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Mary's Alleyway 1} Caraah and Mary

Caraah played by Leng, Mary played by Deku
Caraah huffed as she stalked down the street. She paused to toss a sparkly feathered mask down and stomped on it. She'd gotten into a fight with a near by group of burlesque dances after jumping into the middle of their performance to kidnap one wearing a mask. But it wasn't her treasure at all!   She brushed off her outfit and held her head up high, not deterred for long. Now, lets see.. She heard there was a costume shop near by.. she'd go there next, then head out of the city to hit a few more mansions.
Mary sang along to a song on the radio softly as she watered her roses, careful not to put too much or too little in. Ah, just perfect. She stood up and stretched, before pulling her dress's waistline down slightly and folding her hands in front of her neatly. She stared at the crowd, feeling a little bit of cabin fever. She, ever so slightly, wished she was out there making friends and socializing. Mary knew, however, that she had a promise to keep. And so, she stood up straight as a board and waited patiently, like a glass figure.
Lets see where was that costume shop.. was this even the right part of town? She looked for a quiet space to pull out her map and study it. She headed toward a space between two buildings to have room to open it without anyone getting in her way and needing a smack.   She stopped when she got close and saw someone was already in the alley. Well that wasn't going to stop her! She flounced over, ready to physically remove the person so she could claim the space.
"Shoo shoo now <3 I'm ClaahImIng thIs spaahCs my lovely"
Oh was that a mask? Oh there was no way her treasure was in such a place. Another false alarm for sure.
Mary was surprised that this stranger had come up to her like this. She straightened her mask, politely smiling. Surely she had established this place as her own? "I am dreadfully sorry, Madam, but I can't do that. You see, not only do I live here, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of someone very special."
Caraah looked the human up and down and put a hand on her hip.
"How Bold you aahre! <3 I Could sImply Breaahk aahll your tIney humaahn bones aahnd taahke thIs spaahce." She gave the girl a wink.
The ravenette smiled at Caraah's confidence in saying such things. "You wouldn't find much. Just some roses. And porcelain dolls." Mary's mind was reeling. The possibility of this being the stranger on the internet that sought her out excited her greatly. She decided that she'd lay out as many hints as possible. Just in case. After all, if this was not the correct person, she could always pass it off as one of her ramblings.
"Oooh? <3 Dolls aand roses aahnd aah maahsks? You lIve here <3 In thIs buIldIng nook my DaahrlIng? Oooohoohoohoo!" She laughed at herself for looking in all the wrong places. Was this really the precious treasure she'd been hunting? Oh she really was the greatist pirate in the world, this or any other! to find her on accident of all things! She was so good she stumbled into riches! All her past failures faded instantly from her mind and were instead a grand adventure to this moment.
Mary giggled softly, smiling a little wider than normal. "It seems I have been officially found. Is this the case?" Her heart was pounding. This was the thrill she chased so desperately. To be willingly captured, the madness of it gave her butterflies. The moment of truth was upon her. This is what she had been waiting for.
Caraah clapped excitedly and went to scoop Mary up under the arms to twirl around with her.
"You aahre so pretty too! <3 Whaaht aah delIght!"
Mary's long, silky hair and dress both swished around as Caraah twirled her. When she let her go, she stumbled a bit, only a touch disoriented. "Thank you very much, Miss. You're too kind." She had the slightest hint of a blush spreading across her pale cheeks, accented by the cold metal mask that adorned her face.
"Oh you're even more preCIous thaahn I reMEmbered <3 my sweet FIfI" Caraah gave her head a pat as she looked around at the alley home.
Mary noticed Caraah staring. She turned around, gesturing to the cozy looking alleyway. "Unfortunately it's a little messy", she mused, though it looked extremely neat, "I did not anticipate your arrival so soon, naturally."
"You douBted ME <3 Ooohoohoohoo!" Carraah laughed and gave MaryFifi pat on the head. "ME too! <3 I waahs lookIng for you In maahnsIons aahnd daahCehaahlls! <3 But I haahve ImpeCaahBle luCk you see, my Treasure."
"Really? I don't think my demeanor screams 'rich girl'. I am simply very well behaved." Mary's eyes drifted upwards towards Caraah's hair. Did she dye it herself? Seems like a lot of work. But it did look strikingly unique. She valued that in people, above all else.
"Oh But It does! <3 Enough to throw ME rIght off the traahIl! my lovely. It waahs aahn greaaht aahdeventure <3 though next tIME I'll BrIng you wIth ME <3" She looked for a place to sit, she jsut got here and didn't want to leave just yet. She wanted to find out more about her new pet!
