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PM1 pt.07} Poor Thad

tipsyGnostalgic played by Link, timaeusTestified played by Jiro, crypticPerjurer played by Marcy, caligulasAquarium played by Dodo, categoricalSavant played by Leng
tipsyGnostalgic [TG] has started responding to memo.
TG: goof afternoon my children ;33
TG: *goof
TG: *goof
TG: *goof
TG: i really made it a goofd afternoon lol omg
CP: Who are you?
timaeusTestified [TT] has started responding to the memo.
TG: i am ur father
TG: if u want ;33333
TG: heeeey dilk :D
TT: Hey Roxy.
CP: Star wars reference?
TG: you just doxyd the roxy :(( we were meabt to be undercomer
TG: *meant *undercover
TT: Shit, sorry.
TG: its a refenerce to my partentalage over you, cp
TG: *at least 1 typop that shalt not be named
CP: Makes sense, its nice to meet you roxy
TG: thats DAD to you!! but yes its sumper nice 2 meet u too my bb ((even tho i conceived you and already met u when u were in ma gonads lol))
CP: Hehe, okay dad. That was the first time I've chuckled in weeks
TT: Rox, if you're their dad what am i?
TG: shirt my child that is so sand :(
TG: i hope thats cuz u prefer chortling or tittering over chunkling
TG: and not cuz ur despressed :(((
TG: dilk, ill leaf that up to ur imaginarium ;3 ;* ;D
TT: Three different wonky faces. I'm concerned.
TG: we r experiencing MAXINUN WONKAGE
TG: i knew this dau would come................
TG: *u kno the drill lol
TT: Now the world is going to explode.
TG: yeh ;(
CP: It seems you both are an interesting bunch
TG: nah lol were just a corple guyys bein dudes
TG: or at least, IM just a couple suys bein dudes
TG: dilk is way interedting like OMG *le swoon*
TG: *couple *guys *other typos lol
CP: You okay? Need autocorrect, some waffles and a coffee to sleep off what ever you are having?
CP: this is coming from a place of concern
TT: She's normally like this.
CP: You may be in a Denny's parking lot but chocolate chip waffles are inside
TG: i dont need any of those things! >:)
TG: oops shint *>:(
TG: im perfectly happy in my dennys parking lot thank u very much
TG: now leave me to make out w/ my clown in PEAVE
TG: *peace but youre PEAVIN ME OFF BUDDY
TG: (jks ily <333)
TT: Roxy, we talked about this.
TT: You can't keep making out with clowns.
CP: There's nothing wrong with clowns.
TG: we HAVE talked abt this n I STILL DONT GET IT
TG: why cant i gibe the clown a smooch :( clowns r sexy, dilk
TG: i think ur just jelly
CP: Dilk?
TG: thas his name B')
TT: My name isn't Dilk.
TT: And I'm not jealous, Roxy. I just don't want to make out with a clown in a Denny's parking lot.
CP: I'm assuming it's milk
CP: Your name
CP: Nice to meet you milk
TT: Why would my name be milk?
TG: dammit milk uve been found out :'(
TG: sry man i tried
CP: Why wouldn't your name be milk is the real question?
CP: Its a fine name Milk, don't beat yourself about it
TT: My name isn't milk.
TG: you dont beat MILK, u beat EGGS dummy
TG: look milk the snecrets out, just come clean
TG: no point cryging over spilled milk
CP: I mean, not to kick a dead moobeast but yeah, it's over
CP: You can give up trying to hide your name milk
TG: noooo poor moob beast :'(
TT: I hate it here.
TG: awwww milk dont be so silly, this is ur HOME
TG: just u + me + my (our) child hanginp out
TG: *hanging
TG: this is the dream :'3
TT: If this is the dream then i want to wake up.
TG: pls do, dirk
TG: youve been in a coma 4 like a bajillimon years
TG: we all miss u back here on eath dirk PLS :'(
TG: *eaetg
TG: *nope i just made it worse
TT: Waking up isn't working.
TT: I'm never going to wake up from this coma, Roxy.
TG: sobsobsob
TG: i think its time to pull the plung.........
TG: im sorry milk
TG: u will nevr be forfotten :'(
TT: Guess i'm dead then.
TG: beemp beep beeeeeeoep
TG: well now im sad cuz my milks got spoilde
TG: looks like im gonna have to.......
TG: ................................................
TG: .......................................................... slornmp
TT: Roxy, no.
CP: Damn
CP: Sad
TG: cp im sorry bout ur daddeh
TG: ik ur just a lil baby and all but do u wanna get shutfaced?
TG: *shirtfaced
TG: its what he wouclne wanted :'(
TG: (slormp
TT: It is not what i would've wanted.
CP: I don't drink, my sibling does that for me. Both of us and the entire earth could get drunk from the alcholol in his bloodstream
TG: whoa.....
