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Thresh Tuazmo

Played by Kiki

Thresh Tuazmo (a.k.a. bourgeoisMagpie)

Very two-faced and charming - if you don't pay close attention, he's going to swindle you out of all the money you have. Very talkative and seems very friendly, will act like he's known you your entire life - even if he's known you just for 4 minutes. If called on his tricks, he tends to either flee or get very, very aggressive.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Thick, curly black hair, normally up in a ponytail, has a streak of purple at the front, fairly short and fit, covered in Not Stolen™️ jewelry. Wears the most expensive clothes possible.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Wasn't raised in the best of places - learned how to fend for himself through stealing and scamming for either cash or food. His lusus didn't tend to be around much, leaving him to wander around on his own frequently. Ended up working on his own mostly, but has a few partners in crime, one of them being Zydeca.


con man and urban explorer

Accomplishments & Achievements

Really, really good at talking people into giving away their stuff; it's likely a mixture of chucklevoodoos and him finding a way to get to your core and taking advantage of you.

Personality Characteristics


Getting as rich as possible. Just being the most expensive troll to exist. Money.

Likes & Dislikes

Having actual friendships, m o n e y ! and jewelry, also super into computers. Surprisingly computer-savvy.
Loud noises and large crowds, feeling trapped, being called out
10 sweeps, 21 years
masc leaning nb. he/it
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
speaks in a manner that is veryyyy slimyyyy. replaces words that end in g with ', ends messages with ;)
ex: "heyyyy pal, how's it goin' up there? ;)"
fox/sheep. more like, a fox in sheep's clothing. no longer alive, but equally as slimy as him . . .
➠Original Planet
Thief of Time


In Person




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