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Bar 4} Irmano, Pixzie, Vloume, Owen, Thresh

Irmano played by Leng, Pixzie played by Kiwi, Vloume played by Leng, Owen played by Kiwi, Thresh played by Kiki
Irmano finally managed to drag himself out of the sewers. His clothes had tried some time ago so that made it easier.
Really it was on him for sleeping by the river again. Some passing kids had rolled him into it and he'd just let it carry him along, some how ending in the sewers. His hair getting caught in the filters was annoying so he eventually climber out to lay on the walkways. He had considered taking a walk to the catacomes, but not he had other plans.
Ad so now he was walking into the bar despite knowing it was a terrible idea to be in a crowded place. He could resist being invited by someone who's company he enjoyed.
The bar wasn't actually that crowded it must have been a slow night. Pixzie was sitting at the tables hoping she didn't get kicked out for loitering. She was staring at her phone and tapping her free hand against the table. She was too short for her feet to be touching the ground and she felt kind of stupid about that but what can you do when you're 4'8 and everything is like this. "fuck tables" she mumbled to her self still tapping her fingers.
Irma looked around, he didn't think to ask what Pixzie even looked like. He rolled his eyes at himself and pulled out his phone to see if there were any hints in their last message.. actually that was work.. he texted her 'yoouu theeree? iif yoouu aaree fliick ooff thee aass aat thee doooor oor spomeethiing ii guueess' instead
Pixzie looked at the text and snorted before setting her phone on the table. She looked to the door and smirked before giving him the finger. She looked him over studying his features. She snorted again seeing the way he looked was sort of what she figured he would.
Irma stuffed his hands in his pockets and slouched his way over to her.
"yoouu tryiing too proovookee mee oor soomeethiing?" He grinned and sat down next to her instead of in the seat across from. They could both see the whole bar better this way.
He slumped in the booth until they seemed much closer in height. Not to be 'nice' or patronizing, thought he wasn't above being patronizing when it was funny to him, it was just the way he sat.
She watched him walk over and leaned back putting her middle finger back down. When Irma sat down she nodded "OBviously could you not tell dude." She was kinda glad he slouched because it made her feel a bit taller and it also ment she didn't have to look up. "I knew it wasn't gonna work though you're to fucking lazy to get provoked." she chuckled at him.
"yeeaah goot aa pooiint theeree heey yoouu knoow iif thiis plaacee dooees taabs oor freeee waateer oor soomeethiing?" He actually had some cash on him, but he had other plans for it. But if he had to end up buying something he wasn't going to fight it.
"ooh yeeaah iif yoouu diinee aand daash maan juust leeaavee mee beehiind iits fiinee ii aaiint ruunniin for noooonee"
She scratched the back of her neck and shrugged "I think they do free water? not really sure I don't go to the bar to drink" She snorted when she drank it was at home and it was usually not alcohol you are supposed to consume. She didn't have any money but she wasn't going to tell Irma that. "dining and dashing is too risky, specially if you don't know who owns the place. I don't really feel like getting the empire out here to cull my ass,"
"aah cooool cooool juust leetiing yoouu knoow foor thee fuutuuree ii guueess seettiing groouund ruulees oor soomeethiing" Irma attempted to get his feet up on the booth seat across from him. one foot made it but the other didn't. He figured that was close enough and called it a job well done.
"ii haaveent beeeen oouut wiith friieends iin soo loong ii kiindaa foorgoot hoow iit woorks"
She shrugged again and looked at the ceiling before back at him. "I don't know I haven't really done much of anything lately just work stuff." She leaned against the wall beside her and pulled her feet onto the booth. her legs fit comfortably in a criss cross position and she herself fit between him and the wall. One of the perks of being small was you had room to put yourself. "But I mean I might be able to carry you, I can't leave you behind after all you'd probably rat me out." she joked and let out another snort.
Irma stuck his tongue out at the mention of work and shrugged.
"heey maan iif iit geets mee aa oouut oof waalkiing caan yoouu blaamee mee?"
He glanced around again, wondering if there were any drunk idiots or groups of douchebags to make fun of. Always nice to have a backup subject if he ran out of things to bitch about.
"iim noot too proouud too bee aaboovee geettiing draageed aaroouund by my haaiir iif ii doont goottaa liift my feeeet"
She snorted and shook her head. "oh I can blame you for ratting me out if you do especially to the cops I'll get you back." she pointed a finger at him and gave him a smirk. "But I can see you paying someone to drag you around if you had any money." she set her hands in her lap. " :oliveheart: and I could totally kick your ass :oliveheart: " Her voice raised a couple octaves with her last words and she snickered. She wasn't actually ticked off she just wanted to see how he'd react to her signature high voice.
"maaybee yoouu caan coon soomeeoonee iintoo paayiing uus too draag mee heeh heeh heeh" He laughed lazily at his idea and shrugged at her ass kicking comment. "gooood luuck whiilee iim siitiing oon iit"
"Con artist I am, I know some gullible people. I mean Densra probably would just to have someone around him" She snorted softly and snickered. When Irma didn't seem to respond to the high pitched nature of her fairy language voice she smiled genuinely. "Wow I'm surprised. and yeah I didn't think about that part."
"uug ii meeaan hee coouuld paay weell buut ii doont waannaa deeaal wiith hiis kiismeesiis thiinkiing iim muuscliing iin oon hiis teeriitoory thaat soouunds liikee aa paaiin beesiidees ii doont waant hiim cryiing oon mee iill bee sooggy foor daays"
The sound of her voice had been earsplitting, but he never really was one to act on being pained. Lu's voice could get high at times but that was on a new level. He couldn't even hear out of the auricular sponge clot that was closest to her anymore. His mind wondered randomly to getting her a megaphone for harassing people at a distance.. make a great weapon.
Pixzie laughed "yeah you can't even talk around him he's so fragile. God what does Karzlo even see in him." she shook her head, "I don't think that he is the jealous type but I don't know. I steal from him not butt in his personal life." she scoffed "How does someone like him get two quadrants anyway" you could almost feel the jealously in her voice.
"whoo kaarzloo oor deensraa? ii meeaan neeiitheers reeaaly my typee soo haard too saay booth seeeem preety hiigh maaiinteenaancee ii aaint aaboouut thaat yoouu knoow? aaboouut riight foor eeaachootheer ii guueess theey liikee thee woork oor soomeethiing ii guueess"
Okay the ringing was starting to make hearing from the other ear difficult too, the low murmuring or the bar was getting drowned out. Ah well not like he needed to hear that anyway.
