Thresh's Hive 1} Thresh and Owen

Thresh played by Kiki, Owen played by Kiwi
He opened the door and turned on the light. It was fairly dim, and very clean. Very empty. Very minimalistic. "Well, here. Sit down." He gestured for Owen to sit on the couch, and closed the door behind him. "I have some human food I can make. Do you want some?"
Owen stumbled over to the couch, and he flopped down. He looked at the purpleblood and nodded. "Please" he mumbled and leaned into the soft cushions. God he just felt so awful. Owen shut his eyes, as his head pounded.
He turned on his oven and started preparing Chicken Nuggets, the only human food he had in his entire house. "If you need a blanket, I can grab you one. Are you sure you aren't sick? If you're sick I can give you medicine. I'm sure I have some..." He popped the Chicken Nuggets in the oven and started rummaging around in his medicine cabinet.
"I have a bad headache," Owen said taking his sneakers off. He had realized he was being kinda rude, and he didn't want to track any dirt through the house. "Sorry" He mumbled again and rubbed his head.
Thresh, who was absolutely still wearing his boots shamelessly, did not even realize. "Huh?" He kept looking through the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Human Medicine. Surely that would have to work for every ailment, right?
"This says....... Nyquil. I'll give you some of that. And you can shower in my shower too if you want. You probably should. You've been puking a lot."
"Nyquil is for cold, and flu" Owen mumbled and turned around to look at him, "are you sure, I don't want to bother you anymore than I already have.
"...isn't that what you have?" he said, pouring him a glass full of nyquil. "You aren't bothering me! You're friends with Zyd, there's no way you could bother me. Here, drink this." He handed him the giant ufcking flask of nyquil.
Owen shook his head "dude no no fuck I'm sick from the alcholo. If I drink all that it'll make everything worse dude, and you can't drink that shit by the bottle."
He stared at it, stumped. Then he chugged half of it and poured the rest in the bottle. "I can probably get in contact with someone and see if they have anything that can cure humans of alcohol... it would probably be faster if Zyd would answer me, though."
He shook his head "I'll be better in the morning, I just need food and water," Owen sighed and cringed at the drinking of the nightquill, "It hasn't been awsnwering me either."
"Mmh. I hope it's okay. I wonder what's been going on?" he said, pacing around the living room for a bit. "Ah well. Here here." He handed him a near-frozen water bottle out of the fridge. "I'll get a hang of it sometime."
Owen took the water and smiled before setting it on the coffee table. He pulled his legs against the couch and yawned. "bluh" he mumbled. Now he was tired, like really tired.
Thresh grabbed a blanket and tucked him in. "Go to sleep. I will wake you up with the Chicken Nuggets are done."
He nodded and layed down. He passed the fuck out, boy did he need that. All of this stess was getting the better of him for sure.
Scene End


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