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Owen Harper

Played by Kiwi

Owen Harper (a.k.a. guidedObliteration)

[/container] Owen is an extremely happy go, lucky person and while he is pretty unpredictable in his actions he tends to be an optimist. He always looks for the bright side of any bad situation and tries to come up with helpful solutions. He’s got a lot of love to give and if you’ll let him he’ll give some to you as well. Owen tends to come up with a plethora of horrible ideas to try out and can sometimes be a bit reckless and get himself into trouble. He likes to think he’s able to recognize when his ideas will get him into a bad place but he often doesn’t realize how severe the consequences of his actions will be. He is less aware of his own emotions than he is to those of other people and often cares more about his friends than he does himself.
Extra bits:
He is a himbo without the strength. He is a very dense person a lot of the times but he's a sweetheart (minus the annoyance and bit of crime he commits) Owen doesn't always see a situation for what it is and doesn't always get the hint

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Owen grew up with his older sibling, Ovie, being his main caretaker. His parents died when he was only three years old and his sibling tried their best but an 11-year-old doesn’t make a very good parent. Until Ovie was old enough to get a job they mostly begged for food and lived under park benches and dumpsters. When Ovie was old enough they got a job and were sort of able to support Owen financially but mentally was another story. Owen was a rambunctious child and often got himself into trouble that Ovie couldn’t really handle well. The two of them were really close to each other because of the way they grew up and while Owen tried to listen to their rules he ended up causing problems anyway. He got himself hurt a lot as a teen. He often would get in and out of relationships causing him to have issues with dating as an adult. He wants to be able to have a stable relationship but he isn’t really sure how and not having a stable adult to teach him made that hard. Even with his problems with commitment he still makes a good friend and he’ll be there if someone he cares about needs him. Someone in their apartment started a session that brought them over to the new planet. Ovie and Owen stuck together like glue and ended up making through the bloodshed. They still live together to help with money issues and loneliness issues.


He goes to college but works at a bar on the weekends

Accomplishments & Achievements

Owen is very active and does a lot of sports. He plays basketball and Volleyball in college and is pretty good at both of those. He is also pretty fast and knows how to get away from things.

Personality Characteristics


He isn’t really sure what he wants to do with his life, He picked a random major but has no idea if that's what he wants. He wants to find out what to make of himself.

Likes & Dislikes

silverware particularly spoons, reckless activities, the outdoors, Ovie, spending time with his friends
commitment, stuffy things, feeling confined, pessimistic people
➠Sexual orientation
➠Signature colour
Light orange #F8C663
➠Typing style
He doesn’t always use proper grammar and punctuation and often times he has a lot of run-on sentences.
His older sibling Ovie who made it over with him and they still live together.
➠Original Planet
Rouge of Space


In Person




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