"Densra," she sighed and crossed her arms "Yeah they both are. fucking dealing with each other is what they deserve I guess. but Karzlo's not that bad." She snorted and jabbed him in the arm "they day you work is the day the fucking planet explodes or something."
"whaat doo yoouu thiink haapeend too thee oold woorld? fuuckiing thoouugh too haard aaboouut woorkiing aand baam goonee heeh heeh heeh" Irma couldn't hear a waiter come up and ask if they were ordering something, but he'd have ignored them even if he did so it was probably fine.
"ol kaarly iis liikee yoouur neeiighbeer riight? yoouu twoo groow uup toogeetheer oor soomeethiing oor juust wiind uup thaat waay aafteer thee meergee?"
Pixzie waved her hand at the waiter "still deciding" she figured Irma was just being herself in ignoring the waiter but she didn't really feel like getting kicked out. "Damn Irma, dangerous planet destroyer." she chuckled. "Well on alternia I lived in the city when the merge happened. after that I started looting shit in all the chaos and almost got myself culled by a purple so my Lusus drug me out there to the fucking desert. so I was like 6 sweeps when I started taking his shit. so technically a little bit of both."
"Shiit maan aaiint seeeen my luusuus iin fooreeveer hees proolly waaiitiing foor mee too coomee hoomee" He sighed and puffed his hair out of his face. "buut yeeaah glaad yoouu diidn't geet cuulleed maan soo ii oowee yoouur luusuus oonee"
She rolled her eyes and scoffed "I could have taken care of it," She sat there for a second, "Okay, maybe- maybe she was right to pull me out of their but still. I fucking hate the desert. What's your Lusus like?"
"eeh.. ii meeaan wee geet aaloong buut hee eencuuraagees aand eenaablees soomee baad haabiits iim tryiing too droop dooeesnt reeaally aaproovee oof my liifeestylee buut ii meeaan hee triiees too bee suupoortiivee ii guueess ii juust kiindaa goot soomee baad meemooriiees wiith my hiivee soo ii aavooiid iit noot reeaally hiis faauult yaa knoow?"
"maaybee tmii heeh"
She nodded, "Lusi can't live with them can't live with out them," She sighed "But I get that yeah" She leaned against the wall again "No dude you're fine I get it, you can't tmi with me I don't mind sharing"
"iikr?" Damn now he felt kind guilty he was never home. But not enough to go back any time soon.
"neeveer waas muuch oof aa shaareer mooree oof aa taakeer heeh buut iim woorkiin oon thaat oor soomeethiing"
She leaned over and gently punched him in the shoulder before leaning against the wall again. "doing better than me I guess because I am, not working on it." She snickered. "what can I say feels good being this much of a badass"
"heeh heeh soouunds liikee eextraa woork too mee yoouu eeveer feeeel soorry foor theem beefoouurs troolls geettiing shooveed iin aa woorld wiith uus? theey aaree kiindaa sooft soomee tiimees ii thiink aaboouut hoow shiit thiieer luuck iis soomee tiimees ii thiink aaboouut thaat ooh waaiit shiie yoouu aareent oonee aaree yoouu? ii aalwaayseed aassuumed noot"
Pixzie froze up a bit visibly and she held onto her arms. "I um- not, I'm from Alternia" She swallowed dryly "Um haha yeah they're softies mhm" She looked at her lap and took a breath to try and calm herself down. Ugh don't you dare get worked up over this Calpob.
Oops, looks like he hit some sort of nerve there, she smelt nervous... as long as it wasn't fear he'd be alright. This was fine, everything was going to be fine.
"yeeaah maan juust aa thiing ii thiink aaboout soomeetiimes ii gueess soo whaats yoouur luusuus liikee ii meeaan ootheer thaan screeaachy?"
Real smooth jackass, gg.
She took another breath, "she's something alright." she messed with the hem of her skirt calming down a little. "She is annoying, she is loud, she is high maintenance, and god she's a bitch" Pixzie groaned "We aren't really the closest"
"too muuch aaliikee too geet aaloong heeh heeh heeh" Irma teased, hoping to change the mood back to something a bit easier to maintain his cool in. He really liked her company, shit meeting in person was a bad idea. This could go so wrong so fast. Why was he such an idiot?
she looked at him and shot him a playful glare. "Oh yeah, well you aren't exactly prince charming so pardon my bitching," She snorted "And I am not high maintenance" she playfully rolled her eyes. The teasing did make her ease up a bit, anything to get away from the topics at hand.
"heeh ookaay ii taakee thaat paart baack yoouu steeaal whaat youu neeeed doont goottaa maaiintaaiin shiit buut thee reest maan ii meeaan ii aaiint coomplaaiiniin theeyree soomee oof yoouur beest quuaaliitiies"
She snickered "Finally someone appreciates the work that goes into being me" She dramatically flicked a strand of her bangs behind her ear because her hair was to heavy to flip all of that. "but yeah I guess you would find being annoying a good thing, I mean-" She smirked "You are you after all"
"soomeeoonee noot shoowiing yoouu proopeer aappreeciiaatiioon? ii meeaan ii aaiint guunnaa doo aanythiing aaboouut iit buut daamn juust aaiint riight ii aapreeciiaatee aal woork thaat ii aaiint goottaa doo heeh heeh heeh"
He looked up as the waiter came back and tapped him on the shoulder.
"heey maan maaybee doont toouuch mee"
Pixzie snorted and laughed "yeah, I appreciate all that work you aren't doing too" She looked at the waiter after Irma said something she didn't say anything she just watched him curious about what was going to happen next. She was tempted to ask for a water but she still didn't know if they were free and really didn't want to seem like she didn't have money. Granted she didn't, but no one needs to know that.
Vloume pulled their hand back, gripping the note pad they used for taking orders, and gave a few little bows.
"oh dear, i am so so very sorry. PLEASE allow me to apologize. i should notty have touched you. fat was very wrong of me. I was HOPING to serve you somethingy. if you do not mind."
Irma blinked, they were talking so softly he couldn't hear over the ringing in his ears. Though he did hear the Please and Hoping... that didn't help.
He looked over at Pixzie and shrugged.
Pixzie snorted and looked at Irma "can't even order for yourself huh," She teased him before looking at Vloume. She looked at the table before back at them. Pixzie had keen ears so even the quietness couldn't make them unbearable to her. She decided to just ask about the water because it was worth a shot, "Um do you guys have free water?"
