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Night Club 1} Owen, Alex, Zydeca, John

Owen played by Kiwi, Alex played by Riley, Zydeca played by Orange, John played by Jiro
Owen was sitting at the bar bobbing his head to the loud music. He smiled at the bartender when he was handed his drink and he immediately took a sip. He grabbed his drink and hopped off the stood deciding to go see if he could find anyone to hang out with. Owen was here tonight in search of fun. He'd had a looong week and he just wanted to meet some people and have somewhat of a life again. Between school crushing him spending time with Ovie and work he really hadn't had anytime to himself. So he was going to enjoy himself tonight
Alex was sitting all the way across the room from Owen. He wasn’t planning on going to a nightclub tonight but he thought, eh why not it’s something new to try. He took a look at all of the surrounding people in the noisy building and tried to stay distant from anyone that got to close to him. He recently heard that this nightclub was good so he thought he would just try it out. He was just sitting in a chair at a table in the corner of the club, just sketching things as he listened to the music.
Zydeca was performing some actual business for once, as opposed to just waiting for a contact. Showing a client the contents of its bag, incredibly aware of being surrounded by numerous highbloods. If anything were to go wrong, it wouldn't be able to leave this booth without trouble. Maybe a lot of trouble. But for the sake of a lucrative deal, it was willing to take the risk. Why were the bodyguards always indigobloods... Thus far, at least, everything was going well.
John was sitting somewhat near Alex. He had been here once or twice before and had a bit of fun, so he came back. Though it was quite loud, he enjoyed it. He was hoping to make some friends here. He looked over at Alex. Maybe the two could become friends. He walked over a bit, some shyness creeping into him.
Alex looked over at him and pushed up his star shaped sunglasses. He thought, oh he looked nice! Maybe he could make a friend or two tonight maybe because it would be a change of setting in his life. Alex turned over his head to meet the new person “☆heya! what brings you over here☆ His hands were folded in his lap
“oh! hi! uhh i was just trying to make some friends here I guess.” he internally cringed at how awkward he was being. He scratched the back of his head, giving a dorky smile.
Owen spotted Zyd and it's client and curiously walked over deciding that he would see what this troll was up to. He slid over to the table "hey there what's up??"
Alex smiled at John “☆heheh yeah that’s sorta my goal here too. would want to make a few friends before leaving here yknow. that’s what makes things fun☆” He stuck his hand out to John for him to hopefully shake it “☆hey there, i’m Alex nice to meet you pal. what’s your name☆”
John took Alex’s hand, shaking it. “im John nice to meet you! :B making friends is almost always my goal when I’m out somewhere.”
Zyd slid its bag under the table where it was already half-pushed, giving an apologetic smile to the impatient highblood that was its client. Turning to Owen, it was mainly wondering who this person was. Couldn't he tell there was definitely something happening here? There was no point in going on about that, though, not in front of everyone.
"WEll, me and my friend here," it nodded to the highblood, "were just having a conversation. AFter all, we're all here to have fun, right? COuple of drinks, loosen up after a long week." It grinned, too wide, knowing that everything it had just said was bordering the line of believable.
Alex shook his hand for a bit longer until eventually putting it at his side again. He smiled wider “☆so what brings you here this lovely night dude? buncha stars out tonight, they’re always so pretty☆” He sighed “☆too bad i cant always see them in a busy place like this☆”
Owen smiled and looked at him then at the highblood. "Cool then do you mind if I sit? my weeks been hell and I'd love to meet some new people" He took another drink and gave a wide smile to the two of them.
Zyd was in full panic mode. It had to get this deal done, and it could practically feel the surrounding indigobloods breathing down its neck. At least it and the client had the price sorted already. Kicking the bag across the table from below, shooting a glance to the violetblood and her companions, it turned back to Owen. It could definitely handle this. "OF course, feel free to take a seat!" Its voice was almost too cheery, though it was trying to be as welcoming as possible.
The violetblood gave a curt nod, and a hand signal to another member of her party.
Owen being completely oblivious to anything happening slid in beside Zyd. He set his drink on the the table and smiled. "So how is everyone tonight?" he asked setting his hands on the table a big smile still plastered on his face. God he really was an idiot wasn't he. Well no big deal he just wanted to talk right? He was so wrong.
The violetblood-- let's just call her Violet, why don't we, it's an easy name-- smiled ingratiatingly, wondering what the goldblood was up to. There would be no need for humans involved in these proceedings. As long as nothing funny was pulled, though, she was content to move the deal along.
Zyd, for its part, was still working on how to salvage the situation. Might as well just involve this human, maybe he wanted a cut or something. I swear, the one time I don't go through the shop, I get walked in on. Regardless, though. "WE're doing great, buddy, how're you? HOw was your week?"
He smiled and hummed "Oh fucking stressful" He chuckled "Stupid school stuff and work stuff" he tapped the table with his fingers "What about you guys" he looked at Zyd than at Violet
Violet, a character I'm not trying to involve to much for the sake of not breaking any rules, gave a suitably generic answer about busy work life.
Zyd, though, gets real dialogue. "YOu know how it is, work life balance and all." It needed to get this guy's name, at least pretend it knew him.
He nodded and threw back the rest of his drink. He chuckled softly "hell yeah and it is life time if I do say so myself." Owen gave smiles to the both of them once more.
