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Mary Raposa

Played by Deku

Mary Raposa (a.k.a. macabreSerenade)

[/container] Mary is a quiet individual, yet has no filter and will speak her mind when desired. She has a tendency to stand out, which she very much dislikes, she prefers to remain incognito as possible, dressing in black and white and not talking much. When confronted, however, she is known to have a sassy attitude, if need be. Otherwise she's stoic and sometimes unfeeling.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Due to having no parents or family, Mary raised herself in an "abandoned" home, only learning what she deemed interesting or nessecary. As such, she can't do anything past basic math. After The Merge, she walked the alleys shrouded in darkness. She still prefers this to broad daylight.


Steals basically all her fancy accessories, and has never really had a need for a job.

Personality Characteristics


To someday lead a double life.

Likes & Dislikes

Victorian era fashion, Black and white cartoons, Troll TV, Horror, Dolls
Overdramatic people, Subcultures, Guns, People with daddy/mommy issues
➠Sexual orientation
➠Signature colour
Charcoal black
The mask that she wears daily.
➠Typing style
Full grammar and punctuation.
➠Original Planet
Pre-Scratch Earth


In Person




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