"noopee guueess noot" Irma played it off with a shrug and stuck his tongue out at Pixzie. Surely a good nap would fix his hearing... right? Meh wasn't like he was making good use of it anyway, it was actually nice and relaxing to not always be hearing the thump of blood pushers all the time. It made hanging out much simpler honestly. Maybe he could get her to shreek at him again some time.
"waateer shoouuld bee freeee riight? oor yaall chaargee too uusee thee fluusheer toooo?"
Pixzie giggled and shook her head at him "I mean I think you do actually have to buy something to use it. Costumers only policy or some stupid shit." She looked at Vloume again "heh I mean you get me right ya know fuck the corporate machine or some shit" She didn't really think saying the statement about the policy being stupid would get her kicked out but her nervousness about Irma finding out about her money problem was starting to loom in the back of her head.
Vloume's eyes flashed with passion and fire for a very small moment at Pixzie's words. But they quickly glazed over as Vloume lowered their gaze.
They just sort of stood there quietly for a moment, as if they had forgotten they were suppose to be doing something.
After a a bit they shivered and pulled their large coat around them, nodding to Pixzie.[br "i can get you bof some watery if you LIKE."
The bowed a few more times, still not daring to look up, and turned to quickly fetch the water.
Irma looked at pixzie and raised an eyebrow. what was that about? Oh well free shit. "niicee oonee piix woondeer iif wee caan geet freeee fooood toooo"
Pixzie watched them. That was weirdish well she didn't get kicked out so win for her. She nodded and shrugged "Who knows maybe I can score us a free meal. I can't really think of any plots right now though. Your lazyness is getting to me Irms" She smirked as she 1 didn't even say the last syllable of his nickname and also two faked a yawn. She still smirked at him holding back snickers. She was proud of herself for this one that's for sure.
"ooh shiit maan iim coonaagiioouus heeh heeh heeh guueess yoouur doonee foor" Irma grinned a bit despite himself and finally made the effort to get his second foot up on the booth. "beeteer eescaapee beefooree yoouu eend uup sleeeepiing heeree foor aa weeeek"
Pixzie snorted and chuckled. "I can't you've already made me to lazy to get up. Guess that napping were doings gonna be here instead of at you're friends place" she smiled and shut her eyes "Oh no Irma I'm falling asleep," She fake snored.
"ooh maan iits woorsee thaan ii thoouugh ii doont thiink eeveen thee waateer caan saavee yoouu noow ii shoouuld haavee waarneed yoouu buut ii waas too laazy aand noow yoouur doooomeed" He wondered if he should try and get Lutonk to meet him there. Would they even get along? He kinda hoped they would. Lu needed to get out of the house more anyway right?
"miight juust haavee too see iif luu waants too coomee heeree theen"
Pixzie opened her eyes back up and snickered "doomed as fuck but hey at least were doomed together." She looked at him and shrugged "sounds like a plan"
Vloume returned with two glasses of water and bowl of nuts. They quietly waited to be acknowledged, not wanting to interrupt anything.
Pixzie looked at them and grabbed her water "thanks we arent sure what we want to eat yet" she took a drink of her water before looking back at Irma.
Irma was doing his best to one handedly text lutonk, two hands was too much. He gave a slight nod to the waiter and hoped they'd just put the drink down so he wouldn't have to reach up for it.
Vloume nodded to Pixzie.
"i do noty wanty to rush you. PLEASE take as longy as you need. you are WELCOME to come to the bary if you wanty, or wave to get my attention. i am so so very HAPPY to serve you."
They put the glass of water and the bowl of nuts on the table and bowed again.
Pixzie snorted at Irma a little tempted to mess him um but she decided not too. She set her water back down on the table. To her Vloume was acting weird but it made sense for them to act that way given their place on the hemospectum. She grabbed a couple nuts in her palm and held herself back from just swallowing the whole thing. God when was the last time she ate. I mean it was normal for her to scarf down her food but still. She ate them one by one out of her hand. She heard her stomach growl and hoped Irma wouldn't.
Lucky for, but unbeknownst to, Pixzie, Irma heard not one rumble of the tumble. He reached slowly for a hand full of nuts, and stuffed them all into his mouth at once, not wanting to use the energy to pick them out one at a time. Shit.. but now he had to chew them.. he didn't even think to de-shell them first... oh well guess he had to live with his choices, misguided as they were.
"PLEASE ENJOY these COMPLEMENTARY beery nuts." Vloume gave a few more little bows before feeling she was dismissed and scurrying off to help another costumer.
Pixzie laughed at him and shook her head "irma for fucks sake," she snorted and covered her mouth "you need me to chew them for you" she tried not to cackle at the display but god did she think it was funny. "Watch and learn" she grabbed and handful tossed then in her mouth and got them down pretty fast. "I've got it down to a science at this point"
Just to be an ass Irma spit his wad of slobbery nuts back into his hand and offered it to her. "suuree maan saavee mee thee troouublee heeh heeh heeh"
"Aw fuck no" she let out a cackle "Then I'd have to kiss you, and not doing that sorry not sorry" She sat back giggling "fucking nasty ass"
Irma shrugged "heey maan iit waas woorth aa shoot heeh" he snickered and stuffed the glob back in his mouth, attempting to swallow it in one go. Shells and all. He almost didn't make it, the damn things were so dry, but he he was way too lazy to bother panicking while choking. So instead he just picked up his glass of water and chugged about half of it down, forcing the food along with it.
She watched this display and lost her shit again. "God Irma you are the fucking best" she snorted and leaned against the wall "Fucking something else as well, maybe like the worst but in a good way ya know." she snickered "I don't know if giving you the best as a titles a good idea might go to your head or something."
"y-yeeaah" Irma wheezed slightly, still recovering from himeslf. "praaiisee iis baad foor mee maakees my haaiir groow oor soomee shiit"
She shook her head and sighed "Oh my god," she watched him and snorted "You gonna make it or should I call the morgue" she joked.
"naa maan iim gooood" He took a smaller sip of water and reached for more nuts. "ii caant haandlee boodiiees maan ii loosee my shiit"
Okay.. just a few this time.. like two.. he could prolly get two down without chewing. But if he did chew.. he'd have to reach less times... shit why was eating so complicated?
She grabbed another handful to start eating and she hummed. Her stomach made another noise because lets face it nuts are not nutritious enough to be a meal. She felt a little better eating them though. She drank the rest of her water than looked around the bar.
