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timaeusTestified + tipsyGnostalgic

tipsyGnostalgic played by Link, timaeusTestified played by Jiro
tipsyGnostalgic [TG] has started pestering timaeusTestified [TT].
TG: hey
TG: hey dirk
TG: guess what ;)
TT: What, Roxy?
TG: i got..........
TG: ........... wait 4 it...............................
TG: ............................
TG: wait shit i mensed up the spelling
TG: *messed
TG: that ruined the reveal emtinely dang
TG: can we do that again?
TT: We can do it again.
TG: ok ok back to posirions
TG: *positions
TG: ok......
TG: hey
TG: hey dilk
TG: guess what ;)
TT: What, Roxy?
TG: i got..........................
TG: ................ wait 4 it again plz................................
TG: ................................................................................
TG: *:D
TG: i got accidentally really scarepd for a second omg D:
TG: *scared
TT: That's great, Rox. Where did you get an owl from and why.
TG: omg youre never gonna belinve me
TG: *benlieve
TG: omfg roxy theres NO N IN BELIENVE
TG: *believe
TT: There you go.
TG: yes thank u
TG: ok so as i was saying
TG: i was chilling out marxing relaxing all cool next to the window right??
TG: *maxing lol im not a connumist
TG: and thad just lands in the window and gives me.... the look
TG: immediayely i knew we were gonna b friends like OMG
TT: The look?
TG: the LOOK, dirk
TG: with those big dreamy eyes...... *swoooooonm*
TT: Tell me more.
TG: it was the kind of look u give to a really yumy burgr
TG: but not the kind u wanna eat
TG: the kind you wanna admire for its beaunty
TG: yknow????
TT: Makes sense.
TG: yeeees dirky i knew youd understand :D
TG: but yeah long story short we r best friends now lol
TT: That's great. Owls are pretty cool.
TG: professor thaddeus is THE BEST
TG: (ik i didnt funk up the spelling i just wamted to reiterate for clarity)
TG: hes so smart and wise and knows how to maek a lady blush like omg....
TT: Roxy, don't fall head over heels for an owl. Please and thanks.
TG: why dirp would u be........ jellyyyy?? ;)
TT: No, Roxy.
TG: worride that the owl is gonna make u throw in the towel???? ;) ;) ;)
TG: did you like the rhyme? the prof taught me how to lay down a SICK beat
TG: hes a better rapper than u you know ;)
TT: That was a great rhyme, Roxy.
TG: yes ik
TG: well u dont have to be jelly cuz unfortunately for me, thaddeus is only into otter owls :'((((
TG: *other lol omg imagine an otter owl that would be TOO CUTE
TT: Maybe i should get an owl. They'd be best friends. Fall in love. It'd be a great love story.
TG: omg can u PLS get an otter so that her and the prof can make some otter owl babries
TG: *babies
TT: I'll try.
TG: thamk u dirk <3
TG: *thonk
TT: Youre welcome, Roxy.
TG: man.....
TG: u wanna know waht i just realised
TG: *what
TT: What?
TG: the only person ive hung out with in weeks
TG: is a fuckin OEL :(
TG: *owl :(
TG: *except in caps
TG: at least hes really cool and loves me
TG: or at least enjoys the snacks i give him
TG: the snacks are sumper nice so i cant balme him
TT: Roxy, hang out with other people, please.
TG: yes sir right away sir
TG: except NOT
TG: wtf kinda order is that dirk :( who do i hang out with :(
TG: you disappleared
TG: *dispaered
TG: *vanished
TG: n i havent seen jake or jane in... forever
TG: like since we magically poofed on2 this planet jake has been out adventurin
TG: n jane... :( i dont even wanna think about what she could b up to, im still scered that the batterwitch did somethin 2 her before she left
TG: *scared
TT: Rox, you can just come over to my house. You know where i live.
TG: i guessssssss, but like....... :(
TG: idk its kinda weird to just show up at someones house u know??
TG: and
TG: im kind of a mess laltely :(
TG: *lately
TT: I guess it's kinda weird. Less weird if i invite you over, though.
TG: is that a formal imbibe?? ;D
TG: *invite lol not imbibe
TG: *..... unless? ;3
TT: I mean. Yeah, i guess so.
TG: omg i cant believne i just got FORNALLY INVITED to dirk stirders palace!!
TG: i think.... im gonna faint......
TG: *formally *striders
TT: Roxy, you're not going to faint.
TG: but dirk strider HIMSELF just asked me over...... *SWOOON*
TG: there isnt enough oxygen in ghe known universe to fuel my swoony excitment
TT: Oh my god.
TG: will you b... slormping? ;) ;)
TG: slormpung alcohol lol not slormling me
TT: No, Roxy.
