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PM1 pt.27} i h/\ve proof

notoriousVisionary played by Leng, bourgeoisMagpie played by Kiki, abyssalOccultist played by Kiwi, conspiracistAccelerator played by Ghost, fandomloveRr played by SoperPlanet, greatfullNana played by SoperPlanet
NV: heey maan aanyoonee oon thaat knoows shiit aaboouut huumaans?
bourgeoisieMagpie [BM] is no longer idle.
BM: humans? ;)
NV: yeeaah maan yoouu knoow muuch aaboouut eem?
NV: liikee doo thee fluffy oonees liivee iin thee woooods oor soomeethiing?
BM: what are the fluffyyyy ones considered ;)
BM: i have one in myyyy house rn ;)
abysmalOccultist [AO] has begun responding to memo
NV: ii duunoo maan ii juust saaw soomee iin thee woooods aand waas hoopiin theey doont liike liivee theeree
AO: ah humans, I am one of those, well sort of. only my body is human
NV: duudee why yoouu goot oonee iin yoouur hoouusee?
AO: some humans live in the wood, most flock to city's or more crowded places however
NV: shiit maan thaats aa proobleem
BM: how is yyyyour bodyyyy human but not yyyyou ;)
BM: kinnie ;)
NV: heeh heeh heeh
AO: *my body belongs to Cthulhu I don't know what I am but it is most likely a tentacle monster also I have not the slightest idea of what a kinnie is,
BM: kinnie ;)
BM: are the fluffyyyy humans the ones with lots of hair ;)
NV: weell yeeaah buut theey aalso haavee liikee fuur aan taaiils aan shiit
BM: what! ;)
NV: ii duunoo iif thaat maakees eem liikee hiigheer oor looweer thoouugh
BM: do you mean a furryyyy ;)
NV: ii waas juust hooppiin theey doont haang oouut iin thee woooods
NV: aah thaat whaat theeyree caalleed?
BM: i dont think theyyyy do ;)
AO: some do
AO: the forest is much calmer than the city
AO: also what is a kinnie, I know what a furry is but a kinnie
BM: its what yyyyou are ;)
BM: do yyyyou want me to wake up myyyy human ;)
NV: aaree thoosee liikee thee three leeveels oof huumaan? baasiic fuury kiinniiee?
BM: i think so ;) it seems like it from what ive learned ;)
AO: that is not how it works
BM: i think mine is basic ;)
AO: humans only had levels on our planet, furry and basic are just adjectives
NV: aah yeeaah caan yoouu aask iit aaboouut fuurriiees?
BM: i love him even if he is basic ;)
BM: yeah ill wake him up ;)
AO:maybe I am being ignored
NV: looook aaoo iits noot thaat ii doont truust yoouu buut yoouur noot eeveen aa huumaan reeaally
AO: I suppose you are correct but I am surrounded by humans most of the time and I use to be one myself
BM: yyyyou said onlyyyy yyyyour bodyyyy is human ;)
BM: yyyyou said yyyyou were a kinnie, it would be like askin' a fuschiablood about rustblood problems ;)
AO: yes my mind use to be one as well until I heard the call
NV: liikee doo theey traaveel iin paacks? ii saaw oonee buut iit waas aall aaloonee iin thee woooods aallmoost haad aa baad tiimee
AO: first off I still don't know what a kinne is. Also no not all humans travel in packs. I suppose packs aren't really even considered. A lot of humans do things on their own, I just am around a lot because they worship Cthulu like me
BM: hold on im waking up myyyy human ;)
NV: ii oonly eeveer seeee eem iin grroouups
NV: ii try aan aavooiid eem thoouugh
CA: /_\ hum/
expert here. /\ nothing here is true. /_\

CA: /_\ they tr/\vel in packs. /\ to pick off lone trolls. /\
CA: /_\ if you /\re /\lone with /\ hum/
. /\ you /\re in immense d/
ger. /\ flee or dispose of them /\s/\p. /_\

AO: what that isn't true
FandomloveRr [FR] has began responding to the memo
FR: none of the above things about humans are true
AO: trolls are way worse than humans in that regard
FR: they arent pack hunters nor are they pets.
NV: huumaans aaree weeaak aas fuuck theey goottaa goo iin groouups juust too liikee liivee oor soomeethiin
BM: myyyy human has answered me ;)
BM: furryyyy is just an adjective not a ranking same for kinnie ;)
CA: /_\ hum/
we/\kness is /\ deception. /\ strong /\s /
y violetblood in reality. /_\