The bar was started to get a bit busier, it was too early for trolls to really be caring that much, but to humans it was late and time to party.. or something. But it wasn't a human scheduled party day, they were particular about those things, so busier didn't translate to actually busy.   Hopefully busier also meant less attention on the loiterers, though if it got too busy it would be more on getting them to leave.   Irma, for once, didn't have his mind on the hustle and bustle of living beings around him. The smell of alcohol and cleaning chemicals(odd that it wasn't piss smelling, bars were usually piss smelling) masked alot of the normal people smells, and his currently impaired hearing masked the sounds. This was the best night out he'd had in a while. It was a shame that Lutonk was busy and couldn't join him, but he was having a good time so it would be alright.   "looooks liikee luu iis aalreeaady oouut dooiing soomeethiing aat thee maall"
"Damn, well mayBe next time" Pixzie watched as people started entering the bar. Ugh people. I mean at least it wasn't a ton of people. Maybe someone would do something stupid while they were drunk and it would be fun to laugh at. She was running out of things to talk about which was unlike her because she'd usually bring out the insults by now. She actually did like Irma though so that wasn't going to be an option. She'd gotten to use to being an asshole for her on good. She pursed her lips and thought for a second and a conversation topic popped in her head. It was probably a bad idea but oh well. "so do you have any quadrants?" She felt embarrassed right after she said that because gog it was a terrible question and also if he had any she didn't. Pixzie oh my god why.
"eeh mee aan luu beeeen paalee fooreeveer ootheer thaan thaat" he shrugged, not really sure why he was answering as honestly as he was. "haaveent reeaally feelt blaack siincee my eex uuh.. diieed aasheens juust woork noo thaanks aand thaats aaboout iit noot suupeer iinteereestiing ii knoow heeh heeh heeh"
Pixzie blinked a little at the glossing over of the ex died part. I mean she wasn't going to bring that up that just sounded like a can of worms she did not want to get into at the moment. She shrugged at him "It's not like I have anything going on in that department so, not that boring. I was just curious I guess, maybe it was weird to ask,"
"heeh yeeaah maan whaat aa weeiidoo tryiing too geet too knoow peeooplee" Irma took a sip of water, taking longer than necessary to give himself time to think. See this is why he didn't deal with people, he had to think too damn much. He set the water down and shrugged. "soorry maan ii doont haang aaroouund peeooplee muuch theesee daays yaa knoow? duunnoo whaat too doo wiith myseelf iif ii aaiint piickiin oon soomeeoonee ii guueess."
She chuckled at the first bit. She just didn't have a whole lot of good experiences with people. She always made fun of them or stole from them. But she actually liked Irma. She sighed and shrugged "Guess being an asshole has it's downsides too. I mean we could just make fun of each other," She joked and looked around the bar again. She was getting anxious god what is wrong with her right now. She was being so ridiculous.
"yeeaah maan wooee iis uus buunchaa aasses wiith noo taargeet lool ii meeaan looook aat thiis taall aass iidiioot toooo neervoouus too bee niicee soo hees goottaa piick oon hiimseelf" Irma half joked. "aan thaat shoort oonee whaat aa biitch" he stuck his tongue out at her and laughed. "heeh heeh heeh cuutee aass fuuckiing biitch thoouugh thaats wheeree yoouu geet eem caatch eem ooff guuaard" He rambled on, having given up on the thinking part of conversation.
She chuckled and her face tinted a bit olive at the compliment. "He look being 4'8 has it's benefits. I mean look at me all cozy, also stealing things is easier. And you aren't to bad yourself," She snorted "Ima steal your kneecaps though you're too tall for your own good" she joked and snickered.
"leeaast iill fiinaally haavee aa gooood eexcuusee noot too waalk buut ii duunoo hoow muuch yoouu coouuld maakee ooff eem haavee too keeeep eem aan uusee eem aas driink cooaasteers foor yoouur saaniitiizeer ool kaarly iis guunaa thiink yoouuree soo fuuckiin faancy maan"
She lost it at that and shook her head "yeah my signature Irma kneecap cup holders for my sanitizer." She giggled, "I'm gonna trademark that and make a fucking fortune"
"juust seell piics oof theem oon thee iinteerneet too maakee eeveeryoonee jeeaaloouus theeyree aa raaree yoouu knoow iim groowiing mooree soouunds liikee woork maan ooh shiit maan yoouu guunaa seell knoockooffs ii shoouuldaa thoouught oof thaat sooooneer"
She chuckled "Yeah I'll sell one of the originals for like millions and keep one to show it off. I'll be like one of the coolest people ever. With one of the two original Irma kneecaps. People will pay me just to look at it."
"daanm wheeree yoouu geet suuch priisteen uunuuseed kneeeecaaps? theeyll saay" Irma didn't even bother making voices for these hypothetical people. "ooh ii haavee my waays aand theen yoouu buust theeiir kneeees"
She laughed, "I go for it like faster they can register and then boom kneecaps are mine. And I'm super fast so I'll be out of there." she snorted "I become the kneecap stealer of the century"
"thaat laady whaat seells kneeeecaaps stoolee my kneeeecaaps ii neeveer saaw thiis coomiing" he choked slightly on his own laughter and had to get some more water.
She snorted "Oh my god," She giggled "It's gonna be the best business on Amalgama. I'm gonna be so famous you don't even know"
"aand theeree iill bee wiith my noooodlee leegs juust naapiing iit ooff beetteer waatch oouut oor iill mooooch oof yoouu maan driinkiin yoouu haand cleeaaniing juuiicee"
"Yeah but I think it's okay if I let you mooch a little I'll be to rich to care. Plus it will be funny to watch you vomit the hand stuff up later." She snickered and gently punched his arm.
"yeeaah thaat woouuld bee kiindaa fuuny heeh buut ii aaiint cleeaaniing thaat shiit uup maan iill uusee thee noo kneeees eexcuusee, iitll bee my goo too froom noow oon"
She laughed "my Lusus will eat it no worries." she gently bumped his knee with her shoe. "and it is a pretty good excuse if I do say so myself"
"thaats naasteey noo woondeer shees soo maad iif thaats whaat yoouu beeeen feeeediing heer heeh heeh heeh"
Pixzie snorted and shook her head at him "I mean I guess you're right" Her Lusus did eat a lot of vomit...ew gross.
Owen walked into the bar with Thresh stumbling over himself because untied shoes. "oof sorry" He chuckled softly and gave thresh a smile.
Thresh helped support him as he nearly fell flat on his face, and looked around the bar. Didn't seem too crowded, nor too busy. Just had some loud music playing. Did they actually sell food here, or was that just a ruse to get more alcohol? He wasn't sure, but he was curious nonetheless. "Do we just take a seat, or are there waiters? How does this work?"
