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Streets 1} Owen and Zydeca

Owen played by Kiwi, Zydeca played by Orange
Owen looked at it and raised an eyebrow "huh what's my deal?" He seemed very confused as her walked "I'm sorry I dony really know what you mean bu that?"
Zyd decided to just drop the line of questioning. Whatever. There was that ironblood Julwae, this guy was probably the same. Humans were like that sometimes, doing random shit for no easily identifiable reason. "NEver mind, never mind. WHy'd you choose that booth specifically? NOt afraid of a violetblood, surrounded by musclebeat-esque indigos? THey could and were about to crush either or both of us into a pulp."
Owen blinked and rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh..." he said just now actually realizing that he could have been in real danger. He was a little bit tipsy and well you know what alcohol can do to you. "I um didnt really notice"
"I Know you didn't notice. THat's why I brought it up, and got you out of there." The clink of caegars in its bag wasn't too loud, honestly. "HOw'd you even get there, anyway?"
Owen looked at his feet as they walked and he chewed the inside of his cheek. Owen looked at Zyd and messed with his hoodie strings. "I dunno I just kinda.......walked over"
Well, he certainly wasn't lying. Was it even worth the effort to chew him out? Probably not. Zyd let out a sigh. Sure, fine. "I Believe you. BUt those guys were no joke, and getting killed probably isn't too high on your list of priorities."
He rubbed the back of his neck again. "Yeah no it's uh not something I want." Owen looked looked around "I should be more careful and maybe keep my drinking in my own house." Owen you lightweight.
"I'M not here to tell you what to do, but, yeah. MAybe do that." Zyd was entirely willing to let the human off easy-- no need to extort anything out of him, not with such a large deal handled and all. "WHere's your hive-- HOuse-- FRom here? NOt too far?"
Owen looked at it. "I live close a couple blocks maybe. um so what were you doing with all those highbloods anyway...You are pretty low on the weird blood thingy aren't you?" He blinked at looked at Zyd for a moment "Was that like speciesit or something I don't really know a whole lot about trolls"
So maybe the human was a little more observant than Zyd gave him credit for. Another sigh. "YEah, I'm a lowblood, since you're asking. ONly a couple rungs above the lowest. I Was only out with the nobility for some business, if you catch my drift." This was possibly the worst person to open up about the whole business to.
Owen blinked and tilted his head to the side as he walked "Uhhh no...what kind of business??" Owen was kind of dense and that was definitely made obvious by this whole interaction.
Zyd pinched the bridge of its nose, hoping that they were at least walking in the direction of Owen's home. This was a relatively untouched part of the city, composed of mainly one set of architecture. Easily navigable, easily mapped out. "WHat kind of business? DElivery. I Run stuff around for highbloods."
Owen walked with it and nodded. They were in fact walking in the right direction. "What kind of stuff like....illigal stuff" he whispered
Zyd almost groaned, exasperatedly. "YEah. LIke illegal stuff. UNless you want any, don't go around talking about it."
"hey I think I know someone who needs that. If were uh talking about the same kinda stuff that is" Owen smiled at it. "my friend smokes weed" he said still quietly
Weed. A low-risk item to move around, but dependable. Also, barely illegal, in the light of every other social problem. "SUre, like that. WEed. WHat, your 'friend' doesn't have a dealer?"
"Oh....Well I guess she must for how often she smokes...." Owen rubbed his head and chuckled "Man maybe I am more drunk than I thought" He chuckled softly
A helpful fact about Zyd, while we're here; it doesn't drink. As much as it can possibly avoid it, at least. Barely likes soda, even. If it knew what LaCroix was, it would probably like that. Not that it's particularly judgmental, it certainly couldn't afford to be. "YOu're coherent enough, if that's what you're wondering. ARe we even moving in the direction of your hive?"
He pointed to a bilding ahead of him "Right there." Owen looked at it and gave it a smile "Tired of me I take it"
Despite its exasperation, Zyd knew its feelings for this human were certainly leaning more towards pity, than hate. As if anyone believed in that stuff anymore. "YOu probably need some kind of rest, so you stop running right into possible-death scenarios. CAn't count on me to be around, at least. THough, if you did want the smallest amount of troll protection, I could give you my trollhandle."
"And to think I was gonna invite you in for somthing to drink, like water though not beer," Owen chuckled. He really was an idiot wasn't he inviting strangers into his home. "I'll take your handle though"
Owen snickered "To tell you a secret I'm a criminal too, Ha probobly not as bad as you though," He shrugged "Mine is guidedOblitiration"
Owen nodded "Oh I guess that's fair I am a vandal and I like to tag shit with my friend I also break petty laws sometimes...and also weed sometimes i mean honeslty noting that serious but crime none the less"
"hehehe whoooooo" He snorted at himself "alright alright I'll leave you alone. I can take a hint, I'll have to message you later"
"I'M sure you will," Zyd said, gently closing Owen's door behind him. That guy would probably forget by morning, what its handle was. Not that it particularly minded one way or the other.
Scene End


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