AO: that is also false where did you get any of this information
FR: while i do enjoy reading the ficticious and humours things you said humans do, i must step in and say that it isnt true.
FR: well, yes. in the past before they became a civilized society they where group hunters, staying close together to better catch pray is what they did before, but they dont really hunt anymore. well some do, but they usually get their food from farms other humans have made. they are social and usually enjoy talking to others much like us
NV: uuh suuree maan teell thaat too thee oonees thaat... eer.. yoouu knoow nm yoouur riight theeyree liikee beeaasts iim soo scaareeed iin thee woooods aaloonee whaat iif theey geet mee iin my sleeeep oor soomee shiit lool
BM: theyyyy probablyyyy won't, myyyy human is a wimp ;)
AO: you have suddenly changed your opinion NV what is the meaning of this
CA: /_\ you c/\ll truth ficticious and humorous. /\ yet you t/\lk /\bout human history. /\ which is f/\ke. /\ /
d humourously so. /_\

AO: CA is beginning to get on my nerves, in fact so is this whole memo
CA: /_\ hum/
s /\re out to get trolls. /\ they will lie to get wh/\t they w/
t. /_\

NV: ii duunoo maan why ii doont waanaa deeaal wiith huumaans iis my buusiinees riight? wheeree caan ii goo thaat theey woont bee rooaamiing aaboouut all daay
AO: nowhere really
CA: /_\ we /\re s/\fe in the forests. /\ /
d c/\ves. /_\

NV: shiit
AO: since when
NV: duudee ii juust raan iintoo aaa fuurry iin thee foorreest
CA: /_\ they know we /\re strong together. /\ so they pick us off. /\ /\lone. /\ hide from cities. /\ st/\y with confirmed trolls. /\ w/\tch the skies. /_\
AO: if you want to avoid humans I would say the beyond is illegal to roam there I believe
BM: what do yyyyou do if yyyyour human is in a bad mood ;)
AO: this is ridiculous, either CA is a complete baboon or they are fucking with us. I would also like to say BM humans like FR said are not pets
CA: /_\ get rid of it. /\ not /\ fun pet. /\ its a wild cre/\ture. /_\
NV: uuh feeeed iit? ii duunoo maan aask iit
BM: he's mine and yyyyoure just jealous ;)
BM: im tryyyying to give him nyyyyquil ;)
CA: /_\ i would never be je/\lous. /\ i /\m /\bove th/\t. /_\
AO: He isn't yours unless he's agreed. Why are you trying to give him nyquil?
BM: hes mine ;)
BM: i think hes sick ;)
CA: /_\ /\lso hum/
pets /\re /\ lie. /\ in re/\ity you /\re their pet. /_\

BM: if so hes a terrible owner because he hasnt offered me nyyyyquil once ;)
CA: /_\ they /\re just toying with you. /\ like /\ purrbe/\st with /\ grub. /_\
AO: you don't have any idea what you are talking about CA
AO: coming from a use to be human don't listen to their bullshit
greatfulNana [GN] began responding to the memo
NV: duudee noonee oof thiis heelps mee aavooiid fuurys
CA: /_\ you used to be hum/
. /\ how. /\ did you esc/\pe. /_\

GN: i must say, CA is speaking the truth
AO: ugh
AO: now they are NOT
CA: /_\ yes. /\ i /\m gl/\d there is believers. /\ in the memo. /_\
GN: us humans can and will destroy any troll that bothers us! bether not mess with us
AO: sure humans can be dangerous but trolls are much worse
CA: /_\ GN is correct. /\ do not inter/\ct. /\ ce/\se /\ll cont/\ct with hum/
s. /_\

greatfulNana [GN] has ceased responding to the memo
BM: no ;)
NV: reegaardlees oof woorssee oor beeteer hoow doo ii keeep theem aawaay froom mee?
AO: I suppose you just walk away from them?
NV: whaat iif ii caant? shiit yeeaah ii meeaan noormaally suuree buut soomeetiimees yoouu caant riight?
CA: /_\ there is m/
y methods. /\ to remove hum/
s. /\ fighting is possible if they /\re cornered. /\ not recommended. /\ could h/\ve b/\ckup. /_\

NV: ii doont liikee waanaa fiight noothiin
CA: /_\ you could blend in. /\ pretend you /\re one with them. /\ then esc/\pe when ch/
ce is given. /\ find b/\ckup. /_\