"We can sit at the bar and order something," Owen mumbled before gagging again. this time he covered his mouth and held it down. He sighed and made it too the bar sitting down. "mhn ow"
Thresh sat down next to him, staring hard at some blue drink. "What is... that? Can I have that?" Then he glanced at someone's food, which obviously piqued his interest. "Now what's that?"
Owen handed him a menu that was near them "I think they have troll food, um can I have a water please?" he said to the bartender and they got him one. "Thanks, I should probably let my stomach calm down before I eat" He rubbed his head his tum making another unsavory noise.
"Oh yeah. Please don't throw up on me again." he said, obviously teasing. Thresh ordered a few things that were Normal Troll Food, and then some chicken tenders, because yknow what? it's time to be Adventurous. "So, like. How do you know Zyd? Did you guys meet recently, or a while back?"
Owen drank some of the water. "We met at a nightclub it was do- hanging out with some friends I think and I started bugging it." He blinked recalling the night "Oh oh and it walked me home and is gonna sell me some maps- I mean uh stuff I mean shit fuck" Owen shook his head.
"You good there?" he asked, trying to be Very Obvious that he does not judge in the slightest. "What kind of maps were you trying to get? I know it likes to.. make... them? I think. I can't quite remember if it just collects them or not."
Irma, had ignored most of the people coming and going, but something about this newest pair caught his interest. That was never a good sign. He did his best to ignore them and focus on pixzie and her vomnomin lusus.
"speeaakiing oof voomiit yoouu smeell thaat?" he thumbed to the two. Dammit that was the opposite of what he wanted to do.
Owen nodded "yeah I'm fine but um it makes em, and I thought it would be nice to have one." He scratched his head "How do you know Zyd again?"
Pixzie looked in the direction of the two that walked in and took a wif. "Aw gross that is vomit if I ever smelled it. that human looks fucking wasted too"
"We've known each other for years. We're like, the better halves of each other, you know?" he said, taking a sip of whatever godawful concoction he ordered and made a face before swallowing. His very small fins pricked up, probably sensing something weird coming from behind them.
"Oh my god are you guys like dating! thats so cute." Owen smiled taking another drink of his water. "haha trueeee lovvveee" he sung out drawing attention to them like a fucking idiot.
He cut him off quickly. "No o no nononono no no no. Uh, here. The better way to explain it is like, best friends. That's what you guys have, right? That's what we are. We're not, like, a thing. It probably has a matesprit already."
Irma snickered at the sudden singing of said wasted human. "fuuck maan foor beeiing soo heelplees huumaans suuree seeeem haavee fuun maakiing theemseelvees eeveen mooree heelpleess"
She snickered quietly shifting herself so her feet were hanging off the bar and she scooted a bit closer to Irma to get a better veiw. "yeah, humans are such easy targets"
"oh oh no I've got a best friend, well she's not my best friend she has a best friend but they are definitely gay so I'm just waiting for them to get together before I take the BFF spot" Owen tapped his fingers on the bar and chuckled
Thresh turned around and looked directly at the two for a second, then looked back. "Oh, yeah? You think they're gonna start dating soon?" He stirred his drink, then took another sip of his drink, making the same face again, but this time, he shook his head. He is not enjoying this.
Irma grinned at the troll that turned to look at them, he would have flipped them off of but would require lifting his hand, he'd already lifted one to grab his drink like a moment ago, he wasn't ready to do it all over again so soon.
Pixzie held herself back when they looked over and then began giggling.
Owen hummed softly and sighed "I don't knowwwww, neither of them seem to realize that they are so blatenly in love with each other. It's kinda ridiculous in a way like but they just, they're so fucking gay dude"
He chugged the rest of the drink. "..dude, these people behind us are kinda fucking weird." he said, in a near-whisper. He was definitely getting skeeved out, and he was not prepared to fight Once Again. "are they looking at us? I feel like they're looking at us."
Owen looked back at Pixzie and Irma and blinked. He looked back at thresh "Oh dude I think they are, like staring at us and shit, but like why" He looked at them for another second and felt sick again. He attempted to get up and to the bathroom, before he threw up on the floor. some of the staff groaned in annoyance at his idiocy.
Irma wrinkled his nose up at the smell, no longer as interested in the pair, of course now it was a bit late as they kept looking over their shoulders. Jeez paranoid much? Can't a bunch of slackers people watch without getting suspected of something.
Okay so maybe they were also merciless mocking them... and possibly stealing the human's wallet.. I mean you never know how the night might go down right?
"Oh." He scootched his chair away right before he threw up again. "How much food did you have in you?" He kept looking back at the two, making sure they weren't doing anything weird, and checking on Owen to make sure he was okay.
One of the bar tenders shoved a mop and bucket into Owen's hands and he nodded getting the message. "I think a lot, he got down on his hands and knees and started to clean up the bile.
Pixzie let out a cackle before slapping a hand over her mouth and snickering. "god what a loser"
Irma debated pulling out his slingshot to shoot the nuts at them. It would be a bad idea, he was suppose to be taking it easy. Loosing his finer hearing momentarily was making him too comfortable being around so many people.
He had already reached for a nut though, so he popped it into his mouth.
Thresh glared at Pixzie, that signature Murder Glare™️ he had when he had just finished fighting Ezrane. The alcohol was just beginning to set in, and oh god he's ready to fight. "Hey, Owen. When you're done with that, let's go talk to them, okay?"
Pixzie new that look all to well. A bolt of nerves hit her for a split second before she shot a glare back. She was ready for what was about her and then she realized Irma was with her and panic shot through her again. Oh god a bar fight when she's around him what a great first impression.
Owen nodded and kept cleaning up his mess till he finished. "Okie all done" He snorted to himself and looked at Thresh
Irma for the most part ignored the glare, letting it effect him about as much as he let anything else effect him. What did happen to catch his attention though was the troll looking at him's nose was starting to bleed a bit. Fuck just what he needed. 'juust doont looook aat iit jaackaass' he repeated in his head a few times, trying to focus on his water all of the sudden.
He tapped Owen's shoulder and stood up out of his chair, taking his ... third drink with him. He headed over to the table, leaning against the side and looking right at Irma. "You guys alright over here? You've been looking over at us for a while now."
Owen followed him and looked at Irma and Pixzie standing a few paces behind Thresh. He tilted his head to the side and watched.
Pixzie looked at Irma then Thresh and she sat up straighter. She looked at Irma again and tried not to seem nervous as she spoke. "We're fine, and we weren't staring at you don't flatter yourselves."
