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Zyd's Glasses

Zydeca played by Orange
Zydeca was wholly absorbed in its work. Strewn about its respiteblock-- though referring to the place possessively might be incorrect-- were various arts and crafts materials, multiple pairs of scissors, tape, glue, more scissors apparently, paint, glitter, rhinestones, sequins, rulers. It hadn't exercised very much discretion in getting the supplies, but surely it could use most of them. There was glitter everywhere, though, which was getting on a freshly-made map, the first of the bunch.   They-- being Zyd and Thresh-- had been out on a job together. It wasn't sure why he always seemed to pick it, but certainly didn't mind. They'd almost gotten caught at a crucial point, though, which Thresh was quick to point out the reason of; Zyd's eyes. It would be the first to admit that glowing eyes weren't the most stealthy of assets, but... Well, there weren't any real buts. It had wanted to impress Thresh, and it didn't seem to be going well. Zyd sighed, going over the events one more time.   They'd finished the job, and were carrying the spoils back to Thresh's hive, when he'd had an idea. Glasses, he'd said, practically pushing Zyd into a shop to get a pair. And now it was back in the respiteblock, doing a little project. If it was going to put all the effort into this, it was going to be as extra as possible. Purple, green, rhinestones, glitter, it was all coming together. It already tinted the lenses-- with markers, at least-- and painted the frames. Once the paint was dry, it could start gluing.   Thresh was going to be so impressed with the final result.


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