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PM1 pt.14} White rabbit

razorRoze played by Leng, macabreSerenade played by Deku, arsenicCatnip played by Kiwi, crimsonFallen played by King, dioramicSpectacle played by Orange, devilsAdvocate played by Morgue, calamitysAngel played by Cherrylrmon, inordinateAcquiescence played by Link
razorRoze [RR] has started responding to memo.
RR: Ok I'm here <3 you Caahn aahll rejoIce. kisskiss
RR: Aahww aall tIred out <3 how preCious
MS: Goodness! I just keep forgetting to log out of this memo. Will I ever learn? Oh well. I guess I could interact for a short while.
MS: I will make a promise to myself to log out shortly.
RR: Aahw whaaht aah responsIBle lIttle thIng <3 how precIous you aahre
MS: Why thank you! Your attitude is largely refreshing. Very polite compared to the other girl.
MS: Although I cannot deny, I do enjoy a verbal lashing once in a while. One cannot be too humble.
RR: Oh sweet lIttle thIng <3 I just waahnt to keep you
RR: I'll aahBuse you aahll you lIke <3 keep you in the Caahrgo hold wIth the threaahsure
MS: Make no mistake, my enjoyment is far from erotic. To be frank, I have absolutely no idea how to go about such events. The reproductive system is beyond my knowledge. Boys have cooties.
RR: Oh sweety <3 thaahts so Cute you thInk thaahts whaaht I meant
RR: I thInk you'd maahke aah splendId pet <3
RR: I would haahve too renaahme you <3 of course. MayBe FIfI?
MS: I didn't think you meant anything of the sort. I was just checking, to be sure. Regardless, I don't think you would go through with my capture. I am very elusive, you see.
MS: That name does sound cute.
MS: I would not be opposed to being kidnapped if that were my moniker from then on.
RR: Oooh sounds lIke aah Chaahllenge <3 I just looooooove aah good Chaahllenge
RR: Treaahsure Is more fun when you haahve to hunt It down <3 But yes lovely you'd maahke aah greaaht FIfI
MS: If you can catch me, I'm all yours. Best prepare every resource you have available. I do plan to hide, but I will not run.
MS: I will be your white rabbit.
RR: Ooh how Cute you aahre <3 I'll Come for you when the tIme Is rIght
RR: Shaahll I get aah hint <3 oor leaahvIng It aahll aah mystery?
MS: Hmm...
MS: I reside in darkness' throes, where porcelain blee[section:grey]DS, and roses grow. Find me, find me, do you dare? Behind the mask, with raven hair.
RR: How delIghtful! <3 I haahven't Been on ahh proper treaahsure hunt In so long!
RR: I maahy even let you free aahfter aah bIt <3 for gIvIng ME such aah fun gaahME
MS: I am so dreadfully lonely, being captive would be better than being alone. Please start searching as soon as possible. I would hate for our little game to take a rain check. There is nothing I love more than games.
MS: Especially high stakes ones, with two players.
RR: Well my staahkes aahren't very hIgh <3 perhaahps we should raahIse them
MS: What do you suppose we do to raise them a little higher?
RR: Ooh thaaht Is haahrd <3 I know I'll just Cheat my waahy out of aahny vows I maahke
RR: BeIng aahs wonderful aahs ME Is so dIffIcult <3
MS: I can imagine. How about... If you don't find me by the time the week en[section:grey]DS, you have to stay and play with me forever?
RR: Oh But then Its so faahIr aahnd even </3 how aahBout I staahy for aah week or two?
RR: I Caahn't go BeIng faahIr now Caahn I? <3 I'm sure you understaahnd
MS: I do. If I were in your position, I think I'd do the same thing. But I can't have these od[section:grey]DS totally stacked against me. How about a month?
RR: Oooh... aahrIght! <3 But don't haahte ME too much If I double Cross you just aahn teensy bIt
MS: I will try my best. My dollies and I are waiting for you eagerly. It's been so long since they've been touched by another, they're as lonely as I am!
RR: Not much longer now <3 I'll Be ComIng to toss you on aah Boaaht!
