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No one could know {cont.}

Zydeca played by Orange
It was hiding in a building, the ground was still shaking every few hours. Aftershocks, or something, occasionally causing some kind of crash in the distance. But right here, was sound enough to sit in. A small room, on the ground floor, almost like a hiveblock. No recuperacoon, though, just a soft-looking construction with all kinds of pillows on it. The rest was sparse, there was a closet, a dresser. It had rummaged around, finding mostly the expected clothing, and then some slightly stranger articles. In the end, it surmised that this must be one of those aliens' hiveblocks. Hopefully they wouldn't be coming back.   Fortunately there weren't any windows, and whoever this hiveblock belonged to left in a rush. Zyd had left its pack in there, along with its lusus (she seemed enamored with the not-recuperacoon's canopy, and took to sleeping up there almost immediately.) A kitchen, down the hall, had plenty of food in it-- all of it alien. Weirdly enough, though, most of it seemed directly analogous to Alternian produce! Be it the roasted cluckbeast in the thermal hull, or many of the fruits in an apparently-decorative basket. They tasted good, if a little chalky.   But right then, it was in the "bed" as it learned it was called (there was a lot of reading material in this "house," and it seemed that the aliens used highblood-speak? What with calling the thermal hulls refrigerators, among others.) It didn't seem like very many people were around here, even the yelling seemed to have died down a while ago. It knew it couldn't stay here for too long, in case the real tenants came back-- but surely it would be alright to just stay the day? Maybe they were dead already, and no one would be coming back. That would be convenient, at least. It yawned, shutting its husktop. Thresh was alive, that was good enough news for the night.   That jadeblood... it shook its head. That was the least of its worries. Not now.


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