TG: can me mayb.........
TG: vampirise your brothel?
TG: omg *BROTHER not *BROTHEL im not jack the ripmer or soemthing lolol (slormsp)
CP: I don't own a brothel but please don't suck out my brothers blood... I have a sinking feeling he might like that
TT: Oh fuck. Guys i'm alive.
TG: what the FCRICK howre you aALINE?
TG: omg milk im gonna cryu tears of ansp;te kpu
TG: oh gfos holy shjit wajt percdetnt is this slromp
TG: *i got excueted and tuyped too fast domt mind me oh myu GOD
TT: It's a Christmas miracle.
CP: Yes, and now Santa throw presents at all of the good kids
TG: i think jm gonna theow a up
TG: milk whyd yuou let me slormps this
TG: oh gog im gonans die
TG: it sfinally hapepnign, mirk
TG: i se the lighjt......
TG: any last worsd??
TT: I wonder how your owls doing.
TG: those are the WORST las tawoekrds EVER dirl
TG: well its tooa lte to changes them nwo
TG: *dies*
TG: *like asdcually genuinely for rleal dies forever*
TG: (prof thaddues is doing good ehs still a HUNK with big abs il ove him so mcuh)
TG: no bt for seruous i fel like rlly sick
TG: i shoudl have mixed thsi with something
TG: im so dumb sometimens
TT: My god.
TG: dink... ur gonna havbe to breajka the news to thad
TG: hes gonna be so sand :(
CP: Who's dink?
CP: Its milk
TT: Poor Thad.
CP: Poor Thad.
TG: im gonan go dirnk some milk and regert it n then pass awayu for realsies
TG: and be sand and stuff casue thaddesu is gonna havbe to witness my funekral
TG: thats so dimpressing dude :((((
CP: You are going to drink your friend?
TG: ........ ;)
TT: God damnit Roxy.
caligulasAquarium [CA] is no longer idle!
CA: it has occurred to me that wwhile i did indeed line up some sort a flarpin session wwith vvris we nevver exactly put a timeframe on it
CA: anyone seen her around here im really hopin i didnt just go an get all dressed up for nothin
categoricalSavant [CS] has started responding to memo.
CS: Id iz dime vor my weekly, and unezbecdedly mandadory, zocial inderacdion lazdinj. I had hobed my zbeackinj widh dhe hunder vrom ebvore had counded, bud, zadly, dhad iz nod dhe caze.
CS: I zee id iz inacdive, vor dhe bezd really. I can'd zay I'm very zaddened by dhiz. Id iz vordunade vor me, do zay dhe elazd.
CA: im sorry wwhat are you tryin to say there
CA: normally im not one to get on a felloww seadwweller for the wway they type things but im havvin a bit a trouble figurin out wwhat youre goin for there
CA: seems like youre tryin to socialize i think i cant really figure out much more then that though
CS: Yez, well dhad iz dhe jezd ov id, I zubboze. I am dryinj, bud would radher nod. Are you readinj imbared, berhabz? Zhould I uze zmaller wordz? I am nod very well verzed in dheze madderz.
CA: wwoww i wwasnt evven tryin to be rude about it im genuinely havvin trouble decipherin your quirk an noww youre gettin yourself all in a twwist about it
CA: us seadwwellin folk got to stick together you knoww there arent a lot a us compared to the rest a the rabble if wwe start fightin amongst eachother wwell be no better then the rusties an the shitbloods
CA: not sayin you cant use your quirk all im sayin is im personally havvin a bit a trouble gauging wwhat youre tryin to express here
CS: I abbolojize, I waz, cuide jenuanely, azkinj iv you need zmaller wordz. Id waz nod an indendinal zlijhd, dhoujh iv you would zdill like do be zlijhded dhad iz nod my buzinezz, I zubboze. Az I zaid, I am nod well verzed in dheze zocial madderz.
CS: Blood iz inderezdinj do me burly ina medical zenze. I vind no need do chooze vreidnz bazed on dhe colorz dhey make while dieinj. Nod dhad I am here do be makeinj vriendz. Reladionzhibz are a wazde ov dime and a dizdracdion ad bezd.
CS: And ov courze you were nod orderinj me do zdob uzeinj my cuirk, dhad would be very zilly and would nod work rejardlezz.
CS: Dhiz chad iz uzualy vull ov dhe odher cazdez, do you come in jzud do mock dhem? Ajain, I'm azkinj nod az a zlijhd, jzud vor dhe invormadion. Iv you dizlike dhier combany, why zeak id oud in zuch a blace? Or iz dhad anodher zocial dhinj dhad I am vailinj do jrazb?
CS: I'm joinj do dake your condinued zcilence az a zijn dhad you now underzdand my unwillinjnezz do inderacd. I abbreciad your conzideradion, I zubboze.
categoricalSavant [CS] has ceased responding to memo.


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