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Semera Rikelp

Semera Rikelp (a.k.a. contortionisticBallerina)

She is mean, nasty and does what she wants to win. She has been known to have a hard time caring about others, and often even hurts them on accident. When she does care about other people she does everything she can to please them. She is a perfectionist, when she does something she wants it to be her way. Often she will spend many hours perfecting her skills, house, routines, outfits, and basically anything she can. She is meticulous and cold, her life is kept to her own standards and when they are broken she becomes furious. Controlling her rage has been one of her biggest struggles in creating her perfect life. And of course the fact that she’s a rainbow drinker. However she actually tends to control that pretty well given she doesn’t mind killing people for blood.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

She is average height with long black hair. She always has this pulled into a bun as her ballerina requires. She often wears her ballet clothes because she enjoys the tutu but can also be seen in cocktail dresses and mini skirts. Her horns are asymmetrical one having a bump at the top the other having a divot in the middle. She has her ears pierced and makes it apparent to always be clean and dressed well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She grew up with her nit picky Lusus, she always wanted things a certain way. She made sure to teach Semera how to do things the way she wanted them done. Semera quickly developed a need for things to be perfect. Her Lusus’ overbearing nature made her need perfection. She started ballet at a young age, at her Lusus’ request. She and her Lusus danced together, the both of them extremely talented. It was quite a sight to see the two of them dance in sync. Ballet became the thing she wanted most perfect in her life. She spent countless hours dancing. She loved everything about it, from the outfits to the jumps, to the music. On beforus she was a star. People loved her and loved to watch her dance. She soaked up the attention like a sponge, enjoying the invigorating rush that came with dancing for others. She wasn’t always the nicest to her fans, a lot of the fame went to her head. She didn’t have much of anyone to tell her to tone her ego down because her Lusus didn’t really mind. When she was 19 a game was introduced to her by her friends.
She decided playing along with them might be fun. What she didn’t expect was to be transported to an entirely new planet. She and her friends in the merge were terrified and trying their best to survive. The three of her friends she played with were killed by highbloods but she managed to get away. However soon after escaping she was killed by a goldblood. She died there in the merge, in the chaos, but something happened and she came back. Upon waking up her wounds were healed and she was thirsty, for blood. She had become a rainbow drinker. With her newfound life she was mad, her friends had been slaughtered and they weren't coming back. She vowed that she would kill the highbloods who did this. As her anger resided deep in her soul, when looking for a drink she would kill the first person of a higher blood caste than her. She hated highbloods and wanted them to be eradicated from their new planet. While drinking in the dank catacombs she met Tersme Brelst a murder like herself. His ideals were a lot different then hers but he wasn’t fond of highbloods either. They became morails in an attempt to assist each other with their goals. She kills highbloods and gives them the rest of what she doesn’t use and he gives her free blood. Now this ballerina kicks ass as hard as she can to achieve her second goal. Killing the bastards who killed her friends.



Accomplishments & Achievements

Skilled in ballet and very very flexible. Also good at staying still and being quiet.

Personality Characteristics


To be a prima ballerina and refine her skills. She also wishes to kill the highbloods who killed her friends.

Likes & Dislikes

Ballet, Blood, fashion, art, the arts, sewing, making clothes
Pain, being beat, messing up, highbloods, imperfections


Semera Rikelp

Beforian Dancestor

Towards Peztbe Rikelp


Peztbe Rikelp

Alternian Dancestor

Towards Semera Rikelp


11.54 sweeps (25) years
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
capitilzes P A and B for the first and last letters of PrimA and BallerinA her words also like to spin around
"The quick Brown fox jumPs over the lAzy dog"
A very particular Tiger
➠Original Planet
Page of Rage


In Person




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