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Gran Deliah

Played by Dingo

Gran Deliah (a.k.a. greatfullNana)

[/container] a sweet old soul who just wants some peace and quite sometimes. She is stern when it comes to what she believes is right and would prefer it if you didn't go against then when shes there. When shes around she has an air of someone who is completely at peace with themselves and their place in the world, they know their time is coming soon so they want to leave the world having brought happiness and peace to those they know

Mental characteristics

Personal history

gradma was raised in a normal home the suburban area of the US OF A in Florida, she was thought four basic princiables: never leave home with out a gun, dont do anything illegal that you cant get away with, dont talk to strangers (unless they are hot) and that dont do something unless you see the money first. It was that third rule that allowed her to meet her husband, they feel deeply in love and had children who they raises until the children became adults and had their own children. And during this her and her husband age, and as people do as they age, they die. Her husband died by falling it a ladder while taking down christmas lights which deeply saddened grandma, but didnt paralyze her. She still did what she wanted to do, if anything it sprung her to doing even more once faced with the very likley chance she will die. Then theemerga happened, and instead of her little house she lived in being transported to the big city it wounded up in the.middle of beyond, and so there she was. Trapped in a thick, hostile jungle filled with unknown creatures that want to have her for lunch, in a bad way. instead of curling up in a ball out of fear she decided to make this place her own, protecting her home by placing her husband'machine gun on the roof which he kept incase the apocalypse happened and let every creature in the beyond know she was not some easy pray one bullet th time. When she isnt defending her home she can be found tending to her garden where she decided to begin growing the plants in the beyond, usually those that could also be defensive option to wade off the animals while she sleeps, like poisonous flowers. She is also still sweet, and if she sees that its one of those creatures who has a sentients she wont kill them on sight, instead allowinh them to come inside her house, have a cup of tea, maybe cookie or too. basicly, she treats everyone in the beyond as her children.


being a grandma

Accomplishments & Achievements

good with guns from years of practice of fending for her self in the beyond

Personality Characteristics


to die in her sleep and not in the mouth of a lion.
oh and she has a cat named mr whiskers.

Likes & Dislikes

plants, baking, new people,and cats. Bi
creatures who wish her arm, thieves, richar
➠Sexual orientation
straight but has the mentalility of "I'm to old for that, honey. "
➠Signature colour
a cookie
➠Typing style
she try's to use proper english and is none for using out of fate slang to seem cool
"i am my own guardian."
➠Original Planet
Pre-Scratch Earth


In Person




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