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Jade's Apartment 2} Jade, Rose, Dave, and John

Jade played by Kiwi, Rose played by Riley, Dave played byKiwi, John played by Jiro
Jade was making everything look nice and getting some snacks made in the kitchen. Her tail happily wagged as she waited for the boys to get there. It was gonna be so great to have everyone over and just spend time with them.
Rose had gathered all of her important things that she thought she would need in her bag. She also made sure that she contacted Kanaya before she left because she didn't want to worry her if she came home and found out she was gone. She nervously walked up to the entrance of the apartment again. "Hello, Jade? It's me Rose again and I have gathered all of my things. I know I have a key but I did not want to be rude and just barge in if you were getting ready." She was honestly super excited to spend the night with her best friends and see them again.
"COME IN!!!" she yelled from inside the kitchen "John and Dave will be here soon but it's just me!" She kept getting her stuff ready her tail wagging off the hook.
"Alright." She slowly opened the door to Jades apartment and exhaled. "This is going to be very fun, I can already feel it." She smiled softly and laughed a bit.
"Yes it will be, can you come in here and help me with the rest of the food, I made cupcakes instead of cake because John ya know, and I got apple juice for Dave," Her tail was still wagging as she did all of her things around the kitchen.
"Do you need for me to help with any snack in particular? I can honestly help with any food setting you need assistance with." She placed her bag down some place near the couch.
"Ummmm, can you ice the cupcakes my pipettes on the table." She cleaned her hands off, "I have to get something else hold on" She left the room.
Dave walked up to Jades apartment and knocked. He had an overnight bag and was tapping his foot.
"Rose can you get that!?"
"Oh, yes sure." She called to the doorway as she walked over there. "I will be there in just a second." When she opened the door she saw Dave and smiled "Hello, Dave. It is nice to see you. Come in if you will." She stepped out of the doorway and opened the door wider.
Dave walked in "hey Rose," He smiled and looked around "ah nice and comfy just how I remember it," He chuckled softly. "How are you Rose?"
"I am doing well, thank you for asking. How have you been doing?" She heads towards the couch and sits down the closest she can to where she place her bag earlier.
Dave plopped down on the couch beside her and he set his bag on the floor. "cool as fuck" He chuckled and leaned into the cushions. "My usual"
She laughed a bit "As of the expected from Mr. Cool guy. I am glad that we can all spend some time with each other tonight, it will be fairly enjoyable to see all of you." She smiled. [container:char John]adn suddenly,,,, there was a knock on the door,, :B John was there. at the door. he was quite excited to see his friends again. it's been a while.
"Someone can get that!!" Jade yelled from the other room, a couple noises came from there. What was that dog girl doing.
Dave shrugged "I got it!" He stood up and walked over to the door. A smile grew on his face "Sup John" he almost leaned in to hug him, but caught himself, and held his hand up for a highfive.
"hi dave!!" John smiled as well, catching daves almost-hug, then giving him the high-five. "can i come in? haha."
Dave snorted and nodded, moving out of the way for him. "He Rose John's here" He snorted, closing the door behind the windy boy.
She lifted her head from looking at her hands in her lap to look at John, who had just entered. “Hello John, it is nice to see you.” She smiled at him.
"hey rose! it's nice to see you too. are you gonna give me a hug or bail out like dave did?" John joked, shooting dave a lil. a lil grin.
Dave gave him an eyeroll, "don't do hugs dude"
"well you should! hugs are fun and cool. :B" John waited for Rose's response to the hug question™️
“Well I could give you a hug if you would really want one. Would you?” She got up from her sitting position and put her hands on her hips waiting for Johns decision.
Jade walked out of her room and squealed, "John, Dave!!" she ran over engulfing Dave in a hug, that he could not get out of.
He sighed and wrapped his arms around her, patting her back. "Hello Jade"
Jade let him go and threw her arms around John and Rose before either of them could hug. "Guyys!!!!" She giggled and her tail wagged "Ectobrother!! I'm so happy to see you!!" She squeezed the two of them then let go.
John laughed at Jade but. like. not in the mean way? i dunno lol. "im happy to see you too jade! its been like foreeeeeeeever!! how have you guys been?" john asked looking at his friends AAAAAAAA DORK DJVbdhjsvdhjsvCDABC
“I have been well. It’s glad to hear that all of you have been doing well. I have dearly missed you all since I’ve last seen you. Gosh i’m repeating myself aren’t I.” She smiled and sighs as she puts her head in her hands. She raises her head again to look at everyone.
"Ah I've been good!!" Jade smiled grabbing Dave and pulling him over, "And it's okay Rose you are just excited!!" She clapped "And and I made food!! oh and got apple juice for Dave!! and I baked cupcakes," she excitedly hopped into the kitchen.
Dave smiled at Rose and John. "Guess we better follow her huh" He snorted and walked after the excited girl.
"uh, yeah!! cupcakes are awesome." John half-ran after Jade into the kitchen. He was so happy to see the other three again. When he got into the aforementioned kitchen, John leaned against the counter, as if he hadn't just ran there.
Rose shrugged, as her being the last one there she decided to just sit back on the couch and rest for a moment. Yes, she was happy to have everyone here but she feels like she wasn't interacting with them enough. She would go in the kitchen, but she feels that she would just be a burden in whatever they were going to do in here. She rests her hands on her face and exhales slowly.
Dave was at the doorway of the kitchen and he paused. He turned slowly to look at Rose, then he walked back over. He opened his mouth to say somthing but couldn't find anywords. He reached his hand out to Rose, and stood silently for a couple of seconds. "Dont want the dog girl to bark at you, come on"
Jade handed John a cupcake. "Okay I dont really know what's like good and what's not for all of you so I got like everything, and then I forgot so I went and bought more. We've just got a lot of junk," Jade giggled "so help yourself to whatever"
John smiled, accepting the cupcake. Cupcake (: . "gosh you're really forgetful still huh? i guess you really haven't changed that much. :B"
To be Continued...


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