Mary smiled, happy to be an entertaining game for her new 'friend'.
"So what am I to call you? And how did you get all the way here? My brain is simply buzzing with questions." Her tone was calm, yet excited and intrigued at the same time. Mary thought to herself that this was the most excited she has ever been in her life. That has to mean something, right?
"I'm Caraah <3 soME Caahll ME Caraah the greaaht aand they're rIght I aaah! Ooohoohoohoo!" She stoped looking for a place to sit and did a twirl to show off her greatness. "Well fIrst I baahtled the oCeaahn aahll aahlone <3 aahnd then I ClImed the taahllest sky scraahper too get aah good look aahround." She mimed her actions with great flourish as she told her story. "There I BattleId aah feaahrcom BusIness whItch <3 who trIed to kIll ME wIth her hIgh speed portaahBle maahces!"
She listened to the indigoblood's tale with great interest, believing every word. Mary gasped in awe. "Not only is Caraah a beautiful name for a beautiful face, I am in complete reverence that you've managed so much! Truly, I must be very lucky to have met you. But that still doesn't answer my question", she pried, "How did you get here?"
"I'm gettIng to thaaht <3 my pet! Don't you worry." She winked and gave Fifi a boop on the nose with her finger. "Aahfter aah gaahme wIth the whItCh <3 I found myself huntIng through the outskIrts for maahnsIons for you <3 But aahs you know I found nothIng of Interest <3 juust aah few treaahsures though none haahlf aahs worth my tIME!"   "I CaahME Baahk to the cIty and fought aah gaahng of vIcIous daahncers <3 hopIng you where aahmong them. But aahlaahs <3 I waahs aahbout too gIve In aahn aask foor aahnother clue <3 when suddely <3 aahs luck would haahve It <3 there you where!"
Mary smoothed out her dress, fidgeting with the white petticoat underneath, pulling the skirt up slightly. "Although I lost the game, I'm still happy I got to play with you. It was fun, thank you Caraah. But the true fun lies in my punishment for losing, right?"
"Oh yes Indeed! <3 Do you lIke shIps aaht aahll? You don't get seaah sIck <3 do you my lovely?" Oh that wouldn't do if she did. Having a pet was one thing, but cleaning up after its messes... oh no that wasn't something she wanted to do at all!
She shook her head. "I've never been on one, though I don't get queasy easily. It takes a lot to shake my calm exterior, you see."
"Thaahts whaaht maahkes you so InterestIng! <3 Aahnd now thaaht I see you <3 Thaaht maahsk does aahd to It. Whaaht aahn aahBsolute treaahsure you aahre!" Caraah moved to touch the mask, wanting to pet it.
Mary blushed again at Caraah's touch, her pink cheeks easily visible over pale skin. She had no business fawning over a stranger, this she knew, but wouldn't anyone do the same?   "Thank you", she said, more quietly than usual. "But I'm afraid girls like me are a dime a dozen here on these streets."
Caraah wondered what kind of wonderful place this city was to be full of masked humans one could simply purchase. Was she going about getting a pet wrong? Should she just buy one? Ha! No! Of course not!
"It Is saahd for them <3 you're the one thaaht got my aahtentIon! But don't you worry <3 If I feel mIffed aaht you I promise to threaahten to replaahs you wIth one of them!"
Mary's serene smile returned. "I suppose you could, yes, but I assure you I have a lot more in the way of discipline. The girls raised in the mansions you no doubt went through to get to me have no sense of gratefulness or fairness. Hardly any traits that would make games any fun at all."
"They where very fun to scaahre though <3 I'll sImply haahve to taahke you wIth ME next tIME my lovely. Now, whaaht here do you need to survIve? <3 I haahven't the slIghtest clue whaah humaahns eaaht!"
"Anything you can buy in the markets should be fine for me to ingest. Of course, I don't buy my food. I steal it. Most vendors tend to look the other way for a beautiful, lace-clad young woman." She chuckled, feeling a small surge of pride.
Caraah rubbed her hands together in glee at that and reached for Mary, wanting to toss her over her shoulder.
"CoME aahlong FIfI <3 we haahve 'shoppIng to do!"
Mary was willing to go along with whatever Caraah told her to do, as punishment for losing the game, so she put up no resistance when Caraah grabbed her, only making a slight squeak in shock. If this is who she was playing this new game with, she thought to herself, her life was about to get interesting.
Caraah skipped though the streets, looking for a food fender to rob from. She wanted to have plenty of pet food! She might have to do some convincing to get Dakota to allow her to keep her sweet new Fifi. She wanted as much leverage as she could get before returning. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission! And easier to get it with presents and thinking ahead!