RR: But now I must Be off <3 I'll Bother you for more hInts laahter my lovely! taataa kisskiss
MS: Goodbye for now!
RR: ;p <3 :*
razorRoze [RR] has ceased responding to memo.
MS: From this moment on, my life is at stake for an entire week. I wonder what I'll do.
MS: Hmm. I guess I better count my days, huh?
MS: Anyone have any advice for me?
MS: I guess not. I bid you all goodbye, possibly for the final time.
macabreSerenade [MS] has ceased responding to the memo.
arsenicCatnip [AC] has begun responding to the memo
AC: :33 < *the huntress pounces into the memo and slashes her claws to show off fur skills. she smiles and is excited to s33 if there are any prospects here today!*
crimsonFallen [CF] has begun responding to this memo
CF: I have returned, beings of the mortal plane and The Great Expanse of The Red Sea.
dioramicSpectacle [DS] has begun trolling the memo!
DS: WHo the fuck are you.
AC: :33 < *the huntress pounces on the new intruder to her purtty lonely memo* hello cf
AC: :33 < *and then she pounces once more* hello [section:grey]DS!
DS: WHat... are you doing?
CF: Greetings to you, Lady Yasmine of The Hunter's Order. Mortal.
AC: :33 < *the huntress giggles happily as she gives [section:grey]DS a pat* i'm rolepurring silly!
AC: :33 < thank you fur the welcome
CF: I do not know what you speak of with this 'rolepurring', but your textual attacks to the mortal and I are offensive. Has the mortal been marked as your prey, Lady Yasmine?
DS: YEah, I'm just a hunk of meat over here. WOe is me.
AC::33 < okay wait where did you get the lady yasmine??
CF: Do not fret, mortal, I have defended thine honor. As is my job, as The Crimson Angel of Judecca! Hunteress, your reign of terror en[section:grey]DS today!
DS: ARe you also fucking roleplaying. ON a public memo. THat anyone can read.
CF: Again, I do not know what this means. I am simply speaking publicly of my life and attempting to defend you from the merciless pounces of Lady Yasmine of The Hunter's Order! Be greatful mortal, because I usually have more important people to protect.
AC: :33 < so so are you rolepurring what....
AC: :33 < wha
DS: KNow what. FIne. WHat if I told you I have this Ren guy, huh? RIght in my grasp. I'Ll kill him. HOw about that.
AC: :33 < i am so confused i just wanted to roleplay
CF: Pff, a pitiful lie, mortal. Ren Baickus is in my abode, enjoying a cup of refreshing Yule Branch Tea.
devilsAdvocate [DA] has begun trolling the memo!
DA: what’s/going/on/h3r3/lol
CF: Ren Baickus, this foolish mortal had attempted to convince me that you were captured. This of course was a bold face lie.
DA: uh/ar3/you/talking/to/m3?
DS: OH, no, you've caught me. I'M a fraud. I Throw myself at your feet, for mercy.
AC: :33 < oh this is like a bad wattpad fanfic written by a 3 sw33p old.
DS: TEll me about it.
CF: Do you not remember me, Lord Baickus? It is I, ANGHEL! CRIMSON ANGEL OF JUDECCA!
AC: :33 < i just really wanted to ugh
AC: :33 < maybe i should just go back to writing fanfiction beclaws i don't understand what any of this is
calamitysAngel [CA] has begun trolling the memo!
DA: alright/this/is/cool,/just/a/lil/bit/of/roleplay/i/s33./gu3ss/i’m/r3n/baickus/now
CF: IT IS HE! THE ANGEL OF CALAMITY! Ho to you, Angel of Calamity, it is I, The Angel of Judecca.
DS: HE's just calling me mortal, I'm counting myself as lucky. WHere'd he get the name from?
AC: :33 < i don't think i can even get a plot out of this
DA: no/clu3./soun[section:grey]DS/badass/though
DA: it’s/flavorful./i/lik3/it
AC: :33 < okay okay lets try this again
CF: Ren, dost thou not remember gifting me my mortal shroud? Twas only a fortnight ago.