TG: *slormping, twice
TG: awwww okay
TG: thats a no to both slormps?? ;)
TT: Yes, Roxy.
TG: cuz the other one isnt out of the question just sayin
TG: awwww maaaan
TG: well prof i tried my best
TG: *paps prof. thaddeus sandly*
TT: Just pap the owl in real life instead of typing it.
TG: i did
TG: i typed it as well cuz i wanted u to be more immersed in the thaddeus exlerience lo
TG: youre missing out fr hes the best
TT: Oh. Thank you, Rox. For helping me experience owl papping.
TG: dont be silly, di stri, i wasnt hemping U experoence it
TG: i was helping ME help U exprlerience ME experience owl paping
TG: duh!! omg so obvious plz catch up ;D
TT: I see. That makes perfect sense.
TG: i am awell aware of how many sense it makes
TG: omg.. did i just say "how many sense"
TG: what happened to me i thought i was supposed to b the snart one out of us 2 ;(
TG: *smart *also other typods prolly
TT: Yes, Roxy. You were most definitely supposed to be the smart one. I'm winning now, but i'm sure you'll catch up.
TG: i mean no, youre not winning lol ;3 i logerally have a let owl called professor thaddeus, how could u be the snarter one ever
TG: literally *pet
TG: well he is not literally my pet lol hes more lime my friend who eats all my food and lets me pet him
TT: Damn. Guess you're right. You have an owl.
TG: expert observation dirk, that nets u 1 genios point
TG: that brings u up to the rank of.....
TG: .........
TG: congratunations!!!!!
TT: How and why is the spoon made of paper?
TG: the spoom is made of paper becausd its floppy and impractical whenevr u stick it into something ofc!! ;D
TG: *spoom is the official spelling now jsyk
TG: but its also paper cuz its silly and special n i wanna protect it with my entore being <<<3
TG: tho i realise that i didnt answr ur questions lol
TG: as for how they made it, IDK DIRK do i look like a spoomspith to you??? cmon man
TG: *spoomsmith
TG: idk how they pulled off such an imprensive feat of engineering, god prolly did it
TG: n as for the why...... sorry dork you need to be a genuis level 1 BILLON to understand, its rlly complicated philosockifally speaking
TG: *poof, all typos magically fixed, whoa roxy ur so cool omg omg *selfswoon*
TT: Roxy, did you hear that? It was all of my braincells simultaneously screaming in agony as they died.
TG: i did hear it actually, it was rlly rlly loud like omg my ears r BLEEDONG dirk
TG: *bleeding (but big lettrs) (bleedong sounds like a super nasty medical conditiom omg ew ow bluh)
TG: unfortragically im gonna have to deduct 1 geneos point for that :'''''( that means ur back down to 0, honestly rlly unlunky 4 u man
TT: I cant comprehend any of this, Roxy. My brain cells are dead, remeber?
TG: yes dirk i remeber ;'( thinpgs just havent been the same since u roxyd your braoin
TG: *things *brain
TG: abyway if you wanna hang out just let me know ok?? mayb we can go out 2 a bar like the doucebags we are ;D and you can..... NOT slormp *tagic heart break*
TG: *like 3 or 4 typons
TG: or i can go to your house and we can mope n be awkward n stuff lol ;3
TT: I'll keep it in mind, Roxy. And i wouldnt say you're a douchebag. That's my thing.
TG: ok yeah fair nuff, i wont stemp on your turf dirkus
TG: *step
TG: but who knows, mayb you can teach me ur douchey ways and i can someday be as big a douche as u???? ;)
TT: I don't think you're cut out to be a douchebag, Rox. Takes some skill. I've been practicing for years.
TG: awww maaaaaaan :(((
TG: pls teach me, prof, i think id be rlly goord at it
TG: *good
TG: I can even starnt utilzizing proper grammatics whnest I speak.
TG: *start *using (but fancy) *whilst(?? idk)
TT: I'm sorry, Roxy. I just don't think you can learn. Douchebaggery is a very intricate skill, not many people posses it.
TG: you clewve my heart in TWAIN, dirkyyyy ;( ;( ;( </3 </3
TG: *cleave
TG: but FINE!! this will b my sumpervillain oranging story >:D
TG: *origin
TG: i will rise up to become............ THE ANTIO-DOUXHE!
TG: oop tererible spelling there
TG: i meant.......... *THE ANTI-DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!
TG: and u cant stop me ;3
TT: Then i'll have to battle you in a super fucking awesome anime style battle.
TG: im a level 100 esper lord, sorry kid but you dont even strand a chance >:3
TG: *stans
TG: *STAND (though i do have a bunch of stans too lolol ;333)
TT: Well, i'm level 1000. I think it's you who doesn't stand a chance.
TG: heh.....
