionni to height battles, which Kionni always wins. Pequie loves challenging his brother, and believes he is the fastest troll alive. He often spends mornings cuddling up to Kionni and telling him nonsense stories into the day as they both drift off to sleep.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Wears a brown tutu, jean overalls, rubber boots and a brown, long sleeved jumper. Her short, scruffy hair is done up in pigtails (courtesy of Kionni) and her horns come together in the middle of her forehead and twist together, forming a unicorn horn of sorts.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Pequie was never meant to be alive. She was about to be culled in the trials, just before The Merge, when most of the trial grounds collapsed. Kionni followed her wailing, and found her weighed down in debris. He took her in and raised her as his own, vowing to never let harm come to her as long as he lived. To this day, the two live a peaceful life, free from any hurt or sorrow.

Personality Characteristics


To grow up to be a ballerina/rock star.

Likes & Dislikes

Candy, Kionni, Toys, Words, Trollian, Animals, Ballet, Bugs, Playing doctor
Getting hurt, Kionni leaving him alone, Seeing other people in trouble/hurt (He'll run up and try and help them)
2.77 sweeps (6 years)
indeterminate, pronouns fluctuate, mostly she/her and he/him
➠Sexual orientation
N/A, though if there's another kid Pequie's age here that's compatible they might opt for the cute little kindergarten love story thing
➠Typing Quirk
uses al lowercase, mixes up d anb b, anb never doubles leters.
N/A, Parental figure is Kionni Croren
➠Original Planet


In Person




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