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Streets 5} Ezrane, Thresh, Owen, and Vloume

Ezrane played by Orange, Thresh played by Kiki, Owen played by Kiwi, Vloume played by Leng
They'd been walking together, effectively next to each other, for a while. Both had a considerable amount of teal and what Ezrane realized was in fact purple blood, distributed reasonably evenly. She'd wiped her mouth on a corner of her coat, while Thresh-- as she learned his name-- seemed unconcerned. Fucking clowns, man. The conversation had started up and petered out, multiple times. It was getting to almost a critical mass of awkwardness, and she was considering throwing another punch just to break the tension.[/container]
Thresh was also about 5 minutes from punching her in the face just to break the tension. There was only so many times he could ask about her day, and man his shoulder was killing him. He was already completely over the fight, just looking for the sweet relief of something - anything - to break this horrible awkwardness and just save him.
The time for consideration was over. This was just, too much. Nothing was happening, and somehow that was too much. She had been so ready to fight minutes ago, and now they were just chill? Forget that, what happened to mutual hatred? The (entirely platonic) need to just beat the shit out of your fellow troll, that was definitely a natural thing that everyone felt? Ignoring the pain of opening up the barely-dried scabs running down her arms, she whipped around to lay a hit on Thresh.[/container]
Owen was walking down the street that night not paying attention. In fact he was just complacently out of it and didn't notice either of the people who were walking in front of him. He chewed on his hoodie and as he walked he bumped into Thresh's back. He sumbled back a little "Oh shit dude sorry"
Thresh turned around, his eyes basically glowing with rage. "Hello????" he said, looking like he was about to slaughter the poor kid. His shoulder HURT, man, and now he got bumped, which made the shoulder Hurt Worse.
Unfortunately-- or perhaps fortunately, for the human-- Ezrane's fist connected in that exact moment, with Thresh's face. A nice, meaty punch, landing absolutely wonderfully. She did have to aim upward specifically, considering the height difference (even though Thresh wasn't particularly tall.) Then she noticed the human, who was mostly just, watching everything go down. Oh my.[/container]
Owen's mouth opened as he looked at the two of them. He backed up a couple more steps before looking at his phone "Holy shit I need to tell Zyd about this shit." he blinked again realizing he said that out loud. Owen you fucking idiot why do you always gotta be a big fucking dunce. He was only a little drunk but he was twice the idiot
Barely even surprised that he knew Zyd. Thresh crouched down, holding his nose, which was also now bleeding. "What the fuck, Ezrane?" He then dropped like an overdramatic log, just absolutely Suffering. "Yeah, fuckin tell him. Tell it to get its ass over here now." He is now acting as if he's dying from a broken nose.
"A w c' m on, I kno wyou' renot tha tweak ." Ezrane was vaguely disappointed, reaching her now-bloodied hand down to help Thresh up. While waiting for him to get over it, she looked to the human. "I tho ughty oug uyswe rediu rnal."[/container]
Vloume kept their eyes on the ground as they walked down the sidewalk. They had just been laid off one job and had to leave early, so they had some time before their next one started. But that left a bit of time to pick up trash in the park. That being the destination before hearing a familiar name and voice up ahead.   They froze, not sure how to react, eyes glossing over.
Owen blinked and was very confused and also drunk "I um huh, I mean yeah I was going home to go to bed and shit I was just out late and shit i dunno. and wait you know Zyd??" He looked back and forth to the two of them,
"Ah, fuck you, man. It hurt." He wiped the blood off his nose onto his jacket, which had already been covered in blood anyway, no point in trying to save it. "Yeah, I know Zyd. We're, like. Y'know." He made a diamond with his fingers. "How do you know him?"
Ezrane dropped her arm. Thresh clearly wasn't getting up any time soon, and the human's conversation wasn't particularly interesting. So she looked up, to see if any more people were about to join the party, before freezing. There was a figure off in the distance. A familiar figure. Too familiar. Suddenly she realized she couldn't speak, and was entirely paralyzed. It couldn't be. It could not be. For all the weird shit in Amalgama, the dead did not rise.[/container]
"huh?" Owen didn't really get the quadrent thing so it went right over his head, "But he's not gonna come for me ha" He chuckled nervously. He noticed Ezrane's face and starred at her curiously. "you okay?"