"duudee whiipee yoouur faacee yoouuree uuh ii caant maan" Irma tried to ignore the nervousness coming off of Pixzie, it wasn't helping. "briingiing yoouur buudy ooveer heeree too puukee oon uus maan noot cooool" He tried to distract himself with a joke.
"Yeah, okay, bud. What's your problem? Are you really coming here just to be an ass to random people, or what?" Thresh said, getting increasingly aggressive. Oh god, he's drunk, his filter is beginning to disappear. If anyone were to come save them, this would be the time.
"yeeaah iits caalleed aa daatee fiix yoouur faacee pls aand wee caan aannooy yoouu foor reeaal" Irma rambled, trying to get himself togehter. Alright dumbass you can ahndle a fucking nose bleed your not a fucking kid anymore.
Pixzie looked at him blinking and her face flushed. "wait, this is a date" She stared at him now compleatly ignoring Thresh because WAIT WHAT. Was this a date and it just compleatly went over her fucking head or did he mean something else.
Owen nervously looked at Thresh before tapping his back "um I hey, are you okay??" he asked looking at the pair before back at him.
"Is making fun of completely innocent people a date??" he asked, ignoring the back taps and watching the new couple flirt with each other Angrily. "This guy right here -" he put his arm around Owen's shoulder - "is the coolest guy I've met today, and I got in a hell of a fight today. And if you keep being mean to people-" he cut himself off again to show his shoulder- "THIS? is gonna be YOU."
"whaat? whaat daatee? diid ii saay thaat? soorry maan ii caant thiink wiith thiis asshaat hooveeriing ooveer mee duudee iif yoour buddy iis soo cooool why doont yoouu cleeaan yoour faacee aand jooiin uus? aany cooool guuy woouuld paay foor diineer aam ii riight?"
Owen blinked and raised a brow "Um wait dude don't do anything." He reached up and wiped the blood off his face with his hoodie "Uh don't- please" Owen groaned feeling sick again.
Pixzie was still blushing confused at the previous comment. Shit dumbass of course it was an accident. She leaned back into the bar, and looked at Thresh and Owen.
"Do it. Puke on them." he whispered into his ear, just completely out of it now. He backed away from the table a bit, ready to punch one of them. Oh, god.
"heeh heeh heeh" Irma laughed at that. "ooh maan doo iit pleeaasee ii neeeed iit riight noow seeriiooouusly"
Pixzie heard Irma say that and saw Owen gag. Here is another reason that being small had it's advantages. She quickly slipped under the table to be protected from the human's stomach acid.
Owen threw up on Irma, but it was actually an accident and not because Thresh told him to. "ugh bluh I'm so sorry"
"heeh heeh heeh naa maan ii aaskeed foor iit diidnt ii?" Irma finally looked up at Thresh, confedent that being utterly dicustingly covered in vomit would curb his impulses for a bit, and gave him a grin. "ii aannooy thee shiit oouut oof yoouu doont ii?"
"Yes." He grimaced at him, seeing him literally covered in vomit like nothing is wrong, and that seemed to sober him up at least a little bit. "What the fuck, man?" He wiped the blood off his nose, which just kinda spread it across his face. "You good???"
Pizxie stayed seated under the table and she looked at Irma's legs. I mean she could smell the puke bad enough from under the table she was not going back up there. She just listened.
Owen sat down in the bar across from them beside Irma's legs and boy did he not look good.
Irma shrugged nonchalantly, as if this was all fine. It was disgusting, to be honest.
"yeeaah maan, bee waay beetteer iif yoouu weeree aa biit mooree grummpy aaboouut iit buut ii meeaan iill liivee riight? yoouu caan haavee my whaateer too cleeaan uup aan iill bee eeveen beeteer doont reeaally waanaa seeee noo boodiily fluuiids maan maakees mee uuncoomftooraablee"
"....dude, you're covered in them." He backed up some more. "Like, at least change or something."
He then put a hand on Owen's back. "You alright? You gonna get sick again?"
"duudee doo ii reeaally haavee too speell thiis oouut too youu? thee blooood maan maakees mee siick juust taalkiing aaboouut iit"
Owen shook his head "I think, woof I think that was the last of it." He wiped the excess vomit off his face before looking at Irma and gagging again "Nope bathroom" Quickly, Owen got up, and he managed to actually make it to the bathroom this time.
Pixzie poked her head out from under the table and gagged. She sat back down and scooted away from Irma, shaking her head. He could have actual human vomit all over him but blood was the thing that did it. She raised a suspicious eyebrow but she didn't say anything. I mean she's been covered in blood before. She's also been covered in vomit and she'd say that ones worse.
He watched Owen go back to the bathroom and then looked back at Pixzie. "Really though, what's up?" He then switched his gaze to Irma. "Why are you talking like that?" Thresh does not seem to realize rainbow drinkers exist.
It wasn't as if Irma wanted to advertise his issues anyway, or expected anyone to guess his conditions.   "iit juust maakees mee uuncoomftooraablee maan thaats iit doo ii goottaa teel yoouu my goog daangeed liifee stoory? thaat soouunds liikee woork"
Irma rolled his eyes. "ii meeaan ii gueess iits noot aa biig deeaal riight noow iim pleenty diistraacteed buut iif yoouu plaan too haang aaroouund iim juust asskiin yaa noot doo iit whiilee leeaakiing"
Pixzie watched him as he spoke before her eyes moved back over to Thresh. She crossed her arms, waiting for a response from him about staying. She knew something was up with the whole blood thing, but she could bug Irma about it later. Instead she just stayed there quietly.
"...can one of you just fight me already?" he asked, finally just being honest. "like, I feel like garbage, just come outside and square up with me so I can have some adrenaline."
"aaw shiit maan noow ii feeeel baad ii doont fiight noo mooree maan ii caan goo oouut iif yoouu caary mee buut iits noot liikee iill fiight baack ii diidnt meeaan too geet yoouur hoopees uup buut ii meeaan iif yoouu juust neeeed too puunch soomeeoonee ii doont miind oor noothiin"
Irma looked to Pixzie, to see what she had to say. If she felt like fighting that got him off the hook for leading the poor guy on. He wasn't really out to make people sad, just annoyed.
She started laughing, and she leaned on the wall. Pixzie couldn't help herself, when challenged to a fight, especially in public. She stood up on the bar booth, all four feet and eight inches of her stood there. She cracked her knuckles, "lets go Clown." She was either going to impress Irma, or make a complete fool of herself. Either way it would be interesting
He gestured towards the door. "We're doing this outside. I'm not leaving a mess for the workers here." He then grabbed his backpack and headed out, completely forgetting Owen's drunk ass was still in the bathroom. Good job.
