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PM1 pt.28} zocial madderz

stellarStardust played by Deku, conspiracistAccelerator played by Ghost, origamiChamber played by Leng, bourgeoisMagpie played by Kiki, categoricalSavant played by Leng
stellarStardust [SS] started responding to memo.
SS: am i interrupting anything?
origamiChamber [OC] has started responding to memo.
CA: /_\ just troll t/\lk. /\bout troll issues. /\ /\ between trolls. /\ which you /\re. /\ correct? /_\
SS: i'm not a troll! if i were, i'd be a pretty funny looking one! :B
OC: pardon my asking. buty fisy memo, isy ity still a PLEASANT place?
SS: i hope so.
CA: /_\ oh. /\ you /\re hum/
. /\ /\re you both hum/
. /\ it is likely. /_\

CA: /_\ well do not worry. /\ this is /\ ple/\s/
t pl/\ce for hum/
s /
d trolls. /\ no need to scroll up. /_\

OC: i.. i'm sorry i can noty answer faty. ity isy too personal. PLEASE do noty be mady.
OC: i am so so so very sorry
CA: /_\ it is fine. /\ this is fine. /\ it is fine hum/
s /\re in /\ troll memo. /\ for trolls. /_\

CA: /_\ i /\m in f/\ct /\ hum/
/\lso. /\ isnt th/\t nice. /\ th/\t were hum/
s /
d not trolls /_\

OC: fanky you so so so very muchy. your KINDNESS isy so so so very APPRECIATED
SS: i think you shouldn't feel bad about what species you are, because no matter what, you're a unique character in your own story.
CA: /_\ yes. /\ yes. /\ i /\gree with th/\t sentiment. /\ but bec/\use we /\re /\ll hum/
s. /\ do we h/\ve /
y hum/
problems to discuss? /_\

CA: /_\ some issue /\ troll wouldnt know /\bout. /\ /
d we hum/
s. /\ wouldnt w/
t them too? /_\

CA: /_\ do not worry. /\ it is s/\fe to discuss such things here. /\ you /\re /\mong friends. /\ /
d /\llies. /_\

OC: oh isy fisy a ferapy memo? i am so so so very RELIEVED.
SS: if you're trying to get at something i don't really understand... humans don't really have the big fancy tradition and status quo trolls do. we're kinda lazy compared to them when you think about it.
SS: imagine being born and told you had the power to rule the world, but first you had to kill someone? i don't think i could do it.
bourgeoisMagpie [BM] is no longer idle.
CA: /_\ but we do m/
y things. /\ they dont underst/
d. /\ /
d surely we h/\ve secrets. /\ let us discuss those. /\ /\s if this is /\ "ther/\py". /_\

BM: that's easyyyy ;)
BM: if someone gotta die for yyyyou to be rich ;)
BM: it seems like an obvious choice ;)
BM: the onlyyyy people i wouldn't kill ;)
BM: are myyyy friends ;)
OC: oh deary. fisy... i can noty talky about fisy.
OC: i am so so so very sorry.
OC: i have noty gotten faty far in my recovery
SS: it would be that simple for you? I guess i'm just more socially aware than others. regardless, we should honor oc's request and drop the topic.
CA: /_\ i do not underst/
d. /\ hum/
s love killing. /\ do we not? /\ we w/\tch it on our tvs. /\ killing to get /\he/\d just m/\kes sense? /_\

OC: i do noty wanty to control fe conversation.
OC: i will come backy when fe chaty is at my level
BM: since when were yyyyou human ;)
CA: /_\ no it is /\lright. /\ you do not h/\ve to le/\ve. the ch/\t is /\t your level now. /_\
BM: yyyyou weren't like an hour ago were yyyyou ;)
OC: i am still far to beneaf fe level of fis chaty
CA: /_\ BM you should stop. /\ spe/\king. /\ you could get people hurt. /_\
SS: you can leave if you need to, oc.
CA: /_\ how do i send /\ priv/\te mess/\ge. /\ to tell BM to stop. /\ one no one else c/
see. /\ one no hum/
s c/
see. /_\

