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arsenicCatnip played by Kiwi, twinArmageddons played by Kiwi, gallowsCalibrator played by Jiro, caligulasAquarium played by Dodo, carcinoGeneticist played by Link, cuttlefishCuller played by Jiro, stupidIdiot played by SoperPlanet, enviousCrow played by Roj, greatfullNana played by SoperPlanet, celestialGuardian played by Pierre, collectionsUnit played by Dodo, notoriousVisionary played by Leng, conspiracistAccelerator played by Ghost, blazingSunrise played by Link, syntheticRebirth played by Leng, fandomloveRr played by SoperPlanet,
arsenicCatnip [AC] has begun responding to memo
AC: :33< *ac smiles at all of the activity on the memo and quickly pounces on the nearest fish*
TA: hey ac
AC: *the huntress smiled in the direction of the buzzing bee* hi pawlux!!!!
GC: H1 N3OP3T >:]
CA: im not MAKIN MOVVES on a GOGDAMN TREE its not evven alivve you cant woo a tree it cant speak or muster any sort a reaction to your attempts at flirtin wwith it
CA: i dont havve conflicted romantic feelings for some termite infested bark covvered shithole of a hivve an im sick a evveryone sayin i do
CA: surely you got some other jokes to make here im almost startin to think goin back to havvin evveryone rag on me about my lack a quads wwas better then this
GC: TR33S 4R3 4L1V3 D1PSH1T
AC: :33< *the huntress smiles in redglares direction* hehe hi furrezi!!
AC: :33< *the huntress gently pokes at dualscars eyes* hi purridan!!

CA: quit pokin at my eyes i knoww you got better wways a greetin people
CA: an i knoww theyre livvin in that sense but not the wway that matters

AC: :33< *the huntress smiled and stuck her tongue out at the violet* oh come on purriden play along pleaaaaseeee
TA: ii mean ii 2aw you wiith the tree ed

TA: yeah iit wa2 pretty bad
cuttlefishCuller [CC] has started responding to the memo.
CA: no you did not noww youre really goin out a your wway to try an slander my name makin up stories about wwhat i did
CA: an no im not feelin too keen on your roleplayin right noww not that i evver am but im especially not in the mood wwhen these three dirt snorters are gangin up on me like this
TA: hey ff
CA: oh gog wwhy
CA: wwhy in gogs name do you havve to showw up noww
CC: -Eridan w)(at.
AC: :33< aw come on no fun, *the huntress smiles and pounces on the new purrson that arrived in the chat*
AC: :33< hi fefurry
CC: S)(ello Nepurrta!!! 38)
AC: :33< will you play with me!
CA: fef you got to back me up here theyre sayin i got a flushcrush for rezis hivve again
CC: If i )(ave time to i will!!
CC: I kinda want to sea w)(at -Eridan is on aboat.
SI:I Could AC
CC: W)(ale you do, -Eridan
AC: :33< *the huntress sighs and curls up in the corner of the memo to draw*
SI: ThOugh I haVenT "RP" BeFORe , hOPe ThaT dOesnT maTTeR
AC: :33< *the huntress smiles and gently licks redglares face* thank you furrezi
CA: forget it im not dealin wwith this
CA: i knoww youre gonna keep throwwin this vvile slander my wway but im sure as hell not stickin around just to be the object a all a your collective scorn
caligulasAquarium [CA] is now idle
SI: The gameR aLso PLomPs hImseLF down nexT TOO Fhe hunTRes
TA: iima play 2ome viideo game2 peace out
twinArmageddons [TA] has ceased responding to memo
CC: Aw man.
CC: T)(ere goes two of my favourite fronds. 38(
EC: This memo is chaos.
AC: :33< heheh hi si welcome to the drawing party *the huntress smiles at si*
cuttlefishCuller [CC] has ceased responding to the memo.
EC: Well, aren’t you precious?
EC: I have stayed here the entire time in hopes of seeing others act dumb.
gratefullNana [GN] began responding to the memo
GN: Hello! How has all your days been today? I know mine has been fantastic! My plants are doing quite well
EC: Oh, it seems I forgot to leave.
enviousCrow [EC] has ceased responding to memo.
celestialGuardian [CG] has begun responding to the memo.
CG: i ssuposse i can ssay hello for once in my life sso hello
GN: hello!
GN: its always nice to see people try to become more social you know!