Irma considered just staying in his seat covered in vomit, getting up and washing off seemed like more effort than he was willing to put into existence.   Hrm.. if he followed them out he could just go back into the sewers and fall into the water again, he'd eventually be clean-ish that way.   What he really wanted to do was watch the fight, but that wasn't going to be a good idea, and he knew it. Everything about meeting with Pix had been a bad idea really.. but it had all turned out fine so far. Maybe just one little fight would be alright...
Pixzie hopped onto the table, then she slid out of the booth. She took her hair out of the pony tail, and boy was that a lot of hair. She tied it into a bun like she normally does when she's about to, well fight. She looked back at Irma, "I assume you don't feel like getting up, and I'd drag you but you're gross" She stuck her tongue out at him.
Irma stuck his tongue out back, then found that to be a very bad idea and scrunched up his face in disgust.
"yeeaah noormaally iid staay heeree buut iits geettiing too croowdeed foor mee aanywaay miind iif ii coomee moock thee fiight?"
"Sure, and ew," she snorted before walking outside. Pixzie smiled and looked at Thresh, once again she cracked her knuckles. " you have rules or is this just school yard shit?" She hummed mentally and physically preparing herself.
Irma used what was left of his water to splash his face and rinsed his mouth out a bit. He spit it out on the floor and shook off, no wear near as courteous as Thresh and Owen had been about making messes. He slouched, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and shuffled slowly out of the bar.
"No rules. School yard shit. Come at me. Well, no weapons. Teeth and nails are fair game. Just no knives." He was definitely... ready for a fight, for some reason. I guess his anger level was getting near 100.
Pixzie nodded before she started walking towards him. "Let's see if you're all bark and no bite." She held both of her fists in front of her and got on her toes. She made sure to keep herself light, and ready to jump or dodge if needed. She hadn't had a fight with another sentient creature for a while, but she was fit and she knew what she was doing.
Thresh kept a note of her fighting on her toes, making it easier for him to knock her over. He waited for a second... and then tried to sweep her legs out from under her with a kick.
The kick to her feet took her down on her ass. Right this was a bad start, but you cant win them all. She didn't have much time so insted of getting up, she rolled onto her back and pulled her feet up as well. She attempted to use the full force of her legs to kick him in the knees.   It failed because she couldnt see right, and she missed thresh entirely. Damnit Pixzie.
Thresh watched her kick about 4 miles away from him, and held his hand out to help her up. He may ne in a fight, but he was still a man of HONOR. His tail was almost wagging at this point. Are you a dog? Wtf
Pixzie looked at his hand, and got up herself. Her stomach growled again, and she wanted to growl with it. Now was not the time to be reminded she needed food. "Not falling for that" As soon as she was up she attempted to punch him in the gut.   She hit him but didnt put enough weight behind her punch to really do anything. PIXZIE WHAT IS IT WITH YOU TODAY
Thresh tried to grab her wrist as she did it, planning to pull her back down and maybe get a few hits in while he did it.   He grabbed her wrist, then tried to take her legs out from under her again. How could you possibly refuse his help?! All Man Of Honor was Gone. Thresh is gonna WIN NOW.
She fell down again and growled. Okay Pixzie think. She lunged her self at his leg attempting to wrap around it and get him off balance.   It worked and she held onto his leg tightly and started to move around to throw him off.
He fell right on his ass and oh MAN he was offended. Trying the same move she did, but this time to her chest, he tucked his legs up and tried to kick her back from him.   He also completely missed. Fuck, that move is cursed.
She took her chance after dodging that to pounce on his abdomen. She reeled her hand back to throw a punch at his face.   It hit him and had gotta hurt becuase damn that girl was strong
He staggered back for a second, startled by the punch. Oh, man, did someone just punch Thresh? Now he was Mad. He bared his fangs and prepared to bite the absolute shit out of her arm.   And once again, missed as she yanked her arm back from him.
She tried to punch him again after narrowly dodging the bite.   She hit him harder this time and she narrowed her eyes and smirked.
He got a hit directly to the eye. Oh, that was gonna leave a bruise. He once again lashed out, this time with his nails. Which dear god, he definitely sharpened. . .   ..and he broke a nail.
Pixzie pulled her face back to dodge that before trying to uppercut him. They were at a weird angle, but ya know gotta do what you gotta do.   It hit with her normal Pixzie force and she snickered.
He whipped his head down and once again tried to bite her arm. He's given up on anything except teeth and nails and he wants B L O O D. Poor Irma.   He got a bite, but it wasn't enough to do any major damage. At most, it'll sting for about an hour.
Pixzie yelped and growled at him. Now she was getting pissed as well. "Fuck you" she reached out her hand to slap him.   It landed with an audible noise, and purple mark starting to develop on threshs face.
He smiled after the initial shock.of the aggressive slap, and then threw a punch right at her jaw and tried to roll away.   He got away, but completely missed the punch in the process.
Pixzie got back on her feet and smirked, putting her fists back up. "That all you got?" She taunted
"Oh hell no. I just wanted to get some more range." His tail thrashed and he lunged at her to knock her down again, obviously trying to bonk her head in the process.   "...gotcha." he said, sounding Vaguely Defeated, because the intoxication was making him SUCK at this.
She took a couple of steps back, and growled. She held her head for a second before moving in to hit him in the gut.   Her fist collides with his abdomen and hard. "No I think I got you"
"Fuck." he said, getting the wind knocked out of him. He tried to grab her wrist again and bite her arm. Again.   He got her arm for real this time, breaking skin and ouch that definitely hurt.
Irma finally made it out of the bar, having taken more than his fair share of time to shuffle out. He glanced down at the scuffle, but only for a moment and quickly looked away. "heey maan ii goot soomeethiing ii goottaa doo teext mee aafteer yoouu kiick hiis aass ookaay?" He picked up his pace a bit and headed for the open man hole he's crawled out of.
Another yelp came out of her, and she heard Irma. Why did he keep fucking BITING HER. She narrowed her eyes knowing what she was doing next "I will" she yelled hoping Irma would hear before she attempted to sink her teeth into Threshes shoulder   She tore a peice of fabric of off his clothes, and spit it out before growling againm
"THAT SHIRT WAS WORTH MORE THAN YOU!!!" he shrieked, and tried to bite her again, harder this time. He's MAD mad now.   He grazed her skin, but mostly just did damage to his jaw. He snarled and backed his head back.