"Damn. I wish it would, I miss that neon fuck.
You all good over there?" He glanced over at the figure, not really.. understanding what she was looking at. "Can you even see who it is? I can't see shit from that far away." He was miraculously over the broken nose.
Ezrane was absolutely not talking, and was in that moment entirely unaware of Thresh and Owen, the pain in her shoulders, or even the damp chill in the air. Ghosts weren't real. They couldn't be real. But then...   Who was that, standing across the street? She began walking, as though in a dream, unable to feel the cool concrete and asphalt under her feet.[/container]
Vloume was struggling with them self. They wanted to turn and run, go on as if they hadn't seen anything. Not think about the past at all, not out here. Not like this.
But at the same time wanting to run forward to embrace in impossibility before them. The reality that couldn't be true but they so desperately wished was.   Unable to do both at once, they instead stayed frozen in place as the choice was made for them.
Owen turned around and watched Ezrane and Vloume. He was not procsessing anything correctly and he started to feel sick from the one to many drinks he'd had that night. everything around him was moving and he was trying to process it all.
" got any more of that stuff, bud? you wanna share?" he asked, watching Ezrane walk towards the silhouette of a troll across the street. "just try not to puke on me, do it on a plant or something."
There almost seemed to be a fog, surrounding the figure. A metaphorical fog. A ~memory~ fog. And they seemed to be made of flesh and blood, just as real as Ezrane herself. She stood, almost 6 feet away, stock still. And waited for the other to make a move. Was this some kind of sick prank? It couldn't be, every detail was there. That had to be Vloume.[/container]
He got that out and he didn't even have time to move before throwing his lunch up on Thresh "aww fuck sorry" He fell on his ass and held his head. Got Owen you lightweight.
"Ezry?" Vloume heard their own voice and finally gathered a bit of awareness, quickly covering their own mouth lest someone hear the name. She couldn't say anything lest she give someone away.   No.. no that time was over.. wasn't it?
". . . V l o u m e ?" And then her face broke into tears, running directly at (and indeed, into) the blackblooded mutant, clutching them as tight as possible with her arm. Now Vloume was going to get teal and purple blood all over themself, too, but we're not concerned about that right now.[/container]
Thresh screeched, once again as if he was getting murdered. Really killing the whole dramatic moment. "All over my sweater AND jacket???? Oh my god!!!!" He took them both off, his life obviously ruined. Now he's just, like, shirtless and angry. Really, really killing the mood.
Vloume stumbled slightly at the force of the hug. They didn't hear the screeching angry purple, nor smell the acidic human bile. What small bit of reality they observed was the warmth of Ezrane's one armed hug.
Finally they moved from their trance and wrapped their arms around their friend and comrade they had been sure they'd lost.
"i'm having that DREAM again."
"N o , no , you 'r e no t, it'smeIswearlookyoucantouchmeandever y t hi ng!" Ezrane was full on crying now, pressing her face against the other's shoulder, sobbing honestly pretty loudly. "Andyou' reback!You'r ehere!You'rereallyhere!" It didn't cross her mind that this could certainly be some kind of plant, or bait for a trap, or anything. Vloume was here! Vloume was alive![/container]
Vloume absently gave Esrane's back a gentle patting, instinctively trying to comfort their precious friend without giving it much thought.
"you're righty.. i-i foughty everyone was..."
"I th ou ghty ouwe regon e , tha t on ly Cy d d y an dI ma de it !" She may have come off slightly less comprehensible than usual, due to the fact that she was absolutely sobbing at that point, still holding the other troll as tightly as she could possibly manage. "H ow a rey ouh e r e n ow ?"[/container]
That caught them off guard. "cy-" they couldn't bring themself to utter anymore names. Even though they'd believed all their group to be dead this whole time, they had refused to give up their names even once. It was hard to just freely utter them now.
