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Grefit Hetfil

Played by Dingo

Grefit Hetfil (a.k.a. fandomloveRr)

"hahah- yeah that movie is pretty cool! but like.... why did they have to die?" they are hyper active and also hyper obbseive over new things and will delve into any new subject she is presented with like a baby when given a new toy. she has an immense thirst for undertanding diferent cultures and strives to be as open minded as possible. another part of her is that she is also almost always the person asking questions in the conversation, usually they dont stop talking until they ask something. They are a nice person and in general just want to see people smile.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

the horns are prostethics

Mental characteristics

Personal history

her and her lusus lived a life expected of someone in her positon, with out much adversity and quite alot of boredom. what is a troll like her supposed to do with all this free time? well, obviously, you begin watching shows, podcasts, seeing people different takes on the same subject, which caused FR to come to a realization. people beliefs and needs can be different from her own, and that some laws and stipulations are viewed negatviliy by others then her. this simple, yet ground breaking Revelation, made her get a new life mission: learn as much as humanly possible and make the world a better place for everyone.
she believes that if she knows the views and beliefs of everyone she can make a perfect utopia and be revered as one of the greats. But then the morge happened, and while she most certainly was sort of blown back in surprise by the new forceful take over by alternia and the hard to get a proper grasp on caste system, she was able to survive by hiding underwater and becoming content with doing what she was already doing, asorbing as much knowledge as possible. but now, with 2 different SPECIES to deal with, the goal suddenly became much harder. watching every single movie, show, podcast, and reading every book and fan fiction takes not only a insainly long time but also a gruling toll on somebody, and while after realizing that maybe she should take it slow she still doesn't have a great work life balance. but make no mistake, her goal on making a utopia is still her main focus, and she will do everything in her power to do it. oh and due to her poor work/life balance she just sorta.. ripped out her own horns after watching her favorite character die in her favortie anime. she write the action of as her just wanting to seem more opening to humans/trolls with out horns communties.

Accomplishments & Achievements

she is a blackbelt in karate

Personality Characteristics


to instill a new governmet

Likes & Dislikes

everything that has to do with fandom and different cultrues
the desctruction/liminting of peoples speak and the idea of people wanting her dead
24 sweeps
➠Sexual orientation
pan sexual
➠Typing Quirk
she doesn't really have any typing quirk, wishing to have her text be easy to read for all she comes across. she is also known to use outdated slang, which is also reguarly used incorrectly. people can't tell if the mistakes are done ironicaly or nor
➠Original Planet
heir of light


In Person




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