CG: they sshouldnt be ssocial these days
CG: but thatss just me
CG: i rather sstay in my hive to play my gamess
GN: they should though! Being social at a young age is something I wish I did, make more long lasting friends
CG: i could live without it
CG: but each their own you |{now
CG: it be blisss if i could sstay curled up in my hive it would be perfect...
collectionsUnit [CU] has connected to the memo!
collectionsUnit [CU] has ceased responding to the memo
SI: Can we geT a quIRk TRansLaTOR FOR ThaT LasT PaRT?
SI:dO TheY mean PaILs? I ThInk ThaT was suPPOsed TO saY PaILs. BuT mandaTORY PaIL gaTheRIng sTOPPed beIng a ThIng a whILe agO
NV: wtf iis aa paauul theen?
SI:maYBe IT's a OLd ChaT BOT RhaT wasnT deLeTed? ThOugh I'm nOT suRe whY a BOT wOuLd haBe a quIRk, esCPesIaLLY a quIRk ThaT COuLd Pead TO IT BeIng made Fun OF. I guess we wILLl haVe OuR answeR In ROughLY TwO ROTaTIOns.
conspiracistAccelerator [CA] has connected to the memo!
CA: /_\ new proud troll. /\ just moved into city. /\ looking for hive to st/\y /\t. /\ h/\ve noble c/\reer to p/\y bills. /\ no hum/
s. /_\
blazingSunrise [BS] started responding to memo.
BS: sht dude, welcome to the big city
BS: im boutta spit a bitta litty sht to invigorate your ttys
BS: little gritty wit to split your bits out the cockpitty, yuh
BS: sht, every time i hit the skit that shit be fittin like a fighter in a pit, ay
BS: you know what i say
BS: anyway
BS: is it true that no humans are allowed, fck man its about time someone took a stand against those fleshy freaks
CA: /_\ yes. /\ i do not underst/
d. /\ most of this. /\ /\m otherwise gl/\d on your st/
d t/\king st/
ce. /\ gl/\d to see i /\m not the only troll here. /\ who remembers what it me/
s to be /\ troll. /_\
syntheticRebirth [SR] has started responding to memo.
BS: fck yeah man trollkind all the way
BS: i love trolling, its in my disgusting red blood, ya dig
BS: i troll every single day, fck man im trollin right now
BS: not because i can, but because i must
BS: nice triangles by the way, that sht is lookin sharp as fck
SR:~Rotten smelly punks~ ~What you have against humans?~ ~The great Roza asks~
CA: /_\ it is good. /\ th/\t you /\re "trollin" right now. /\ bec/\use you must. /\ troll pride is dying. /\ we must m/\ke it live. /_\
CA: /_\ th/
k you. /\ i do not often recieve tri/
gle complements. /\ unfortun/\tely. /_\
CA: /_\ /\s for you. /\ if you c/
t underst/
d. /\ why someone would be /
ti hum/
. /\ then you /\rent a re/\l troll. /_\
BS: yeah dude clearly youre not a real troll like cmon
BS: any troll worth their slime knows that humans are the real bad guys
BS: bein all not bloodthirsty n sht, its a crime
SR: ~Lovely compliment~ ~But just like your ugly face~ ~Your triangles are shit~
BS: ooooh
BS: okay man ive gotta give one point to the fake troll on that one
BS: your triangles are a little sht
BS: like they dont even have one of the faces
BS: theyre fckn biangles
BS: who the fck ever asked for a biangle
CA: /_\ yes. /\ yes. /\ yes. /\ many right things. /\ s/\id in /\ row. /\ good. /_\
CA: /_\ you however. /\ /\re s/\ying wrong things. /_\
CA: /_\ you cl/\im my f/\ce is ugly. /\ /
d yet. /\ you c/
not see my f/\ce through text. /\ /
other hum/
lie. /_\
SR: ~Stupid and wrong, BS but~ ~You're musically inclined~ ~I give you a pass~
CA: /_\ /
d my tri/
gles. /\ /\re re/\lly good. /\ th/\t we /\ll know. /_\
CA: /_\ w/\it wh/\t. /\ you just s/\id. /\ my tri/
gles /\re good. /_\
CA: /_\ wh/\t h/\ppened /_\