CA: /_\ they h/\ve m/
y we/\knesses. /\ but /\re /\lw/\ys evolving. /_\

AO: tell them to go away I don't know
AO: go out durning the night
CA: /_\ if you h/\ve /
y pe/
uts. /\ th/\t is de/\dly to them. /_\

NV: iif ii goo oouut aat niight ii ruun iintoo troolls
CA: /_\ trick them into e/\ting it. /\ by s/\ying it is /\ delicious. /\ "corn sn/\ck". /_\
CA: /_\ running into trolls is good. /\ th/\t is the go/\l. /_\
AO: what in the hell CA where did you find this info!
CA: /_\ reput/\ble liter/\ture. /\ person/\l rese/\rch. /_\
AO: what literature?
CA: /_\ /\lern/\tive /\lterni/
history. /\ upd/\ted post merge edition. /_\

NV: ruunniing iintoo troolls iis noot my gooaal iits liikee theerees noo wheeree ii caan goo aat aany tiimee thaat ii woont ruun iintoo peeooplee
AO: CA you are just incorrect and so are your books
AO: also I am not sure NV
AO: there are probably few of anyone underground but I often tread there and still see people
NV: oonee thiing ii miiss aaboouut aalteerniiaa coouuld geet soomee aaloone tiimee
CA: /\ i know these books /\re correct. /\ /
d i /\m /\lso. /\ correct. /\

AO: could you not go to your residence and then only come out in the day when most people aren't there
AO: CA no you are not humans are not dangerous
CA: /_\ yes they /\re. /\ ive seen it myself. /_\
CA: /_\ they're de/\dly. /\ they w/
t us de/\d. /\ why /\re you buying into hum/
d/. /_\

AO: and do you know how many trolls I've seen slaughter their own kind. During The Merge everyone killed everyone but even after that I see trolls killing each other based on only the color of their blood
AO: I am not playing into propaganda, I lived on earth I know what humans are like. Trolls are 100 times worse
CA: /_\ do you not think. /\ th/\t is the hum/
s f/\ult? /\ bec/\use it is. /_\

CA: /_\ hum/
s w/
t us divided. /\ so we dont see the true enemy. /\ them. /_\

AO: Trolls did that to themselves, humans had no part in it
NV: duudee looook iim noot heeree foor yoouu too juust caall shiit aalriight fuuck ii knoow iim shiit buut theerees liikee noo beeteer oor woorsee aas aa whoolee
AO: well it isn't my fault that CA has come on and coded an entire species as evil
CA: /_\ ridiculous. /\ cr/\ckpot theories. /_\
AO: so of they are going to do it why shouldn't I
CA: /_\ w/\it did you s/\y you /\re from e/\rth. /_\
AO: yes I am from earth you bafoon
CA: /_\ you /\re not /\ troll. /_\
BM: ew ;)
CA: /_\ you /\re /\ hum/
. /_\

AO: no i am a tentacle monster at heart at least
AO: I am in the body of a human however
CA: /_\ ok. /\ th/\t expl/\ins /\lot. /\ f/\ker. /_\
NV: hoows yoouur huumaan bm?
AO: faker? good Cthulhu I never said I was a troll
CA: /_\ this is the troll memo. /\ for trolls to t/\lk. /\ to trolls. /\ without hum/
s /_\

NV: ii duunoo why ii thoouught aaskiing foor aadviicee heeree waas aa gooood iideeaa buut aatleeaast iim iinteertaaiineed
AO: I am done with this childish fucking banter.
CA: /_\ NV is you w/
t more /\dvice. /\ just /\sk. /\ i know much more. /\ but this memo m/\y be compromised. /_\

BM: did someone sayyyy childish banter ;)
abyssalOccultist [AO] has ceased responding to the memo
CA: /_\ /\O did. /\ three messages /\go. /_\
BM: pussyyyy ;)
NV: lool suuree caa teell mee aall yoouu knoow
NV: yoouur huumaan stiill aaliivee bm?
CA: /_\ i /\m gl/\d you wish to educ/\te yourself. /\ first. /\ you must underst/
d "hum/
s" /\rent re/\l /\s we know them. /_\

BM: not sure ;)
CA: /_\ hum/
s /\re /\ctu/\lly mut/
ts with their horns sh/\ved down. /\ by the empress. /\ who is /\lso /\ mut/
t. /_\

