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Fish Food

Hilorm played by Orange, Grefit played by SoperPlanet
Night time, trolls would be out more than humans. Not that Hilorm minded, she could drop the alien schtick for a while. Gabben had gone to bed, upstairs, and she was in charge until sunrise. Business was usually slower at night anyway, most trolls didn't like the prospect of getting caught by an angry seadweller, but there were pacts and such set up for certain areas. As long as you weren't littering, you were probably safe.
  She was sitting at the counter, on her stool, head resting in her hands. Music was playing, softly, from some speaker up in the ceiling. She'd just switched it from a human station to a troll one, and mouthed along to the lyrics of some Top 40s Beforan hit.
  Grefit waddles into the store, that was something alright! And by something, she means it in the not so great way. Some utter jerk spilled paint all over her suit! That gonna be impossible to clean! I mean like, sure, it is a similar color to the fur color but its still noticable! Glub glub, today is just not her day. She had her fur suits head of, mostly becuase it was getting dark and there was no way she was going to try and navigate all the way home with it on! "Glubin' paint, not gangsta or pops money.. no wait, it's not very cash money. Gosh, why is she worrying about that now of all times? Just.. just get some fish food and get out, that's all. Her lusus is definently getting hungry.. yeah, her lusus. Putting the bottle on the counter when something else in the store catches her eyes.. is.. that.. a new flavor? Nirnaly she- her lusus- prefers the sea food ornage annihilation, but now she is captivated by the "rainbow drinkers exturmation" flavor, which, is an. Unfortunate name.. but also captivating. "Hey! Have you tried the seafood rainbowdrinkers extermination yet? If so, what your doubts?" She says to the troll as the cashier , but not looking towards her. She is captivated by the sign now. They never make new flavors!
  Hilorm watched the clearly-insane violetblood walk in, quickly identifying her as not part of the mob. Whenever they sent people, it was far more subtle than this, but... she did speak the code phrase. Maybe this was some kinda test, to make sure Hilorm was on her toes-- so she might as well respond in turn. "My only doubts're about the name, seems kinda gruesome, right?"
  Nailed it. Now to wait for the third code phrase, just to clinch it. No one ever bought that fish food stuff, except oblivious humans. It was practically just there to take up shelf space, and for the extremely specific codes the seadwellers would use.
  "hmm, I suppose so. the name "rainbowdrinker extermination " is a bit.. extreme. but then again, it is just how the way things are! I don't really know why we decided to name all our flavors after such.. dark things, but we did. if anything it would be odder if it wasn't! imagine if it was named something like "rainbow drinkers delight!" actually, I would still buy that.."
she stares perplexed at the poster for a bit longer. what would it even taste like? her first guess would be that its one of those mix-up flavors where they dump all the other flavors into one. would that even taste good? not like she- her lusus, was a picky eater.
  Hilorm nodded along, listening as carefully as she could. Fuck, it was hard remembering all those codes. And they kept changing, sometimes even daily. This sounded close enough... but it was better to play it safe.
  "Delight, huh? Nothin' much delightful about it, 's all fish food." There. An extremely obvious 'you can't come into the back, and I don't know when you will' message. Super obvious.
  "oh... aw... and here i thought I really met a fellow fish food enthusist!" her fins drop, somehow. she is quite disappointed by the workers response, to think she might have found the elusive "415h40r1143", a person on the fish food forums who says he works at a fish market! oh how you envy him so. to be so close to the delictibles know as... fish food. just thinking about it makes you salivate--- for your axolotl, yes, fish cant salivate so you do it for him! because your uh... actually, why are you doing this? its not like anyone can read your mind! usually.... "well then, I suppose I'd have to get it myself then. where do you kepe the rainbow drinker extermination?"
  Hilorm shrugged, entirely relaxed again. "What we have is what's on the shelf, amiga." She was still a little bit offput by the fursuit Grefit was wearing, but wasn't about to ask about it. Not until she walked up to the counter, at least. That would be a good time to ask.
  The rack of fish foods had packets and cans, wet and dry. Some with your usual human-esque names, be it Tuna or Cod, and some with names more akin to Capri-Suns in the United States of America. Seafood Mix-Up Soirée, Salmon One-Two KO, among plenty of others. There were more troll names as well, mostly the same as human ones except for the violent switch-ups and different fish species.

  "hmm" she stares at the wall of fish food, nodding her head. rubbing her not existent beard. finally, she puts out her paw and captolouges a RAINBOW DRINKER EXTIRMINATION. mostly because trying to grab the canister, or anything really, with these big ol hands with out knocking something over is next to impossible. a bubble appears next to her as she selects the fish food to take out. popping the bubble and having the canister land softly into her hand. where would society be with out them? where indeed. she puts the fish food canister onto the register! "so, I do realise that i haven't asked this yet but.. how exactly is your day going?" February 11, 2021
  Hilorm Fyishe BOT — 02/11/2021 3:37 PM Hilorm took a slow, deliberate blink. "My day." Then, of course, she remembered that this troll is dressed in a fursuit, and was clearly off her rocker. "All I've done is sit in this here stool, waiting for people to come on in. My matesprit was out during the day, he's asleep now." That should be a satisfying answer, right? What did this violetblood want from her? A character study? Something deep and introspective? Not happening. Not to some highblood, no siree.


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