BS: holy sht, guys, the great roza just gave me a pass
BS: dreams really do come true
BS: well yeah man they are good theyre just kinda sht at the same time
BS: its the biangle dichotomy
BS: theyre really fckn wicked biznasty out the rear end, til you start thinkin about em
SR:~I can see your face~ ~it looks like this / \ hahaha~ ~So gross and pointy~
CA: /_\ i do not underst/
d. /\ is it /\ yes or no on tri/
gles. /\ ple/\se /
swer. /_\
CA: /_\ my f/\ce is not /\ tri/
gle. /\ the tri/
gles /\re the symbol. /\ of the re/\l government of /\lterni/. /_\
CA: /_\ you would try. /\ to p/\int it /\s such. /\ /\s ugly. /\ when they /\re cool. /\ hum/
. /_\
BS: yeah human what the fck is up with that
BS: you got somethin against biangles
BS: the audacity of people these days, man
CA: /_\ i forgot /\ line. /\ on one of those tri/
gles. /\ ignore it. /\ i do not know how to fix it. /\ dont let it sour your view. /\ of them. /\ the tri/
gles. /_\
SR: ~Ah your dreams are sweet~ ~Sadly its a one time pass~ ~Next one is full price~
CA: /_\ th/
k you. /\ m/
. /\ however. /\ it is spelt tri/
gle. /\ ignored this until now. /\ i /\sk you to fix it. /_\
CA: /_\ this is /\ memo. /\ for trolls. /\ le/\ve. /\ hum/
. /_\
CA: /_\ however to you. /\ my fellow trolls. /\ /\ssist/
ce is required. /_\
CA: /_\ h/\ve no residence. /\ need shelter. /\ /\g/\in /\sk for help. /\ it will be p/\id. /\ with money. /_\
SR: ~Genetically~ ~To make you suck somewhat less~ ~I will alter you~ BS: sorry dude, ive already got one wild animal crashin at my place, two is just too much ya dig
BS: but its all good, looks like the great roza is about to cast a magic spell on you or somethin
BS: so you wont have to worry about a thing
SR:~Magic's for wigglers~ ~I'm going to hunt you down~ ~And science your ass~
BS: oh no i am so scared
BS: syke
BS: im not scared at all, everyone knows science isnt real like cmon man you really think you can get me with that sht
BS: whatre you gonna do, magnetise me
BS: or will it be something else equally fictitious
CA: /_\ let /\ human. /\ /\lter me. /\ th/\t is de/\th. /\ hum/
is trying to mess with thinkp/
. /\ m/\ke me comply. /\ i will not be. /_\
CA: /_\ BS. /\ you dont underst/
d. /\ SR has /
nounced. /\ their intention to kill me. /\ /
d turn me into /\ hum/
liker. /\ which is wh/\t they do. /\ to trolls who dont comply. /\ which i wont. /_\
CA: /_\ you should. /\ be sc/\red. /\ science is re/\l. /\ it h/\s proven that hum/
s /\rent. /\ but. /\ they /\re still d/
gerous. /\ so be sc/\red. /_\
SR: ~You suck, but thanks, CA~ ~Being seen as a human~ ~It brings me great joy~
CA: /_\ you /\re f/\ke. /\ but you're welcome. /_\
SI:IF IT makes YOu FeeL BeTTeR SR, I VIew YOu aS a human
BS: so wholesome, you three warm my bloodpusher
BS: ive gotta go do important troll sht though
BS: you know how it is
BS: peace
blazingSunrise [BS] ceased responding to memo.
SR: ~The greetings are over~ ~So what are you guys up to?~ ~Other than sucking?
SR:~Oh crap gotta go~ ~The nerd is fussing again~ ~Can't handle this much~
~Blah blah blah blah blah~ ~'Stop steeling organs Roza'~ ~What a pester nag~
syntheticRebirth [SR] has ceased responding to memo.
SI:I'm quITe suRe ThaT Is ILLegL.
fandomLoveRr [SR] began responding to the memo
FR: glub glub!!! Hello everyone!!
FR: you know it's a wonder to me that people exist out that that limit themselves to what they can watch
fandomloveRr [FR] has ceased responding to the memo


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