"Whaaht Is your faahvorIte vender?" Caraah asked. "Haahve to get you soMRthIng you enjoy <3 It'll be more fun taahkIng It aahwaahy!"
Mary thought about it for a minute. "I don't particularly have a favorite..." She was still breathing hard yet still silent, having had the wind knocked out of her a minute ago. "I do enjoy sweets, though too much can't be good. It'd ruin my lovely figure."
"Oh? Thaaht sounds lIke aah delIghtful punIshMEnt <3 I'll Be sure to Buy plenty for when you're naahughty. I wIll ruIn your fIgure <3 aahnd everything you love! Won't that Be fun?" Caraah was beside herself with glee, she was already smitten with her new pet.   She stopped at the next sweets shop she came across and carefully set Fifi down. "You caahn go fIrst <3 My pet."
"I wasn't referring to how I would feel towards it. I was merely being considerate towards you, as dolls aren't as pretty when you overstuff them." With that, she opened the door to the shop, her whole demeanor changing from stoic to flirty and bouncy in seconds. Leaning over the counter suggestively and setting her head gently in her palm, she conversed with the blushing young man at the counter at a volume that couldn't be heard from outside. A few minutes later, she returned with a couple bags full of expensive gourmet sweets, a mischievous glint in her eyes and a bit of a smirk tugging at her pokerface. "And this is how I sustain myself. Everyone is so easily coerced once you show a little skin. It's kind of entertaining. I quite like the attention."
"Oh! How devIous <3 I love It. I partake in thaaht oCCaahsIonaahlly <3 Though I do enjoy smaahshing thIngs aahs well." Caraah gave Mary'sFifi's head a pat. "I won't haahve to traahIn you muCh aaht aahll <3 But If these aahren't aah punIshMEnt I may not haahve muCh use for them. Maybe DanIIa wIll lIke them? <3 Look Better than flowers!"
Mary cocked her head. "Who is Daniia? Are they someone I should know?" She clasped her hands behind her back politely. "And yes, I pride myself on accommodation of others' needs before my own, whether it be vanity or otherwise."
"Oh you'll see soon enough <3 I Caahn't waahIt to show you to the Crew. They wIll love you aahs muCh aahs I do <3 Or else!" Caraah clapped excitedly.
"I do hope so." The masked girl mused, tucking a strand or two of hair neatly behind her ear. "I'm very interested in this 'crew'. Simply delighted at every twist and turn of this rabbit hole I've dug for myself!"
Caraah gave Fifi's cheek a delighted pinch. "Oh we're going to haahve so muCh fun <3 I hope you like the oCean." Now.. where to get medical supplies... No wait, there was something much more important she needed to get first!
"Come FIfI! <3 We must get you aah collaahr!"
She nodded silently. Mary didn't exactly know what to think of that notion. She decided to inquire about it, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she closed it, not wanting any trouble.
Caraah was fairly sure collars where things pets had, but where did one get them from? She hadn't thought that part through very well. She really shouldn't be leaving important things like this up to chance! Not after she'd won the game. Couldn't have her new pet thinking less of her.
She was fairly sure she'd seen some in the mask store she'd invaded, but they might be ready for her this time, and she didn't want to risk harming her delicate little Fifi.
She pulled out her map and gave it a good looking at. She'd made it herself to record where she'd been, so of course it didn't have any useful labels on it for things she'd never seen. She wondered if, by some chance, they might have stores dedicated to pets. A pet outfitters perhaps?   "You've Been the Best pet so faahr <3 Do you want to pIck It out yourself?"
"I prefer not to wear colors. Anything in black should be fine. Frankly, I despise being dressed in any sort of garish attire. It looks beautiful on you, though." Mary admitted, still as a statue. She figured her chances of survival would be upped if she spoke highly of Caraah.
Mary was a very clever young woman, heaping praises onto the extremely vain Indigo. Caraah beamed, soaking it in.   "Yes Caahn't haahve you out shining ME <3 I thInk you'd Be lovely In aahnythIng though." Caraah held her hand out for Mary to take. "You should leaahd the waahy <3"
Mary gasped a little, genuinely surprised that someone offered physical contact. She felt just a tinge of embarrassment as she gently took Caraah's hand, leading her to a pet supply shop just down the road. The way was a little foggy in her mind, since she hadn't had a reason to go there in quite a while, but all the same she arrived there with barely a hitch in her smooth, elegant steps.
