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Ruby's Mansion 1} Ruby and Zydeca

Ruby played by Riley, Zydeca played by Orange
Ruby was walking around in the abandoned mansion. She was used to how dark it was in here, because she grew up in here. She wasnt really used to bright lights due to this, due to her spending her whole life in darkness. It was usually cloudy near the house so she would have no problem walking outside and tending to her flowers. She didnt get any company because people were afraid of coming in the household for how scary it looked on the outside. She threw open the front doors of the mansion and walked over to look at her flowers that she was growing.
Meanwhile, there was mischief afoot. Well, less mischief, and more dedicated effort. Zyd was mainly wondering why it got sent all the way out here, as it finished a small sketch on a map draft. Putting it away, it took a good look at the mansion. A spooky old place, to be sure. Any broken windows? Seemed to be one on a lower floor, a perfect entry point. And so Zyd got into the mansion, in what appears to be an entirely abandoned room. Sheets covering the furniture, dust covering the sheets, cobwebs covering the dust, even more dust covering the cobwebs. No one could possibly be living here. So, it looked to get into the hallway outside of the room, the locked door posing little difficulty-- if the hinges are rotting away, after all, what's stopping you from just using a little psionic power to blast it out of the frame?   Yikes, that was loud. Now there was a door in the hallway. And dust everywhere. Zyd sneezed, stepping out into the hall. Good thing no one definitely lived here. No one at all. Completely abandoned mansion.
Ruby raised her head at the sudden noise and jerked up a little. There must be someone inside. She got up from her squatting position from looking at the flowers and went through the doors of the mansion again. It would be nice if someone was here after all, she normally had no company over. But its a bit rude to make a total mess like that upon entry. She walked up the stairway of the mansion that was right in front of the door. Maybe she was just hearing things and needed to rest a bit. She took the ends of her dress and lifted them a little so she wouldnt trip on her way up the stairs. She chose the closest bedroom upstairs and slammed the door shut.
Zyd jumped-- that was a door, and not one it destroyed itself. Could there really be someone else in here? Or was it just the wind? Probably... probably the wind. It put its glasses back on, having finished its psionic outburst and sneezing fit, strolling down the hall.   But maybe going to investigate wouldn't hurt, right? It wandered on to near the front of the mansion, trying to look as unaffected as possible. Wait, what was that. It stood in the front doorway, which was slightly ajar. A garden? But, that would mean someone definitely lives here. And apparently likes gardening.   It went back to wandering inside, trying to ascertain which one of the doors had slammed earlier. That must be where the mysterious resident was hiding...
Ruby slumped down on the dusty bed in one of her bedrooms. She couldve swore that she saw someone inside of the house. If not, what couldve made that noise? She thought that she would investigate it further. She opened the door to the bedroom and started slowly looking over the banister on the edge of the second floor. She didnt want to go down the stairs because they would cause too much noise and might alert the mystery visitor. Almost everything in this house made a noise since it was so old inside. She didnt want to say anything either because she didnt exactly know who this person or, thing was.
Zyd, meanwhile, was working on convincing itself that no, there really wasn't anyone there, and it could get back to work. Oh, what was it even looking for here? It completely forgot. Was it remains? Of past occupants? Not that there would be blood or anything, it had none of the tools for that, but bones were pretty useful-- and sold well, surprisingly. Or maybe this was a simple combing job, go through the place and bring back whatever's good. It should have brought Thresh, he'd know. And he'd be helpful in going through this massive building. Knowing him, though, there might be less walls before he was finished.   It was lingering by the stairs, wondering whether it should go up them or not. Everything seemed creaky here, almost every step it took was obnoxiously loud.
She was barely peeking at it now, so she couldn't really see who they were. She wasnt nervous at all to go and see what it was, she just didnt want to get attacked by the things that was there in any sort of way. So she decided to go up to it but she would bring a weapon with her just in case this thing fought back. So she went to the closest room swiftly to try and find something that would resemble as a weapon at least to arm herself. She eventually found a fireplace poker sitting in the corner and grabbed it. Then the ran to the top of the stair to fully reveal herself to them. She pointed the poker at it. "WO❀ G❀ES THERE?"
Zyd shouted in surprise, whipped off its glasses and let out a burst of psionic energy. In the process, it managed to blast out the entire bottom half of the stairway, throwing itself back into a nearby wall. Ouch. And it hadn't even noticed the girl, either, being currently occupied by groaning in pain from the impact. Double ouch.   Debris was strewn about the lower floor, now, the staircase rendered effectively inaccessible. Not much had flown upward, the top half seemed structurally sound enough. Getting down would be a little hard though, lest there just be, another staircase.
"GAH!" She manages to dodge the slight flying debris from the blast. She calms herself down after it takes the hit sliding into the wall at high speeds. She brushes herself off "Are y❀u alright? I didn't mean t❀ scare y❀u dear." She says in a faint voice. She gives a slight reassuring smile at Zyd, but she is still quite concerned for it, she doesnt know how much damage it took. Gah now her house is even more messy than before
It rolled over, slowly, onto its back. Its glasses were within arm's reach, so it grabbed them and put them back on. Minor wounds at best, maybe a couple scratches from the debris. Sure cracked its back out, hitting that wall. Definitely going to be sore for the next couple days. Oh, someone spoke, probably the person who lives here. It turned its head to look up at the top of the stairs. "I'M not dead, who are you."