NV: pookee iit iif iit wiigglees yoouur dooiing aa good joob aand iits stiill aaliivee
NV: thaat soo maan? hoowd yoouu fiiguuree iit oouut?
CA: /_\ intense rese/\rch. /\ secretive sluething. /\ d/
gerous detective work. /_\

NV: aaree yoouu liikee aa suupeer spy oor soomee shiit?
CA: /_\ but it is /\ll worth it. /\ for the truth. /\ which is the only thing th/\t m/\kes sense. /_\
CA: /_\ /\ll i /\m. /\ is /\ concerned troll. /\ with the skills to s/\ve /\lterni/, /_\
NV: yeeaah maan tootaally buut aalteerniiaa iis liikee goonee aan shiit riight?
CA: /_\ th/\ts wh/\t they w/
t you to believe. /\ but i dont believe. /\ i believe in the truth. /\ which th/\t is not. /_\

CA: /_\ the merge is yet /
other trick. /\ to keep trolls supressed. /\ it is /\s f/\ke /\s hum/
s. /\ /
d the moon. /_\

NV: heeh heeh heeh
NV: goog ii wiish soomee neerd woouuld geet oon riight noow ii waanaa seeee thaat shiit goo doown
NV: soo liikee ii goot oonee queestiioon maan
CA: /_\ i /\m willing to /
swer. /\ /
y queries or questions. /_\

NV: thaanks maan soo whaats thee deeaal wiith thee suun riight? iits liikee leess suunliikee noow
CA: /_\ im gl/\d you /\sked. /\ th/\t is bec/\use they /\re dr/\ining our sun. /\ of its energy. /_\
CA: /_\ it /\lso is to hurt trolls. /\ /\s hum/
s c/
survive in sunlight. /\ m/\kes it seem like trolls c/
too. /\ but this is /\ trick. /\ the sun is poisonous. /\ do not go outside in d/\ylight. /_\

CA: /_\ the ide/\ it is /\ different sun. /\ is /\ cover up. /\ /\s usu/\l. /_\
NV: aah thaanks maan iim tootaally noot gooiing oouut iin iit noow
CA: /_\ good. /\ s/\fety is my number one priority. /\ troll s/\fety th/\t is. /\ i hope hum/
s /\re uns/\fe. /_\

NV: soo liikee yoouu doont thiink muutaants coouunt aas troolls?
CA: /_\ they discount themselves. /\ by c/\lling themselves hum/
. /_\

NV: aah soo liikee whaat iis thiieer plaan foor uus?
CA: /_\ they w/
t us /\ll de/\d. /\ but they /\re not strong enough. /_\

CA: /_\ they know if they reve/\l themselves. /\ we will b/
d together. /\ /
d defe/\t them. /_\

CA: /_\ so they st/\y in hiding. /\ m/
ipul/\ting us from the sh/\dows. /_\

CA: /_\ /\s they h/\ve done for thous/
ds of sweeps. /\ since before the merge. /\ which is still fake. /_\

NV: waaiit waait hoow doo ii knoow yoouuree noot oonee oof theem?
CA: /_\ i h/\ve proof. /_\
CA: /_\ how do i. /\ send proof over the memo. /_\
NV: ii duunoo maan yoouur looookiing preety suuspeect riight aaboouut noow
CA: /_\ it is good you /\re being c/\utious. /\ but not to me. /\ i /\m not suspect. /\ i /\m /\cting suspect. /\ but. /_\
CA: /\ i /\m completely inhum/
. /\ i /\ m the most troll. /\ not hum/
. /\

NV: woouuldnt aa huumaan saay thaat too luuree mee oouut? tryiing too triick mee wiith thee ool my troolliiaan woont leet mee seend piics soo seend mee yoouur coords too proovee iit iin peersoon
CA: /_\ i /\m uncomfort/\ble. /\ sending coordinates. /\ on /\ compromised public memo. /_\
CA: /\ hum/
s could see it. /\ find me. /\ im/\lready in enemy territory. /\

CA: /_\ oops. /\ s/\id too much. /\ ignore that. /\ if you /\re hum/
. /_\

NV: duudee froom whaat ii caan teell theeyree eeveery wheeree noo wheeree iis saafee
CA: /_\ there is s/\fe spots. /\ hidden where they don't go. /\ here is not th/\t. /\ i/\m in their hub. /\ where they flock. /_\
CA: /_\ they do not go in the forests. /\ the c/\ves. /\ the b/\dl/
ds. /\ or the oce/
. /\ though se/\dwellers /\re just /\s b/\d. /_\