Caraah skipped along behind Fifi, finding her elegant gate to be as entrancing as her elegant way of speaking. She wondered if she could be as graceful on the ship. Would the rocking of the waves send her off balance? She sort of hoped they would! It would be fun to watch her stumble around. What a precious little thing!   She skipped ahead as they got there and opened the door, ready to go in an see what sort of things where in a pet store.
She stared at the open doorway, a little hesitant to go in. She feared embarrassment more than anything, and if Caraah said too much, everyone would stare. Mary hated getting stared at, especially when she couldn't control the situation. She took a tiny step, then froze up.
Once she was inside, Caraah pulled out her lazer gun and shot it into the air. "ALRIGHT MY LOVELIES <3 HAAHNDS UP OR BUTTS OUT! I'M TAAHKING WHAAHT I WAAHNT <3 BETTER HOPE IT'S NOT YOU!"
Mary hid behind the brick exterior of the building, watching from the window, silent as a shadow. If any onlookers did notice her, they payed her no mind. She was very skilled at looking unassuming. Caraah on the other hand... "Undercover" didn't seem like a word in her vocabulary. Mary decided she'd wait this out, and enjoy the show from a safe distance.
Caraah went to town shooting up stuff and kicking over display cases, having a grand ol' time. After a while she came back out with a hand full of collars and a bag of fishflakes. She looked around, missing sight of Fifi, and was worried she'd run off in the chaos. "FIfI <3 Where aahre youuu?"
She cleared her throat, making herself known. "I am right here, Miss. I have waited patiently for your return." She thought about asking about the fish food, but again opted to hold her tongue. She was going to play the obedient lap dog to get on Caraah's good side, at least, that's what she decided. If there were any repercussions whatsoever, Mary's motto was 'I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.'
Caraah clapped excitedly and dropped her things at at Fifi's feet, expecting her to carry it all. "AahlrIght <3 next Is MEdIcal supplIes! Aah~aahnd <3 Then we caahn heaahd baahck to the shIp! Aahrn't you excIted FIfI <3"
Mary, being able to read context clues adeptly, picked up everything, somehow managing to not look ridiculous. "Medical supplies? Like bandages and medicine? I'm not as fragile as I look, you know." She half joked, her eyes darting to the side to see if anyone was staring. "I am excited, though. Truthfully, I am absolutely delighted to earn your presence, Miss." Her tone laced with embarrassment and intrigue, Mary chose her words carefully.
"Who wouldn't Be delIghted <3 By my lovely presenCe? Ooohoohoohoo" Caraah laughed. "Even pIraahtes need medIcaahl suplIes <3" She winked and blew Fifi a kiss.
"Now lets see...<3 North or south." She pulled her map out again, adding the pet supply store to it.
She cocked her head to the side in thought. Where was the drugstore? Think, Mary, think! You mustn't appear dumb. Reapplying her black lipgloss, she spotted the way. Mary turned to Caraah and gestured smoothly with her hand, since she heard somewhere that pointing can be construed as unladylike. "This way. On this street, there should be a drugstore, as far as I am aware. The owner is quite abrasive, so I refrain from going there often. He called me a, pardon my language, a 'stupid, good for nothing, manipulative whore' the last time I passed by. Perhaps he just has something against women..." Mary frowned. She may be may be composed and smooth, but it did sting quite a bit. She wasn't bulletproof.
"I Caahn't ImaahgIne aahnyone CaahllIng you stupId <3 stupId people aahre no fun." She thought about it a second then laughed. "Oohoohoohoo! Okaahy soMEtiMEs they Can Be fun <3 espeCIaahlly aahs taahrget praahctIce."
"Hm... You know, I don't think I have ever engaged in violent behavior. I'm sure if I tried, I would look rather silly." She chuckled softly. "I suppose I have never needed to. Though, I bet I could do some damage with a palette knife or somesuch."
"VIolence caahn Be fun now aahnd then <3 Its more my laahnd hoBBy." Caraah gave Fifi's head a pat, thinking about the comment of ehr looking silly.
"I Caahn't waahIt to post pIctures of you doIng sIlly thIngs onlIne! <3 I heaahr thaahs Customaahry pet Caahre."
Mary shook her head with a smile. "Prepare to be sorely disappointed, then. I never do things without thinking rationally. My feet never leave the ground, unless I am prepared for such an action. I will be very hard to make a fool out of."
Caraah clapped excitedly. "Ooh aahnother Chaahllaahnge! <3 I'll haahve to keep my eye out." She winked at Fifi and then put a finger to her mouth in thought. "Hrm.. But you don't haahve aah new chaahllaahnge <3 We Caahn't haahve thaaht."