OC: fanky you so so so very much for UNDERSTANDING steller startdusty
SS: add them to your friends list and click on their name
BM: i have dms off i think ;)
BM: whats wrong ;)
CA: /_\ but we /\re not friends. /_\
origamiChamber [OC] has ceased responding to memo.
CA: /_\ sorry OC. /_\
SS: talking about killing could make anyone uncomfortable. that was pretty rude.
SS: what if that was a little kid?
BM: again who lets a kid on here ;)
CA: /_\ sorry. /\ but you brought it up. /\ w/\s killing on your mind? /\ for some hum/
re/\son? /_\

BM: i feel like i sayyyy this every other dayyyy ;)
SS: murder is mostly a troll thing.
BM: well thats not right ;)
BM: that's just speciesist ;)
CA: /_\ we s/\y th/\t to trolls. /\ but re/\lly. /\ on e/\rth where we /\re from. /\ /\s hum/
s. /\ we did /\ good bit of murder. /_\

SS: that is true. there are some messed up humans, but on earth you didn't get killed if you said a rich person had a stupid haircut.
BM: henryyyy viii ;)
BM: did yyyyou forget the entiretyyyy of england's monarchyyyy ;)
SS: i meant in the modern day world, when people didn't do drugs to cure toothaches.
CA: /_\ engl/
d. /\ /\re they our upper c/\ste? /\ simil/\r to /\ troll highblood. /_\

BM: shouldnt yyyyou know ;)
BM: since yyyyoure ;)
BM: human ;)
BM: or so yyyyou sayyyy ;)
CA: /_\ i /\m hum/
yes. /\ th/\t h/\s been s/\id. /\ /
d is still true. /\ i simply. /\ forgot. /_\

SS: england is a place
BM: whyyyy did yyyyou decide to be human todayyyy ;)
categoricalSavant [CS] has started responding to memo.
SS: hello! :B
CS: Yez, hello.
CA: /_\ i did not. /\ decide /
ything. /\ i w/\s born this w/\y. /\ i did not choose to be hum/
. /\ or w/\s chosen by the empress to pretend to be hum/
. /\ i w/\s born. /\ on e/\rth. /\ this w/\y. /_\

BM: yyyyeah ok sure ;)
SS: i'm sorry for doubting you, but you don't seem human.
BM: woah that's a shocker ;)
CA: /_\ th/\t is rude. /\ never s/\y /
ything like th/\t /\g/\in. /_\

CS: Iz dhiz zome zord ov jame?
BM: can't believe someone wouldn't think yyyyou weren't a human ;)
SS: :(
BM: gee ;)
CS: I am nod very jood ad jamez, unvordunadly. Unlezz dhey are medical drivia jamez, I zubboze.
CA: /_\ why is everyone. /\ being me/
to me. /\ /\bout being /\ hum/
. /\ which i /\m. /\ which is /\ re/\l thing. /_\

CS: Zo i zubboze I will jzud obzerve?
CA: /_\ this is no g/\me. /\ it is very serious. /_\
BM: can we playyyy a medical trivia game ;)
CS: Oh, in dhad caze I abbolojize, I zubboze.
CA: /_\ we c/
t/\lk /\bout. /\ our medic/\l trivi/\ /\bout hum/
s. /\ th/\t sounds like fun. /_\

CA: /_\ first question. /\ wh/\t c/
kill /\ hum/
? /_\

CS: Knowinj I will win doez lower dhe allejed 'vun' in zuch an endevor.
SS: um, a lot of things?
SS: mostly weapons and poison and stuff.
SS: we're a bit fragile compared to trolls
CA: /_\ list /\s m/
y /\s possible. /\ of these. /\ to win. /\ the g/\me. /_\