She looks it straight in the eyes "Why, I live here. And might I ask wh❀ y❀u are?" She puts one hand on her hip. She did enjoy that someone was here, but she did not enjoy it making more of a mess than her house already had. She would have to slightly repair all of it later once she finishes talking with it. She raises an eyebrow. She has never had a troll over to her house before.. maybe this was. new opportunity to learn about them since she rarely sees them by her house.
Zyd realized in turn that she was a human, which it also didn't see too many of. Drawing itself up to a sitting position, it realized the extent of the damage it just caused. "SOrry about, those stairs. I Panicked." It had no real opinion on humans, considering them at the level of any old goldblood like itself. "YOu can call me Zyd, though. ANd you are?" Oh, she seemed armed. What even was that, some kind of fire poker? Don't see one of those every day.
She looked at the stairs. She didnt realize how much damage the blast really made but she would look at it later "Its alright. My name is Ruby P❀tter. Y❀u can just call me Ruby th❀ugh. Nice t❀ meet y❀u, Zyd. Splendid name y❀u have there." She makes a slight smile at it. You couldnt really see her true facial expression because most of her face was covered by the front of her hair. She still keeps her hand gripped around the fire poker.
"THanks, uh, you too." Finding the ability to stand, it did so. Its bag managed to stay on throughout the whole thing, and was almost entirely empty beyond a couple sheets and writing utensils for mapping. "CAn you get down from there? ANd, presumably you live here."
She nodded slightly "Yes I will be able t❀ get d❀wn fr❀m here. I always find a way t❀ get d❀wn fr❀m places." She sits on the very end of the stairs, that are half destroyed. She puts her hands in her lap. She wouldnt have any trouble getting down because she mostly gets stuck in high places on her house and she gets down from the all the time. She nods at Zyd when it says she lives here "Yes I d❀ live here. I d❀ n❀t get many visitors ar❀und here th❀ugh. Its pretty l❀nely, but n❀ big deal. I have g❀tten used t❀ it. I have the shad❀ws in here t❀ keep me c❀mpany." She motions towards the air and then puts her hand back in her lap.
Sure, let her think it was a visitor. Despite clearly having broken in, and then almost attacked her, Zyd was... a visitor. "I Would think there's multiple staircases around this place, it's so big. YOu're here alone? BEsides the... SHadows." Did that mean ghosts? It probably meant ghosts. This was definitely a haunted mansion.
She slightly nodded again "Yes, that is c❀rrect. I sense that n❀ ❀ne has lives here bef❀re I have. It l❀❀ked like this even when I arrived here. Th❀ugh my memory is f❀ggy ❀n my early childh❀❀d. I am glad t❀ have s❀me❀ne ❀ver." She looked at the height of the stairs from the ground and noticed that the banister was still there and pretty sturdy. She slid down it and landed with a small thump on the ground "W❀uld y❀u like s❀mething n❀w that we have f❀rmerly met? Tea?"
Well, this was a turn. This girl-- Ruby-- seemed not to care at all about the probably-crimes Zyd just committed, practically in front of her. Well, whatever, it could worry about the job later. It was set for a little while, anyway, given a recent boon with some specific paperwork. Hopefully she wasn't running some big ruse to kill it-- though she'd seen its psionics by now, and might think twice about that. "SUre, I can take some tea. IF it's not, too much trouble." Manners, manners. It had been a while since it met anyone that wasn't either a direct higher-up, or a fellow worker.
"Alright then, splendid. I will g❀ get that n❀w. Y❀u may expl❀re a little if y❀u like. But please, d❀ n❀t destr❀y anything m❀re." She had looked serious when she last stated that. She didnt want to spend the rest of her days sorting stuff out that were destroyed. Although she didnt bother dusting. No one really came over so she didnt really see what the point was. She walked off into one of the hallways to go make the tea.
Zyd watched her leave, dumbfounded. "OH, uh, of course. ANd sorry again for, the stairs." Well, if it had time, it was going to do some exploring. It picked a hallway and strode off, to check in each one of the rooms. It would remember what it was after, of course, just needed a little memory jog.
Ruby walked into the dusty looking kitchen to try and find where she put her tea. She rummaged around a bit in the cabinets until she found the old and dusty package. She couldn’t serve this! It was just impolite to serve old and dusty tea. She chucked the package across the room, she would deal with it later. She begins rummaging around in the cabinets again until she found something that didn’t look at least expired.
Zyd, meanwhile, was snooping around downstairs. Pushing doors open, scanning rooms, closing the doors again. Until, it came across a slightly different room. The furniture wasn't covered in sheets, and there seemed to be less dust. Maybe there would be something in here.
She eventually finds a tin of cookies that didn't at least look expired and looked actually edible. She grabbed the tin from one of the shelves and tucked it under one of her arms. Then she started to proceed down the halls to go and find Zyd before it actually causes any more damage
Zyd, for its part, was living up to its occupation as a thief. This furniture was certainly older than the girl, so none of the stuff inside could be hers... right? Yeah. Definitely. Issue with that was, practically every drawer and cabinet was simply empty. Nothing to even take from them. This was all looking to be a bust.
To be Continued...


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