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Zydeca Zacomn

Played by Orange

Zydeca Zacomn (a.k.a. dioramicSpectacle)

Zyd takes pride in aggravating others, crawling right under their skin without having to lift a finger. If you manage to 'pass the test,' and dish it back, Zyd opens right up as a loud, easily excitable troll. If it does manage to seriously piss someone off, it engages almost exclusively in absconding tactics-- it couldn't win a fight for the life of it. It does enjoy making friends, almost as much as the rush of almost dying every couple days or so. While not otherwise occupied, it likes playing videogames. Its library isn’t too extensive, as its prone to delete any files it’s not using off of its husktop.  
Extra Bits:
Zyd's palmhusk is as Bedazzled as its glasses, it painstakingly glued every little fake gem onto its palmhusk case
Zyd has, like, no sense of smell, not in like a 'Lost Its Sense of Smell' kind of way, it just doesn't smell a lot

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Short, fluffy hair streaked with yellow, Zyd's eyes flash between green and purple. It wears ostentatious, bedazzled glasses and really likes pockets. Frequently wears cargo capris, as it thinks it has an excellent sense of style.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Given its occupation and predilection for pissing people off for no good reason, Zyd's gotten pretty excellent at running and hiding. Its lusus doesn't particularly approve of its activities, but slothmom is well-fed and comfortable so Zyd mainly ignores its lusus' worries. It got into the business of "urban exploring" by joining some friends on a run, before getting swept up into the business. It doesn't particularly mind the danger, considering it a better alternative to most other, more regulated work. It can read, and does like to, though most of its books are "found." If it doesn't like the books-- as is the case for most nonfiction-- it sticks the pages together to make maps out of.


"Urban explorer," by which I mean it trespasses on abandoned properties and takes anything of value-- passing it on to sell for a cut of the profits. Hypothetically also a cartographer, though it's not exactly selling the maps.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While it possesses psionic abilities, it is absolute ass at controlling them. Tends to destroy whatever it's trying to manipulate, though as of yet hasn't caused any major property damage.

Personality Characteristics


Either getting a Big Break™️ and finding something so important and valuable that it'll be set for life. As of late, though, it has considered piracy as an alternative-- it just doesn't know how to even start, there, besides having next to no use of its psionics.

Likes & Dislikes

Getting into extended arguments, reading, navigating the mazes of stitched-together metropoleis, most kinds of animals, and puzzle games! It loves videogames overall, really, usually pirating what it wants.
Being alone for too long, wide open empty spaces, getting constantly nagged at, authority™️
9 (and a half) sweeps (20.58 earth years)
nb?? genderless??? goes by it/its pronouns, but honestly prefers to just be called by name
➠Sexual orientation
--➠Typing Quirk: Doesn't use pronouns at all, only refers to people by name-- also starts sentences with double-caps (e.g. "THe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.") Grammar is otherwise correct.--
A sloth with a couple extra sets of arms. (slothmom!!)
➠Original Planet
Heir of Mind


In Person




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