The atmosphere was practically frigid. A true Antarctic winter of an atmosphere. Penguins were freezing. Pigs were flying. Zyd could feel it, despite desperately hammering away at the ice. Something nudged its foot-- its bag. The contents removed, and replaced with the money. At least that was going right. "YOu know it, buddy, life time it is. ANd what brings you to these parts specifically?"
Owen shrugged still not noticing any dirty dealings going on. He was an oblivious twat with barely any brains but he was nice so that's good I guess. "Nothing much I just wanted to have a couple drinks meet some people. What brings you here specifically.
"YOu know, you know, just a night out with some pals. IN all honesty, I gotta get going soon-- IF you wanted to come with me, buddy, we could chat some more!" It could pick up its bag now, leave the club, find out this human's deal. What kind of scam was this? Did he just want some cut?
Owen looked at it for a second before shrugging. "um sure I guess why not" Owen had already payed for his drink so he didn't need to worry about that. He rose to his feet and waited for Zyd
Zyd drew his bag up from under the table, thanked the highbloods for their time, and scooted on out of the booth, Owen in tow. It was mainly guiding him out, somewhat, not choosing to speak until they were outside. At least the deal worked out, regardless of any current issues.
Owen hummed and happily followed Zyd out. He put his hands in his hoodie pocket and smiled "I'm Owen by the way!" He smiled once they were out of the club.
"YEah, and you can call me Zyd. NOw, what's your deal 'buddy.'" They were on an open road now, a few people walking around. So, it would pay to discuss quietly.
"yeah, the stars are kinda nice. i normally sit on my porch and stare at them, but i decided not to tonight." he thought for a second. "wanna maybe.. hang out?" he asked, fidgeting a bit.
His head perked up as he looked at John through his star shaped sunglasses "☆oh yeah of course man! where would you wanna hang out?☆" He said slumping back in his chair clutching his sketch pad
"uhh, we can stay here or like.. my place, maybe. fair warning if we go to my house; my boyfriend might be there cause he's movin in soon." John scratched the back of his head.
He shrugged "☆wherever you wanna go man ill go with you. ive clearly got nothin else to do here. maybe if your boyfriend is moving in soon we should maybe give them some time to set up stuff. but as i said earlier, wherever you wanna go☆"
"hm. do you like to draw? it looks like you do judging from the sketchpad. :B" John said, sounding pretty interested.
He smiled "☆aw heck yeah dude! i love to draw its mostly what i do. i mostly only really draw buildings and planets and stuff but i occasionally do some doodles of some random things. wait! dude stay still ive got an idea☆" He grabbed his pencil from the other side of the table and started to sketch out something. Then when he was done he showed John the finished drawing "☆heeeeere ya go!☆" It was a light sketch of John where he was standing, but it was pretty well done. He added some stars around it just for fun
":0 woah.. that's so cool!! i'm kinda good at drawing. according to my friends that is. i don't think i'm that good at it." John kept staring at the sketch in awe.
He chuckles "☆heheh. wanna keep it? here..☆" He ripped the drawing out of the book and slid it over to John. Hes never really had a person who admired his art that much, it felt pretty good that someone actually liked his art "☆you wanna try?☆" He reached out his hand to give the pencil to John if he wanted
john smiled and took the picture. "yeah, sure i'll give it a try!" john took the pencil and drew some planets surprisingly well for how he described his art skills.
His eyes lit up, even though you couldnt see it from behind his sunglasses "☆aw dude thats sick! i love the way that you draw man. pretty skilled actually☆" He kept on looking at the drawing
john smiled his kinda dorky smile. "thank you!" hearing the compliment made him genuinely happy. :B
He slumped down back in his chair again "☆say, john. youre a pretty cool dude! im glad that i met you here tonight. yo you wanna see something cool that i have☆" He pulled up his bag hanging from the chair onto his lap
"yeah, sure!" John watched what Alex was going to do next curiously. Wondering what the cool thing was.
He pulled a neon glowing space helmet out of the backpack. It was covered in neon purple and pink paint blended together to look somewhat like space. It was glowing a bit in the darkened of the room because he made sure that it was glow in the dark to increase the cool factor. He also added a bunch of glitter and sparkles onto it to make it look more shiny. He also put star stickers on it just for fun. He put it on his head and started doing some jazz hands "☆heheh i love this thing. ive had it for years now and i still think its so cool☆"
":00000000 that's so cool..." John looked at the helmet, again, in awe. He was quite astonished by it. He did indeed find it 'so cool'.
He took it off his head "☆you wanna try it on dude? its pretty sweet. its got neon insides and everything☆" He held it up to his chest waiting for an answer from John
john snapped out of his awe-induced trance. "uhm. sure!" John carefully took the helmet from Alex, putting it on. He looked around the inside of the helmet. "have i mentioned how cool this is!"
He laughs lightly “☆hahah yeah dude you did. i’m psyched that you like it though. i spent a lot of time on it and never really got to show anyone ☆”
john took the helmet off and handed it to Alex. "sorry i'm being such a nerd about it. heh. :B i don't normally talk to people so sorry if i'm awkward. >->"
Alex took the helmet and put it back in his bag “☆don’t worry dude!! it’s totally fine i don’t mind at all. i’m more awkward myself, heheh. it’s just the first time i’ve talked to a person in a while since the people i usually talk to is myself☆” He shrugged jokingly
"i used to normally talk to my friends but we've kinda grown apart. :( i really miss them. i mostly hang out with my boyfriend now." John smiled sadly.
To be Continued...


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