"i'm ALIVE." They wheezed, starting to notice something off about the hug. "and so so so very HAPPY to know you are too. and.. " They lowered thier voice, even though not saying anyone's actual name "ᵗᵒᵒᵗˢⁱᵉ ᵗᵒᵒ."   Being fired, again, seemed like such a trivial thing. Learning that Feisty Ezrane and Sweet Cydorn were still alive was the most beautiful information they'd felt they'd ever received.   Oh! But the streets were no safe place to embrace precious friends. Some one might see and take them away again. Their eyes darted around and noticed two figures not to far away. Where they watching? An old fire light up in them briefly, wanting to protect their family from threats, but it quickly went out and was replaced by the numbing coldness that they had grown accustomed to.   "so so so HAPPY."
Ezrane managed to unpry herself from the other troll, sniffling pretty grossly. With yet more teal-tinted tears flowing out of her eyes, she managed a very wobbly smile, just completely overcome with emotion. " H a veyou bee nsaf e? C yd dy andIha vebee ninhi ding , do wn unde rg roun d. A sf ar a sIkn owwe'r eth eonl yones.. . Be side syou !"   If Vloume was here... they must have lived! But then, why wouldn't they have looked for Cydorn and Ezrane and everyone else? Well, of course they must have assumed everyone had died, that made sense. But then how did Vloume themself actually get away? None of it mattered, not right then. All that mattered is that they were alive, and apparently unharmed.[/container]
"oh fey don't know you're ALIVE..." Vloume, on the other hand, wasn't crying, or even making anything but a half pleasant neutral face. Emotions came to them much slower these days. Without thinking about what they were doing they pulled out a handkerchief, spit on it, and absently started trying to clean up Ezrane's face. "fey musty never find out."
She simply let the other troll smudge and wipe away the blood and tears on her face, trying to stop crying so much. "O h , th at' s , goo d ! I cou l dneverrea llybe su re,if they were n't justpla ying somegame of meowb east andsqueak be ast ." Her smile widened a little more, into just a genuine ol' grin, none of the usual bravado or theatricality present. "Y ou , y o uhav e tocom esee Cydd y! He 's goin gtobe so exc ited tosee you !"[/container]
Vloume nodded quietly, "i would LIKE faty so so so very much. i missy you bof wif all me hearty."
They kept up with the face cleaning, and when they were done with that they tried to straiten Ezrane's coat so she wouldn't be cold.
The overwhelming emotion of the whole thing was finally breaking through the numb and their eyes started to water.
Ezrane, at this point having completely forgotten the drunken and drugged antics of the human and purpleblood behind her, nodded eagerly. "I fyou 'renot bei ngwat chedands tuff,but eventhe nIknowh owtoshak eatailan yway ." She was fully smiling now, effectively unable to stop. Vloume was alive! Vloume was alive! Vloume was alive![/container]
"i assume i'm being watched." Vloume's expression darkened slightly. Why else would they be let go? The times changed they were told. Yeah, they didn't buy that. The rage and despair of it all was threatening to bubble back to the surface with these thoughts, but that calming fuzzy numbess prevailed. "i would so so so very heartbroken if i got you.. if i lo.. again..."
They hadn't even gotten to fully feel the joy of seeing Ezrane alive and already the thought of loosing her again was too much to even say aloud.
Owen looked up at thresh nervously "Sorry" he mumbled before he started gagging again. Oh god he should of ate more and drank more water. His stomach made an ugly noise before he leaned over and threw up on the sidewalk beside him.
".. you want some help with that? We should probably get you something greasy." he said, offering his hand to help pull him up, glancing over at Ezrane and Vloume. Probably time for him to leave and let them have their Moment.
Owen slowly took his hand. He held his own head with the other one pulling himself up. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to throw up on you" He mumbled again. He looked even more disoriented after that second throw up.
"It's alright, you're just... intoxicated. C'mon, let's get you some food." he said, leading him towards the city to some sort of fast food restaurant. "You can tell me how you know Zyd."
Ezrane threw her arm around Vloume's shoulder (ow,) leading her down the sidewalk. They'd be taking a strange route, one full of twists and turns, but they would be sure to lose anyone who could possibly be following. And Ezrane, was ecstatic. Vloume. was. Alive.[/container]
Owen nodded, "the bar I was at sells food and it;s like right there" he pointed in it's direction and hummed. He rubbed his head again and looked at Thresh
"oh, really? okay. As long as it's still open." And On They Went . . . to the bar


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