CS: Yez dhey are zuzebdable do many dnajerz.
CA: /_\ very interesting. /\ if you give me more ex/\mples. /\ you will win /\ prize. /\ by winning the g/\me. /_|
CS: I would radher lizd wayz do zave beoble vrom deadh. Dhad iz much more challanjinj.
CA: /_\ i would r/\ther. /\ you list we/\knesses. /_\
SS: mostly stuff like stab wounds to the heart like you see in horror movies
CS: I am mozd vamilar widh dhe wayz dhier bodiez can kill dhemzelvez.
SS: yes, that too
SS: gosh, the theme here today seems to be death. i came here to cheer myself up...
CA: /_\ wow. /\ le/\rning /\lot. /\ but if we h/\ve so m/
y we/\knesses. /\ why /\re we so strong? /_\

SS: strong? i couldn't even win a snowball fight :(
CS: My abbolojiez Zdarduzd, I waz nod awear. I am here becauze I muzd be vor adleazd a vew more momendz do vulvill my zocilizadion cuoda zed by my luzuz.
SS: it's nice that you have someone to encourage you to get out more often.
CS: I zubboze, dhoujh I don'd enjoy id. Id iz bard ov a healdhy livezdyle, alledjedly.
SS: it very much is! i know from experience, talking to people helps a lot
CS: I've jodden do dalkinj and ruined dhe jame. I am nod well verzed in 'cazual' converzadion.
SS: if it helps, i don't really talk to anyone but my boyfriend, plus a couple other people. nobody even notices me much, so it saves me the embarrassment of having to talk to strangers when i'm not prepared!
CS: Embarrazzmend? Why zhould dalkinj be embarazzinj? I underzdand dhe need do be brebared, ad dhe leazd, bud zimbly dalkinj widh odherz, while a chore and a bodher, idz hard do vind whad aboud id could be emberrazzinj.
SS: i... tend to nerd out about books and character roles a lot...
CS: Nerd oud? I'm unvamilar widh dhiz derm. I may need do be educaded on idz.. no waid I do know id. I do believe I've been dold I do dhe zame aboud medical madderz. Condezd zujezdz id iz zimbly havinj knowladje ov, or zbeakinj ezcidedly aboud, zaid dhinjz. Iz dhad correcd?
SS: yeah, the second one!
CS: Ah. I can'd zay I've ever been embarrazzed from zharinj my knowledje or ezijhdmend over zomedhinj. Unlezz I didn'd know zome crudual invormadion aboud id or waz wronj... bud even dhen idz a chance do learn zomedhinj new, or become correcd. Dhad iz how I zee id. I'm curiouz do learn dhe zource and reazon vor dheze veelinjz you ezbrezz. Berhabz we can cure id?
SS: i guess it's just a bit of social anxiety. i was under the impression it happened to almost everyone.
CS: Hrm. I admid I dizlike dealinj widh zocial madderz, dhoujh id iz more dhad I dizlike zbendinj dime away vrom whad I enjoy. Berhabz iv I waz zbeakinj widh zomeone who mijhd wizh do harm me, I would be a bid abrehenzive. Bud, even dhen, I can'd zay I have much in dhe way ov anziedy. Zo do zay dhad id iz unverzal iz incorrecd, dhoujh I can'd conclude which ov uz iz dhe odd one vrom zo zmall a zamble zize.
SS: well, from what i've seen with this memo before, most of the confident types hang out here.
CS: Iv dalkinj izn'd your inderezd, dhen I zubboze beinj convedend in id izn'd very imbordand ad any rade.
SS: oh, i take it i'm boring you?
CS: Yez, mildly, dhoujh I vail do zee why you brinj dhad ub. While I vind dhe idea ov curinj anziady inderezdinj, hardly anydhinj in dhiz memo could hold my addendion vor lonj. My boid iz dhad your inderezda lay in bookz and characderz, do dhey nod? Zo id iz okay do nod have convedence in chaddinj, az lonj az you have id in whad you do vind inderezdinj.
SS: i do this thing where i assign character roles to real life people. it makes it easier to talk without going on about my interests.
CS: Ah, hrm, I have nod dired dhad. Berhabz azzinjinj beoble az microbez would make dhem mor inderezdinj. Whad are characder rolez, and how doez one jed azzijned dhem? I'm curiouz how dhiz workz, zo dhad I mijhd vind an abblicadion ov id myzelv.