CA: /_\ but i /\m not there. /\ i /\m in the hub of the city. /\ where they sw/\rm. /\ in /\ government building. /_\
NV: braavee maan uunleess yoouu aaree oonee ii guueess
CA: /_\ /\s i /\m /\ troll. /\ th/
k you. /\ i t/\ke my life into my h/
ds e/\ch night. /\ your welcome. /\ troll kind. /_\

NV: ii guueess soomeeoonees goottaa doo iit
NV: woont bee mee foor suuree
CA: /_\ for now i will. /\ but somed/\y every troll must rise up. /\ to t/\ke b/\ck our pl/
et. /\ /
d /\fter th/\t we c/
t/\ke it b/\ck /\g/\in. /_\

CA: /_\ i c/\ll on /\ll trolls. /\ who believe my words. /\ which /\re true. /\ to come see me /\t my spe/\k st/\tion. /\ /\t midnight every other d/\y. /\ in the p/\rk. /\ the truth will be he/\rd. /\ on /\ semi d/\ily b/\sis. /_\
NV: iill leet aall my friieends knoow maan
CA: /_\ yes. /\ it will be good. /\ to h/\ve /
/\udience. /\ of trolls. /\ /
d not just hum/
s. /\ mocking me. /_\

NV: hoopeefuuly theeyll fiind thee riight plaacee
NV: iif theey doont shoow iits saafee too aassuumee theey beeeen coomproomiiseed
CA: /_\ w/\it. /\ how do i know th/\t they wont be compromised. /\ even if they show up. /_\
NV: weell theeyree noot coompriimissed noow buut whoo knoow whaat coouuld haapeen too theem maakiing iit aall thaat waay
CA: /_\ do you know /
y uncompromised trolls. /\ in the city? /\ who wouldnt h/\ve to tr/\vel. /\ very f/\r. /_\

CA: /_\ /\lso /\s st/\ted previously on the memo. /\ i /\m l/\cking /\ hive. /\ which i need. /\ to live. /\ /
d more importantly continue my work/_\

NV: naa maan iif theeyree iin thee ciity iits toooo laatee
NV: yoouur thee oonly ciity trooll ii knoow thaats noot coomproomiizeed
NV: aassuumiing yoouur noot
CA: /_\ i dont think i re/\lised. /\ how f/\r into enemy territory i w/\s. /\ this is b/\d. /\ very b/\d. /_\
CA: /_\ unsure how to proceed. /\ c/
not le/\ve my post. /\ or my m/\il job. /\ but theres hum/
s everywhere. /_\

NV: duudee yoouuree soo fuuckeed
CA: /_\ you re/\lly think i /\m. /\ um. /\ f----ed? /_\
NV: iits tootaally poosiiblee maan
CA: /_\ uh oh /_\
CA: /_\ unsure wh/\t to do. /\ never been f----ed before. /\ do not h/\ve loc/\l trolls for b/\ckup. /\ no hive to w/\it in. /\ known troublem/\ker for hum/
s. /\ likely /\ high priority t/\rget. /_\

NV: duudee yoouu goottaa fiind aa hiidiing spoot
SI: I wOuLd ReCOmend sTandIng sTILL
bourgeoisMagpie [BM] is now idle.
CA: /_\ i h/\ve /\ concept. /\ for /\ hiding spot. /\ but i /\m unsure of its str/\tegic v/\lue. /_\
SI: humans Can OnLY see moVIng ThINgs FROm whaT IVe Read
CA: /_\ i c/
confirm. /\ from experience. /\ your source is incorrect. /_\

CA: /_\ st/
ding still does not m/\ke them stop. /\ it m/\kes them st/\re. /_\

NV: heey sii yoouur noot coomproomiiseed why yoouu doont youu leet caa staay wiith yoouu?
SI: I wOuLd... aCTuaLLY..
SI: maYBe he wOuLd nOTICe me Then..
CA: /_\ yes. /\ /
uncompromised hive is wh/\t i need. /\ th/
k you SI. /\ i do not know who would notice you. /\ but if i get /\ recuper/\coon. /\ i will help /
yone notice you. /_\

NV: ii beeteer goo beefoor theey traack mee maan
NV: gooood luuck aan shiit [section:jade]NV: heeh heeh heeh
notoriousVisionary [NV] has ceased responding to memo.


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