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Ruby Potter

Played by Blix

Ruby Potter (a.k.a. ghostlyFlowers)

[/container] No one is really around to see what Ruby is like because no one really knows where she lives or really lives around her to know. But, for the people who DO meet her, she is usually a person to stay very calm and help other people out when something bad is happening. She is caring for the people that come to visit her occasionally and tends to try and not start a fight with anyone. Although, she can get very upset if people talk bad about the things that she loves and likes and will do anything to defend them at all costs. This includes her friends that are close to her, but she doesn't really have any mostly because people never come out to visit the place that she lives often. She doesn't like to give her stuff to people unless they really trust them with it. You really have to gain her trust with her before asking to borrow or really touch anything of hers. She loves to plant flowers and would enjoy some other company other than wilderness animals from time to time to help her plant them.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

She always keeps her hair over her eyes but really has bright blue eyes underneath all of the hair. She wears a dull dress with a big bow tied on the back of it and on the center of her stomach she has a little plastic flower that's her symbol. They wear a crown made out of flowers, but they have long gone dull and grayish but she loves them so she keeps them on. She normally replaces the flowers though, but she lets them sit for a while before actually wearing them because she doesn't like bright colors that much. She wears long pants with gray ish boots that are all withered from her constantly wearing them all of the time. She also sometimes wears little diamond earrings that she found a while ago but not all of the time she wears them. Most of her stuff looks either worn down or old because she wears them mostly every day of her life and they get dirty over time.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ruby remembers very little of what her childhood was like, all that she really remembers about it is when she was just born she doesn't remember seeing her parents faces before they dropped her off where she lives now. Throughout her childhood, she seemingly saw shadowy figures moving around the house at night. They appeared to be ghosts to her, so she didn't really care all that much in her younger years because she grew up with them. People were afraid to come to the place that she lived in, mostly because everyone heard that it was haunted with ghosts and whoever went in there would get cursed by the witch that most everyone expected lived there. She wouldn't have any electronics growing up either because she obviously didn't have money to buy stuff, she would grow her food and use her time by knitting stuff and such. Unlike most people, she didn't come out of her house that much only to really do her gardening and to explore the many parts of the old house she lives in. She makes lots of her clothes in her free time and she has a lot of free time so there's a lot of different choices of clothes for her to wear everyday. But she usually wears her one dress that she owns and that's most of the time. She is always prepared for wintertime because one of her favorite things to knit are sweaters so she's all prepared


She doesn't seem to work anywhere, but she would love to work at a nearby flower store and help out with other gardening things.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She is very good at knitting things, as stated before in her history. She is also skilled in gardening because all she really does all day to entertain herself is pland flowers or knit things. She also owns a harp and plays it from time to time so I guess she is pretty skilled at playing that as well. She wouldn't really have to fight anyone so no one really knows if she is a good fighter or not. But she does practice fighting the inanimate objects in her house just in case she does get into a fight with someone.

Personality Characteristics


One of her dreams are to become a good gardener that all people can look up to and she can help them with any problems that they have. She also wishes that she could play in a big band where everyone can see her talent at the harp and could get a little support with it.

Likes & Dislikes

The harp, Flowers, Cold weather, Keeping her things to herself, Bows, Gardening, Visitors, The ghosts in her house, Getting help from other people, Helping other people, Shiny things, Tea parties
People being afraid of her, Bright neon colors, Fire, Rude people, Being hot, Not covering up her eyes, Loud sudden noises
➠Sexual orientation
➠Signature colour
A flower
➠Typing style
She replaces all of her letters with some soothing script letters. She also replaces all of the letter ‘o’ with a little flower. Like this, f❀r example.
No one has really seen her living with a guardian, but some people say that she was dropped off in an abandoned mansion with no real memory of where she was, so she just adapted to the living space.
➠Original Planet
Witch of Doom


In Person




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