conspiracistAccelerator [CA] is now idle.
SS: well, obviously my boyfriend is a gorgeous prince. my best friend is a strong, assertive knight, and i'm.... a background character.
CS: Hrm... I'm nod doo vamilar widh liderary madderz.. Iz dhad zimilar do a zby? I abbolojize vor my lack ov knowladje in dhiz realm. I will have do do more rezearch iv I am do underzdnad, and I'm unzure iv I wand do zbend dhad much dime on dhe madder. I will, ad dhe elazd, azk Rozali when zhe redurnz. Zhe haz a bazzinj inderezd in lidderadure I believe.
SS: a background character is one of the people in the crowd, not important to the story at all. faceless, nameless asset, only there at all to set the theme for the main character. like a cardboard cutout, sort of.
SS: i'm just not that interesting.
CS: Ah, I dhink I underzdand, you zubbord odherz. An accebdable inderezd, I zubboze. Id izn'd medical, ezacdly, zo I can'd jive id much braze, bud id doez zeem uzevul. Uzuvulnezz iz dhe mozd imordand cualidy anyone could have, avder all.
SS: agreed! although, i'm not much help to people. i guess in a dire situation i could serve as a meat shield? i'm also a little naive, so i always fall for pranks.
CS: I doubd dhey would have you around iv you had no uze do dhem, bud you know your ziduadion bedder dhan I. I am nod a van ov maliziouz humorz myzelv, my luzuz vindz all manner ov dime do bull dhem, id iz ezedinjly obnoziouz.
SS: hehe! i'm dating the prank master. every time i see him i'm either in on it or a hapless victim.
SS: :B
CS: I zee, reladionzhibz. Beoble alwayz do odd dhinjz vor reladionzhibz, zuch az zubjecd dhemzelvez do jabez and jezdz. Idz radher unzijhdly iv you azk me, bud iv id iz zomedhinj you enjoy... dhojuhd I can'd zee how, I zubboze dhere iz liddle I can do.
SS: unsightly things are sometimes really fun y'know! i get where you're coming from, though. i'm just happy to be spending time with him, honestly.
SS: fun is also really subjective!
CS: Yez, dhad iz drue, I zubboze. Or elze everyone would be jrowinj zdemcellz.
SS: stem what?
CS: Cellz. Zdem Cellz. You zee everydhinj iz made ov cellz, or.. well nod everydhinj, everyone. Everyone around you iz made ov amny zordz ov cellz. Zdem cellz are inderezdinj dhoujh az dhey broduce all odher zordz ov cellz iv jiven dhe correcd indrucdiionz! Inzdead ov zimbly devidinj ndo mroe ov dhemzelvz and dhen dieinj. I vind dhem very ezcidinj do jrow, endlezz bozzibilidiez awaid widhin dhem!
SS: cool! i'll have to look that up later. internet explorer is really slow :(
CS: Id iz cuide enjoyable. I vind id very zad more beoble don'd dake inderezd in dheze zordz ov dhinjz, id would make joininj memoz much mroe enjoyable. I have been ezberamendinj widh human neuronz az ov lade az well. Dhey are radher adabdive, dhoujh adhearinj dhem do circudry can be dricky, id iz radher rewardinj az well. Dhoujh, I do admid I have a zovd zbod vor zdem cellz dhad can nod be reblaced or reblicaded.
SS: i like hearing people talk about their passions. it's reassuring that i'm not the only one :B
CS: I encuraje you do dalk mroe aboud your own, id iz how you vind beoble widh zimilar inderezdz. I don vind much value in mozd reladionzhib, bud havinj zomeone you can dalk do aboud iz rewadinj, even iv only in dhe vacd you may learn more aboud dhoze dhinjz in dhe brocezz. Dhoujh, dhad beinj zaid, I am nod dhad berzon vor you, az I have no inderezd in characderz.
CS: Widh dhad I muzd jo, I have reached dhe dhrezhhold ov zmall dalk I can zdand vor dhe day. Jood luck on your... whadever id iz dhad you do, I zubboze.
categoricalSavant [CS] has ceased responding to memo.


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