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No one could know

Semera played by Kiwi, Zydeca played by Orange
Warning: Containes death and blood graphic depictions of violence
Screams, crys, pain. Those are great way to describe the merge. Everything was crazy, buildings were falling and crushing others, the air smelled like death, and there were so so many corpses. Semera was only 19 years old as she watched her world literally be torn away from her. Jade tears ran down her face as she watched three subjugulators from Alternia tear her friends to peices. Their blood was all over her and she sobbed as she ran. How she managed to get away she still doesn't know. The rust covered her face after her friend was stabbed and thrown on her. The same with her mutantblooded and oliveblooded friends. They were dead and she was next, but instead she managed to run. Her legs carried her as her eyes blurred from tears. as she ran she tripped and fell right into a goldblood, she fell to her ass, still covered head to toe in her friends colors.   Said goldblood was, of course, Zydeca.
Slothmom was clutching its horns, and there was a large pack on its back. Good thing it was always ready to move anyway, but watching your home slide into a rapidly-opening ravine was by no means something it was ready to come to terms with yet. There were new creatures about, too, pink and brown-skinned hornless beings, just as scared as all the trolls. It didn't know what to think about them, it just needed to find somewhere where the ground shook less. And away from everyone else. Highbloods were going crazy in the streets, and that was a death sentence all on its own. There were already trolls littering the ground, low and highbloods alike. Bastards. Maybe this was that revolution everyone talked about, and it ended up involving some kind of alien invasion. Yeah, that was probably it.   Oh, good, a newly-created alleyway, where the ground seemed to have evened out somewhat. Strange architecture cut into the hives and hivestems, but it couldn't worry about that. This little bit of cover could very well save its life, and its lusus'. There seemed to be another entrance to the alleyway, however, and Zyd looked to peek around the corner. Maybe there was someone around-- and suddenly, it was on the floor. Someone had just run into it, and fortunately its pack broke the fall.   Semera sniffled She looked at Zyd and quickly tried to get up. She ended up falling over due to the gash in her stomach. She gasped in pain, the adrenaline was still there but now starting to die down, as she began to feel physical pain. Her think pan pounded alongside her bloodpusher. This was awful, a scream was heard nearby from another poor soul who had been killed. Just another victim of the merge. How many people that she knew were dead, how many.....would she never see again. She looked up to Zyd's face her face still stained with rust and olive blood.   As soon as it got to its feet, it practically ran back a few steps. A... it couldn't even tell what blood she was, she was covered in so much, Rust, olive, jade, some color it didn't even recognize. This was a murderer. This had to be a highblood, here to kill it. And she was injured. There was only one split-second decision to be made.   Zydeca's control over its psionics was nonexistent, all it could manage was blasts of energy, in a barely-determinable direction. But if it was going to save its life, it was going to have to use them. The highblood looked up at it. It froze for just a moment, almost expecting her eyes to kill it right then and there, before concentrating as hard as it could.   Next thing it knew, it was on the other side of the alleyway, laying on the ground.   A scream erupted from her as pain shot through her body. She cried out and she felt her skin burn and she fell over onto the ground. Her body was a mangled mess of scar tissue. She didn't even have time to think before it was all over. The last thing she remembered before she died was her friends. Their smiling faces, they all had their hands outstretched to her. It was a beautiful thought. if only she could have had that before what came next.   It looked up. Where was the-- there. It scrambled over, shedding its pack and lusus, to see if she was dead. Highbloods were tenacious, after all, and what if she wanted to take revenge? It rolled her over, onto her back, and was suddenly brought up to speed on what it had just done.   She was a jadeblood.   It had just killed her.   No one could know.   It grabbed its pack, picked up its lusus, and entered the husk of a building behind it. No one would be inside, it needed to find another exit, to get away from here. Would the legislacerators come to find it? Doubtful. But it was suddenly sick, and the screams seemed louder, the smell of burning, stronger, and it realized how truly alone it was in this new world. She could have been an ally. It killed her.   It could at the very least hope there was some mercy in it.   Hours passed as the Jade laid there dead, no one minded her except some looters. her burns were slowly healing themselves as time went on. Not like anyone would notice over the commotion. Suddenly her eyes opened, and up she sat. She couldn't see out of her left eye and she looked around. She glanced at the scaring on her body. Most had healed almost compleatly but there were still some scars on her body from the trauma. She sniffed, the blood all over her smelled amazing. She licked it off her hands, she was a rainbow drinker. She rose to her feet and ran off, to find a hiding place


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