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Quzion Videne

Played by Ghost

Quzion Videne (a.k.a. conspiracistAccelerator)

Quzion is an unapproachable conspiracy theorist who doesn't believe humans exist. They are completely humorless and will get frustrated and confused sarcasm is used on them. They are argumentative, unlikable and also desperately lonely, enough that they will put up with virtually anything just to have someone listen to them and in their deepest dreams, believe them. This makes them extremely loyal to anyone, including strangers they just met, to the point of pestering and annoying until pushing them too far. They have a miraculous ability to be wrong about everything always, they are perceptive enough to pick up on many things others wouldn't but no matter how small they will get the conclusion completely wrong, without exception. They're life lived in isolation has led to a warped understanding of the world, with an ego that assumes it's undeniably right.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up in a cave is standard affair for any wriggler, but Quzion's paranoid lusus never let them leave the hive, giving them a view of the world informed by seeing it only in glimpses. That and an early introduction to conspiracy from their lusus made them believe the alternian government was actually fake and there was no such thing as the empress. They dreamed of leading a revolution and exposing this lie until the merge happened and they quickly had to shift their worldview to fit it. They now were convinced of alternia making up the concept of the 3 other planets and their inhabitants for a shadowy bid of power. They mostly push this lie on the idea that humans are just painted trolls with shaved off horns. They have never met or spoke to a human. Due to a recent unfortunate incident involving a poorly planned tunnel and a stack of particularly thick alternative history books their lusus has recently died, causing them to finally be able to move towards their dream, by leaving their roots behind and moving to the city to confront "humanity".



Accomplishments & Achievements

Trained in sneaking around and hunting by lusus, but never put in practice. Surprisingly good at gathering evidence, terrible at putting it together

Personality Characteristics


To unveil humans as a sham by the alternian government, undo the merge somehow and return alternia to what it once was, and then after that take down the government of new old alternia for being corrupt

Likes & Dislikes

Cryptids that may or may not exist, Exposing deep government conspiracies, Stamp collecting
Comedy, Being wrong, Humans
8 and a half sweeps
None of your business.
➠Sexual orientation
Bite me.
Olive Blood
➠Typing Quirk
/_\ "a" repl/\ced by /\ . Sentences punctu/\ted by tri/
gles. He/\vy use of punctu/\tion. Short sentences. /_\
Giant mole that was protective and reclusive, deceased
➠Original Planet


In Person




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