Her smile grew. "What challenge could you assign to me? I am very eager to hear about this new, exciting opportunity. Call me easily impressed, but every moment with you seems to bring in something more splendidly fun!" She wasn't lying. Mary was absolutely ecstatic. This truly was the best day of her life.
"Of Course It Is! <3 I'm wonderful, aahfret all!" Caraah beamed proudly before giving the challenge some thought. "You'll haahve to find my weaahkness <3 Before I CaahtCh you doing soMEthing silly. Whoever fInIshes theIr <3 Chaahllaahnge fIrst Is the wInner."
Excitedly, Mary's eyes widened. Another game! Another chance at winning, truly this woman must be an angel in plainclothes. "I have lost once, and I will not do it again, Miss. I value this opportunity to rise to your level. Thank you. Now, I shall have to go about this by doing what I do best. Watching and learning."
Caraah was going to need a camera, her husktop's camera had stopped working after she dropped it in the ocean one too many times. she really should get a seadweller one, would last her alot longer on the boat. "Aahnd It doesn't Count If I pICk you up <3 thaaht would Be too eaahsy! I just Caahn't help myself <3 I waahnt to toss you over my shoulder aahll daahy!"
Her hand brushed against Caraah, at which point she (tw: slight self harm) quickly pulled away and dug her nails into it, the pain shooting up her arm and causing her perfect smile, on a near microscopic level, to falter. Despite this, Mary nodded ever so smoothly once again, her wavy hair bouncing slightly. "Yes, I see that. And I will not resist, because truthfully, while not being the most graceful or ladylike thing, it is... A little bit fun."
"You lIke the thrIll <3 don't you?" Caraah winked at her again, but started walking again instead of doing as she threatened. "The rush of aahdrenaahlIne when thIngs don't go exaahctly your waahy <3"
Maybe she was projecting a bit, but she didn't really care. She liked people better when she projected her ideas or some of herself onto them anyway.
"I do, to a degree. But it may also be the prospect of flying, written in storybooks and pictured in paintings, and the fact that it is a feat that non-avian creatures like you and me will never be able to achieve." She quickly caught up to Caraah, walking beside her. She was fixated on the self absorbed pirate, nearly in a trance at how confidently she carried herself.
"Oohoohoohoo!" Caraahed laugh at that. She held her hand out for Mary to take. "If I waahnt to fly I wIll <3 aahnd I mIght even taahke you wIth ME."   "Now, leaahd the waahy Fifi <3"
Mary stood there for a moment, tensing up. What was she supposed to do now? She obviously understood the situation here, but... Her face reddened in embarrassment as she darted her onyx eyes to her left to avoid staring. "You... Can I..? I don't want to be presumptuous or anything..."
Worries flitted about her brain like moths as she lowered her gaze to the sidewalk and awaited Caraah's response, unconsciously picking at her nails nervously.
"Well <3 whaahts the poInt In haahvIng aah pet If you leaahve It BehInd aahll the time?" Caraah mused. "I wIll leaahve you BehInd soME tIMEs aahnywaahy <3 Just to spite you. Its the nature of things isn't it?"
She hadn't really done any research on pets, just watched an influx of cat and dog videos on her phone since returning to the crew. She had meant to be looking up what getting married was, but it looked boring so she got distracted with the pets doing cute things.
"I... I suppose that's true..." She nervously took Caraah's hand, her touch light as a feather. She feared scaring the older girl away, having met her in person only moments ago. She had to show restraint, otherwise she would come off as overwhelming. And Caraah, from what she had seen, was a loaded gun with a hair trigger. She wanted to blame her lack of action on that, but truthfully, she didn't know what it was. Maybe she felt like she was below Caraah's level? Mary's face lost all emotion in it as she zoned out, her thoughts filled with questions about what was bothering her.
Caraah, self absorbed as she was, didn't seem to notice the hesitation as anything worth worrying about. All it did was amuse her as she dragged her new companion along on her errands.
She was having a grand time of it too, trying to show 'Fifi' off at every opportunity, despite it seeming to make Mary uncomfortable to be on display.   As soon as she was done gathering supplies it was time to head back to the ship. Though she was a bit torn, she had hoped to come across a few people while she was out on her adventure. She felt ever so slightly bad coming back mostly empty handed in the department after having spent a few days hunting Mary down and only a few hours gathering things she promised to get.   She lead Mary to her little lifeboat and started loading things up on it. Luckily there was plenty of room for both of them, but she hadn't considered if this was something her new 'pet' could handle.   "ThIs Is your laahst ChaahnCe for aah whIle <3 If you're goIng to run aahwaahy now's the tIme!" She laughed.
To be Continued...


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