" Well you were the one who wanted to fight dumbass " her voice became extremely high pitched when she said that. She pulled her arm back and sent another punch to his face.   Her fist collided with his face, but their height caused less momentum to be put into it.
"Oh I KNOW you can do more than that." He prepared himself to punch HER in the face, whilst getting overly excited and probably throwing himself somewhat off-balance.   He fell over.
She laughed and walked over before winding her foot back and attempting to kick him in the face   She missed his chin with the full force of her boot, insted the soul barely grazing his chin
He rolled over and tried to knock her over as she kicked. He just really wants her to get her skull broken wtf   He did not succeed. She got knocked off balance at most.
She stumbled backwards a few paces before getting her footing. Fuck it jump on him again. She pounced on top of him, and attempted to drive her elbows into his gut.   She couldn't get herself situated in time, so he had ample time to stop her.
He pulled them away and tried to knee her stomach.   Oh, he succeeded. Painfully. His knee went straight into her abdomen.
She hissed and gasped. That hurt, and bad. She growled out and held her stomach with one hand. She tried to punch him in the face again.   She hit him again not doing thar much damage, but enough to give her a couple seconds to recover. Pixzie was rested on his abdomen and she panted.
He rested his hand near her neck and checked her pulse. "You okay? I don't actually want to kill you. Just fight. I have some morals." He sat there, catching his breath as well.
Pixzie slapped his hand away, and glared. "I'm fine asshole, and we are just fighting, unless your hurt to bad" she smirked and snickered. She was such an ass, "need your Lusus yet?"
"Aw maaan, low blow. My lusus is dead." he said with a straight face, then laughed. God he fucking hated her. "We should take a break. I'm drunk."
Pixzie blinked "oh, fuck I didnt know that" she got off of him and sat on the side walk, "yeah whatever we can take a break, I should get going anyway" she got up and dusted off "you got something to write with, I can give you my handle and we can finish this fight later,"
He handed her a notepad and a pen out of his pocket and flipped to an empty page. "Yeah, here it is. Go finish up your date and it's on."
Her face flushed and she growled, "it wasnt a date! And what the fuck is your name anyway," she wrote down "ardentPersuasion" on the notepad handed it back to him. Then she crossed her arms and waited for an answer.
"Uh huh. Not a date. I see." He capped the pen and put it back in his pocket. "Thresh Tuazmo. B-list celebrity." He winked sarcastically. "Not really. But I'm well known around here. You are?"
She rolled her eyes and huffed "Pixzie Calpob," she tapped her foot, "your arrogance makes me sick" she hissed at him.
"My ex used to tell me the same thing." He grinned at her and wiped some blood off his face with his sleeve. "Calpob... sounds familiar. Not sure where from, but definitely sounds.. familiar."
She rolled her eyes again, "pff like I'd know where you heard my name, you a stalker or some shit." She narrowed her eyes at him "and your ex was right" she narrowed them more into a glare.
He laughed. "Sometimes."   "Where do you work, exactly?"
"None of your fucking business," she scoffed at him. "You dont need to know what I do purple" she leaned against the wall of the bar.
"Sassy, sassy." He adjusted his position to lean on his other leg. "it's something illegal, isn't it? If that name sounds familiar to me, it has to be." He got a bit closer and whispered. "Nobody has to know. It's okay. I'm no snitch."
She put a hand on his face and pushed him away, "tell me what you do first, I dont feel like getting culled," [container:char purple]
He walked backwards a bit and grinned. "I guess you could say I'm a conman. And a thief. Everyone knows it, nobody ever calls me out.
. . .I'm just too good."
"I'll believe it when I see it," she looked around the area, to make sure no one else was around. "I steal too, but I mostly kill illigal animals and monsters and sell those."
He just. Pointed at her with his mouth slightly agape. "OH!!!!!" He quieted down some more. "That's where I know you. You're in that trade. You've probably been a supplier to someone I work with."
"Oh really, who?" She raised an eyebrow curiously. Shed been doing this since she was 14 years old, so four years of criminal activity and she hadn't met this guy yet. Weird.
Thresh held his hand up to his shoulder. "It's that violetblood. This tall. You know the one. Name starts with.. ahhh. G, I believe. Horns are long." He was absolutely describing someone she knew. "I don't work in your department. Animals aren't my thing."
She nodded, "No I know who you're talking about." She tapped her foot and looked around, "Hey what happened to that dude you came in with. I don't think he followed us out?"
He stood there for a second, thinking. "Wh...OH FUCK." He then ran back in and towards the bathroom, making sure Owen didn't just literally throw up every single one of his guts.
Pixzie snorted and started to walk off. He'd get a hold of her if he wasn't scared. She took her phone out to get a hold of Irma.
Owen was groaning and washing his face off. Man this sucked, he really needed to stop doing this, gog. He sniffled and looked into the sink. Why did he need to keep doing this to himself, it sucked and he barely remembered a lot of it anyway.
"You alright there?" He patted Owen's back. "If you, like. Need anything, I can go get it." Oh man, he loves Owen, if only because he's a friend of Zyd. He's gonna take this guy home and treat him like his own son. "Let's stop.. drinking that stuff, okay?"
Owen nodded and plastered a smiled on his face, "yeah yeah dude, I'm fine" He scratched the back of his neck, "Drank to much it huts ya know that happened sometimes" He chuckled and headed out of the bathroom.
He followed him closely, like a concerned dog. "Like, do you need me to get you anything? Do you need to go to the hospital? Is this normal?" Thresh is obviously not used to human drinking.
"I just need some like food and rest...oh and water" He walked with him, watching as he freaked out, "What no no, shit I don't need to go to the hospital I just like drank way to much. It makes you sick when you do that,"
"do you need to go to my hive? Do you have a house? Do you live with someone?" He was sending off questions rapidly, really wanting to make sure this guy was 100% okay before he left.
Owen let out a groan, all the questions were making his head spin. Oh gog he had to throw up again. He tossed his cookies once more in the bush near them. Why was he throwing up so much. He coughed and mumbled out something incoherent.
He patted his back as he did it comfortingly. "Let's go to my hive. I have a lot of stuff there you can use. I'm sure at least one of them will help." He pulled out his palmhusk and texted Zyd frantically. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YYYYOU DO WITH A DYYYYIN' HUMAN?!?!??! ;)"
He nodded and held onto Thresh's arm. He wanted to cry, why the fuck did everything hurt so bad. He let out a sniffle, and waited for him to start walking because he had no idea where he was going.


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