AC: :33 < *the huntress sits up watching the calamity go down she chuckled softly in the chaos*
DA: th3/sw3at3r/i/gav3/you?/i/r3m3mb3r/that/y3ah
AC: :33 < /the huntress smiles and steals the garment from ren haha i've got you meow!
DA: w3ll/th3r3/go3s/my/sw3at3r
CF: YASMINE! Ren Baickus, we must go after The Mortal Shroud!
CA: damn, thi22 22em22 t8 be entertaining
AC: :33 < *the huntress laughs as she bolts away from the two. her skills of getting away were impeccable.
CF: Angel of Calamity, assist me in the retrieval of The Mortal Shroud!
DS: WHat am I supposed to be doing here, eating some snacks? SUre. THese human pistachios are delicious.
CA: Aaaand i have n8 idea what the fuck y8u're talking ab8ut, c8ngrat22
DA: is/this/a/sid3qu3st/apart/from/th3/r3al/storylin3/lol
DA: im/too/high/for/this/right/now
AC: :33 < you can try!! but good luck. *she ran into the night*
CA: am 1 22upp822ed t8 under22tand what thi22 i22 ab8ut?
DS: I'M asking that too, CA.
CF: R...Ren swe- I shroud....
DA: don’t/worry,/i/will/r3tri3ve/it!
CA: lmao, thi22 228und22 loke 228me bad l8ve drama thing
DA: giv3/m3/my/sw3at3r/or/ill/crack/3ggs/in/your/mouth
CF: Your is enough to make me weep.
AC: :33 < you'd have to catch me first to do that! *the huntress continues running away*
DA: i/am/not/physically/3quipped/to/handl3/this/situation/but/ill/try
AC: :33 < *the huntress sharpened her claws purpared fur a battle over the garment*
DA: ok/thanks/for/th3/sword./anyways/i/run/aft3r/th3/huntr3ss/w3ilding/th3/blad3
AC: [section:olive]AC: :33 < *the huntress doges the blade almost losing her footing then she growled. she makes a jump fur her assailant and slashes a claw.*
inordinateAcquiescence [IA] started responding to memo.
IA: heǝǝey peoplǝ .n.
IA: sorɹʎ to ᴉntǝrrupʇ your rp mɐn' shᴉʇ' ᴉ dᴉdn,t ʞnow that thaʇ,s whɐt thᴉs ɔhatroom was ɟor
IA: ᴉ,m just ʞᴉnda looʞᴉng for ɐ buddʎ of mᴉne atm
AC: :33 < *the huntress diverts her attention to the new purson entering* who are you looking fur?
CF: .......
crimsonFallen [CF] has left the memo
DS: GOod idea, actually.
dioramicSpectacle [DS] has ceased trolling the memo.
IA: shit mɐn ᴉ dᴉdn,ʇ mean ʇo sɔare thǝm off
IA: ᴉ,ɯ soɹɹʎ
IA: ᴉ,m looʞᴉng for mʎ moᴉrɐᴉl' ǝzrɐnǝ
IA: wᴉld-ǝyǝd tealblood wᴉth a sᴉɔʞ jacket and spᴉʞʎ hoɹns
IA: oh also shǝ has onǝ arm
IA: ᴉ ɔannot strǝss that last pɐrt enough
AC: :33 < *the huntress sighs* it's not like that was going anywhere anyway. but no i'm sorry i haven't s33n your morail.
IA: aw mɐn
IA: thɐnʞs ɐnʎway' sorrʎ agaᴉn about the rp dudǝ ᴉ dᴉdn,t mǝɐn to ruᴉn thɐt
IA: ᴉ,m gonnɐ go' ᴉ hǝard a weᴉrd noᴉsǝ
AC: :33 < good luck with your morail hunt! and your noise!
AC: :33 < its back to the drawing board with me
IA: heʎ, thɐnʞs mɐn .n.
inordinateAcquiescence [IA] has ceased responding to memo.
AC: :33 < *the huntress sighs in boredom as she sits on the ground waiting fur another participant*
devilsAdvocate [DA] has ceased responding to memo.


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