TG: any esper worth his salt would know that it works LIKE GLOF
TG: which means i am (*mathemagical formula here*) times BETTER THAN U >:D
TG: *laughts badassly*
TT: Damn. What a twist. There's no way i can beat you in this fight.
TG: yep which is why you should just surrendert right now ;D
TG: *surreasdalkajw
TG: ow ow ow ow
TT: Ow?
TG: thad freakin bit me :(((
TG: i think i perted him too hard gdi
TG: *petted
TG: *pet? idfk
TG: he got a taste of my (delinious) blood and flew away.... :((((
TT: I'm sorry, Rox. Guess you can't trust owls.
TT: Maybe you should get a band-aid to stop the bleeding.
TT: But don't just put the band-aid on the cut, you need to clean it.
TG: i still trust him!!! >:(( mayb he just had a bad day at oel work idk
TG: it doesnt even hurt that much, tho theres blood like evetywhere lol aaaah
TG: *everywhere
TG: brb gonna patch myself up all expedient like >:'''3
TT: Owls don't go to work. I don't think they even have opposable thumbs. Just wings.
TT: What would owls even do for a living? What would they get paid in?
TG: you dont know that!! >:'( owl economy is prolly WAY better than ours lol
TG: (bank btw)
TG: (*back, but maybe profressor thaddeus works in a bank :O)
TG: (probably not tho cuz hes a professor so hed need to be doing pronfessor things like science n teaching)
TG: n how do you know they get paid anywayy??!?! maybe theyre CONNUMIST OELS!! >>:O and they get paid in bieng able to live idk how connumism works
TT: Communist owls? I don't think the owls are communists.
TT: And yeah, the professer is probably a science teacher or some shit.
TG: a science AND a teacher, thats sumper impressive, im amlost honoured that he bit me >:'3
TG: though i get the feeling that this would hurt way more if i was sombre
TG: *sober
TG: *though sombre also works lolol ;'D
TG: omg there is blood EVERYIOERE i dont understand how i accomspited this?? p. impressive
TG: *EVERYWHERE *accomplished
TT: Roxy, get something to stop your bleeding.
TG: i diiiiiiid dirlk :(
TG: though tbh i did a rlly bad job lol i should probably just amaputarte
TG: *ampeunate
TG: *anputate
TG: *chop it off
TT: Dont amputate your finger.
TG: too late, i cut it clean off w/ my amine kantana
TG: ;3
TT: Did you have to do it with an anime katana?
TG: well yeah obvs i did!!
TG: my grandfalthers lengedary blade is the only thing shrap enought to cleave tgrioygh my skin
TG: *an ungodly amoutn of typops
TT: Actually, you only need the bite force of biting a carrot to bite a finger off.
TT: So you didn't need the katana. You just used it.
TG: oh dirk
TG: dirk dilk dirk
TG: heh..... dont u know?
TT: Know what?
TG: im rlly RLLY powterful, dirk
TG: *powerlu
TG: my skin can only b penetrated by THIS BVERY SWORD and also oel bealks
TG: ok i feel al lil weird tbh
TT: Sorry for not knowing your skin can only be penetrated by anime katanas.
TG: is ok dirk ill forgive you sjut this once
TG: i think im gonna die or somethimng thougj
TG: im suddenly tires as FUNK
TG: what times is it??
TT: I honestly don't know.
TG: dank it dirk ur spost to be the SOMBRE one here omfg
TG: i cant read numbers anyu more theyre 2 HARD
TG: ok aside from 2 i can still read 2 because 2 is 2 speciol 2 lose *gibes 2 a cute smooch mwah*
TT: I am sober, Roxy. I just don't have a clock.
TT: And i don't feel like checking my phone.
TG: im fickin dyinmg and i still know that
TG: ive gots 2 go 2 sleep or some shit man :'S
TT: Well, then i'd have to minimise Pesterchum because my computer is all like "fuck you" and that's too much work.
TT: I'm pretty tired myself.
TG: ok fine then u can go get yuor booty sleep 2
TG: have u seen the latest emposode of THE PRANK HOISE??????
TT: Haha. Yeah.
TG: i cant beliese chad is fucling dead dirk :'(
TG: his poor babbus :'((((
TT: Rest in peace, Chad.
TG: he was a porankster of legendady calibre
TG: im gonna miss him....
TG: idek why i watch that shit like it feels moralky bankrupt but its so emtertaining
TG: like where do you even GENT that much seahore blood like omg what
TG: anyway yeah rember what i told u dirk ok??
TT: I'll remeber, Roxy.
TG: thanks dork
TG: moment of silons 4 chad befpre i leave real quink
TG: ....................
TG: ok thast enough
TG: see u latwr dirk :')
tipsyGnostalgic [TG] has ceased pestering timaeusTestified [TT].


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